7 Safety Tips For Amazon Online Shopping

7 Safety Tips For Amazon Online Shopping

This article provides 7 safety tips for Amazon online shopping. In 1994, Amazon started out as a website selling books. Now, 28 years later, it’s a massive e-commerce platform that owns numerous subsidiaries, including Amazon Web Services, Twitch, and Whole Foods Market. With nearly 38% of total e-commerce sales in the United States, Amazon has become a household name for online shopping.

However, with over 98 million monthly users, the question arises: is Amazon safe? While Amazon has implemented security measures and buyer protection policies, no company can fully guarantee protection against data breaches, hackers, or third-party cyber threats. The thing is that the issue of security largely depends on the user. We will help you make safe online shopping on Amazon and not only.

How to safely purchase on Amazon?

To begin with, you should think about how safe is Amazon online shopping. In general, online purchases on Amazon are safe. Discover peace of mind with Amazon’s industry-standard security practices. This means that Amazon does everything that depends on them. However, you are still the weak link in this chain. Viruses, phishing sites, data interception, and other types of vulnerabilities can steal your passwords and even money. Let’s find out together how can I be safe when ordering online.

7 Safety Tips For Amazon Online Shopping

1. Contact third-party sellers directly

Looking to get in touch with the seller of a product you’re interested in? Simply click on their username while viewing the item and select “Contact the Seller” for further information. This way, you can ask the seller anything you need to know about their product, including refurbishment and delivery timeframes.

2. Pay only with Amazon tools

As a buyer on Amazon, you may encounter sellers who request payment for their products outside of the Amazon platform. They may assure you that the payment is guaranteed by Amazon and that you will receive a refund if you are not satisfied or that they will be paid after the transaction is complete. However, it is not recommended to comply with this request for two key reasons. Firstly, the seller may be attempting to evade paying Amazon fees for their sale. Secondly, the seller may be engaging in fraudulent activity. It is advisable to pay for products purchased on Amazon through the official platform to avoid any complications. Also read: Who Makes Amazon Peccy Pins?

3. Beware of fake emails

Scammers are clever, and they often send phishing emails that appear to be from Amazon. To avoid being scammed, watch out for emails that:

  • Don’t come from “@amazon.com”
  • Contain order confirmations or attachments for items you didn’t order
  • Ask for your billing or personal information, like your username or password
  • Have links to websites that aren’t part of Amazon
  • Contain spelling or grammar errors

If you’re unsure about an email, log in to your Amazon account to check your order history and account settings. If you don’t see any issues, it’s likely a fake email and should be deleted. Don’t take the bait – protect yourself from phishing scams.

4. Sign out of your account after the session

When using a computer that others may access (like at an Internet cafe, library, or public facility), it’s especially important to log out of your account after buying or selling on the website. This prevents unauthorized access and tampering with your Amazon account. Even when using your personal computer, logging out after each session is still a good practice to maintain account security.

5. Use a VPN

With VPN software for Mac, you can encrypt all traffic that goes to and from your device. By using VPN apps, you also hide your real location, thus ensuring privacy. VPN for Mac is a must for surfing the internet as it protects against viruses, phishing, and various hacker attacks. The only condition is that you need a powerful VPN, of the same level as VeePN. You need to download VPN and turn it on to be protected and make secure online purchases. While a VPN won’t replace antivirus and all Internet protection, it protects against many types of vulnerabilities and is essential for a comfortable and safe surfing experience.

6. Change your account password

If you suspect that someone has found a way to access your account, it’s vital to take action immediately by changing your password in your account settings. This simple step can make it harder for them to breach your security. If you’re unsure about the process of resetting or changing your password, refer to our step-by-step tutorials on the subject for guidance.

7. Buy directly from Amazon

Discover the two types of products available on Amazon: those that they stock and fulfill from their own inventory, and those sold on their marketplace by third-party sellers. We recommend choosing items that are fulfilled by Amazon whenever possible. You’ll enjoy a better chance of receiving your order as described, and returns are easier because Amazon manages inventory and shipping logistics. Double-check that the product you’re interested in is being sold by Amazon by looking for the “Ships from” and “Sold by” tags under the checkout button, and filter your search results to include only Amazon-sold items. Also read How To Cancel Amazon Freetime Without Device


When shopping online, it’s important to keep your personal information safe. Amazon does its part by offering secure payment methods and buyer protection policies. However, you can also take steps to protect yourself from cyber threats. You should pay attention when choosing third-party sellers, avoid suspicious emails, use a VPN for Mac whenever possible, change your password regularly – all of which are useful when shopping online, both on Amazon and other sites.