Are eBay Catalytic Converters Good

Are eBay Catalytic Converters Good? Read Complete Answer

Are eBay Catalytic Converters Good? – A catalytic converter is an integral part of your car’s exhaust and getting the right one is just as important as you’ll imagine.
Quite frankly, eBay catalytic converters are cheaper than what you’ll be getting elsewhere, this raises a concern.

First off, eBay is a marketplace, products sold there don’t come directly from manufacturers, that’s what you should have at the back of your mind.
On this article, we’ll explain the factors you should be considering while trying to get a catalytic converter at eBay.

So, Are eBay catalytic converters good? Several catalytic converters sold at eBay are quite good. Although, there may not be any guarantee whatsoever, some of them will disappear the P0420 code or SES light.
Continue reading this article as we explain more on this.

What Is A Catalytic Converter?

A catalytic converter works as a vehicle exhaust emission control system, it essentially turns toxic pollutants and gases in your car’s exhaust gas to less-toxic pollutants.
The catalytic converter generally catalyzes a redox reaction which now results in turning the harmful substances available in the vehicle’s exhaust gas into harmless compounds.
In other for your vehicle to pass the emission inspection, it is critical and extremely important that you have a functional catalytic converter.
In summary, a catalytic converter ensures what comes out of your vehicle’s exhaust is a lot less harmful, it plays a significant role in reducing air pollution.

Are eBay Catalytic Converters Good?

According to reviews by customers, most of the catalytic converters sold at eBay fail quite fast but some of them last up to 2 years. This doesn’t mean they don’t work for a while, they do. But then, you should understand that what you get is due to what you paid, you can’t possibly expect a good quality catalytic converter to be sold at a cheap amount.

There are lots of customers who bought eBay catalytic converters and got impressed, it boils down to who is selling it and the actual condition of the catalytic converter.

That being said, if you are having a low budget and you desperately need to change your catalytic converter, you may find the ones at eBay quite useful. Also read: Are eBay wheel spacers safe?

Why Are eBay Catalytic Converters Cheap?

Surely, eBay catalytic converters are cheap because they are mostly not brand new. Secondly, majority of them are produced with a minimal amount of the required precious metals, this has a huge effect on the price.

Even at that, these catalytic converters still work, but they won’t last as long as you would want, they can save the day if you are having a low budget.

Additionally, one of the customers claimed most of the catalytic converters sold at eBay have damaged lambda sensors. If this fact is true, it’s a good reason for the price of the catalytic converter to be a lot less. Can you sell Herbalife on eBay?

Are eBay Catalytic Converters Useful?

Yes, they are extremely useful if you are on a low budget, and especially if are trying to ensure you pass the emission inspection.

However, most of the cheap eBay catalytic converters last for about 2 years and even struggle to pass their first MOT test, some of them do, it boils down to luck.

Understand that when you buy a catalytic converter at eBay, you are not getting any warranty from your mechanic for either the parts or for their work, it’s a 50/50 kind of thing. If it works for you, good and fine, if it doesn’t, you are getting another one.

However, to actually stand a chance of enjoying the catalytic converter you bought at eBay, there is something you should do. How to sell VeRO items on eBay.

What Should I Do If I Bought A Cheap Catalytic Converter At eBay?

For majority of the catalytic converters at eBay, you’ll need a good mechanic to perfectly weld it in. Although your mechanic won’t give you any warranty, a good mechanic should weld the catalytic converter back in effortlessly, you may end up using it for more than two years if perfectly done.

For several eBay customers, buying catalytic converters at eBay and have them welded in is what they do, they don’t think about buying new converters.

Are eBay Catalytic Converters Good

How To Get A Good Catalytic Converter On eBay

If you are looking to get a good catalytic converter on eBay, you’ll need to take a few recommended steps to stand any chance of getting a good one.
While these steps are not a guarantee, you’ll do yourself a whole lot of good if you follow.

  • Check the eBay seller rating to ensure they have at least 98% score: Never underestimate the usefulness of the eBay seller rating, it tells a lot about the seller and you can trust what they sell.
  • Buy from sellers with over 100 items: Sellers that generally list fake items on eBay own new accounts and a few products. A seller with over 100 sold items can be given some level of trust.
  • If it’s too cheap, it is likely fake: This says it all, even though you want to buy a cheap catalytic converter, you shouldn’t expect it to be less than $150. If it’s too cheap, chances are that you may regret buying it soon.

Can You Sell Catalytic Converters On eBay?

Yes, eBay allows sellers to list catalytic converters for sell on the marketplace. However, it must be recertified listed as “scrap metal” if used.

Additionally, the eBay policy on sales of catalytic converters mandates that such listings must not be made with the make or model information.


Are eBay catalytic converters good? Yes, some of them are quite good and can take you up to 2 years if properly welded. However, there is no guarantee and you’ll be buying it at your own risk.