Amazon Checkout Not Working

Amazon Checkout Not Working [Solved]

Amazon Checkout Not Working – Several things may be responsible for your inability to get to Amazon checkout page.
Several customers have complained of not being able to proceed to checkout on Amazon. We decided to make a research and find possible solution to the problem.
Amazon is undoubtedly the top e-commerce platform both in the United States and worldwide. The platform houses thousands of sellers and millions of buyers, several features have been put in place to ensure that customers make purchases with ease.

However, there may still be some hiccups here and there, one of those issues is the error encountered at checkout.
So if Amazon checkout is not working, you need to read how to solve it here. This article will deeply explain Amazon checkout error and how to solve Amazon checkout problems. Also read “why can’t I proceed to checkout on Amazon?

Amazon Checkout Error

There are common errors encountered by customers at checkout, these errors are not mainly caused by Amazon, you just need to understand how Amazon checkout works.
Check out why you are having Amazon checkout error below.

1. Including Add-on items in order not up to $25

If you have Add-on items in your order and your order isn’t up to $25, there are high chances you’ll encounter errors while trying to proceed to checkout.
For orders that include Add-on items, the minimum amount of purchase required is $25.

2. Using An Outdated Amazon App

This could also be the reason why you are having an Amazon checkout error, using an outdated Amazon app could cause lots of problems not just at checkout.

3. Using VPN

Amazon frowns at users accessing the platform through VPN, you’ll likely get into problems if you are using VPN.

4. Not Logged In

You may be shopping with your Amazon app or on the website without knowing that you haven’t been logged in. Amazon doesn’t allow people shop on the platform as guests.

Amazon Checkout Not Working [How To Solve It]

If you are encountering problems while trying to proceed to checkout on Amazon app or the website, you are not alone, several customers have had this problem.
Check out how you can possibly solve the problem with Amazon checkout not working.

1. Remove Add-on items

Add-on could be the main reason why you are unable to proceed to checkout on Amazon app or website. This is especially if your order isn’t up to $25. Simply remove the Add-on items and try again. You can log out and log in again to continue shopping.

2. Increase Your Order To $25 or More

Yes, if you have Add-on items in your cart and your order isn’t up to $25, you won’t be able to proceed to checkout. Simply increase your order to $25 or more.

3. Ensure You Are Logged In

Check to see if you’ve logged in to your Amazon account, this may be the reason you can’t proceed to checkout. If you haven’t logged in, check to see the sign in button and ensure you have logged in.

4. Update Your Amazon App

Visit the App store or Play Store and check if your Amazon app is up to date, not using an updated app can cause problems with checkout.

5. Update Your Web Browser

Just like the Amazon app, there is a lot that could go wrong if you are not using an updated web browser to access Amazon website. Ensure that your web browser is updated.

6. Use Chrome Browser

Some web browsers may have problems opening the Amazon app, if you are having problems with Amazon checkout and you are using a different browser, try using Chrome.

7. Disable VPN On Your Device

Head up straight and disable VPN if you were using it, Amazon doesn’t really allow users to access their app or website through VPN. Disable it and try proceeding to Amazon checkout again.

8. Restart Your Device

Most of the times, your device may need to be restarted for Amazon checkout to work, that’s quite easy to do. Simply restart your device and try proceeding to checkout again.

9. Check Your Internet Connection

You may be having issues with Amazon checkout due to poor internet connection, try restarting your network and also check if you are having access to the internet.

Amazon Gift Card Not Working At Checkout

If you are unable to use Amazon gift card at checkout, there may be some reasons for that. In normally situations, using Amazon Gift Card at checkout is always an effortless process.

However, there are certain things that may stop you from using Amazon Gift Card at checkout. Read some of these reasons below.

Amazon Checkout Not Working

1. Repeated Violations Of Amazon Policy

You may have repeatedly violated Amazon terms and conditions or their policy. If you’ve had such issue in the past, you may be suspended from making purchases with Amazon Gift Card.

2. Your Gift Card Is For Another Country

If you are trying to purchase an item from Amazon website in another country using an Amazon Gift Card for USA Amazon, it won’t go through. Each gift card must be redeemed in the Amazon website country it was bought.
What this simply means is that you can only use an Amazon Gift Card for USA to make purchase in Amazon USA website.

3. You Have Ineligible Items On Cart

Not all items can be bought with Amazon Gift Card, if you are having an ineligible item on your cart, you won’t be able to pay for them using your Gift Card.
Amazon has several restrictions with regards to using Amazon Gift Cards.
For example, you can’t use Amazon Gift Card to purchase another Gift Card, or collectible coins.


Amazon Checkout Not Working – If you are having problems proceeding to Amazon checkout, ensure that your account is in good standing, your purchase is more than $25 if you have Add-on items in your cart, and that you are logged in to your Amazon account.

Lastly, check to ensure you are using the latest version of Amazon app or web browser, and also check your internet connection. If the problem persist, you may have to contact Amazon customer support.