Are eBay Colognes Authentic

Are eBay Colognes Authentic? Read Complete Answer

there has been many reported cases of fake colognes being sold at online marketplaces, this explains why lots of people ask are eBay colognes authentic? Before deciding to purchase items like perfume at any online marketplace, there is something you must know; marketplaces don’t have 100% control over the quality of items sold by sellers.

Don’t get it wrong, top marketplaces like eBay have made considerable good efforts in reducing the rate of inauthentic items that are sold on their platform.

That being said, their efforts may not completely get rid of these rogue sellers from their platform, but it has helped in significantly reducing their numbers.

Now, are eBay colognes authentic? This question is a bit complex given the fact that many people have bought authentic colognes from eBay, while others have also revealed that the perfumes they bought at eBay turned out to be fake.

We are going to carefully review the colognes sold at eBay on this post. We have provided a guide on what to do if you bought fake perfume on eBay, we will also give you a guide on how to spot fake perfume on eBay.

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Are eBay Colognes Authentic?

Yes, majority of the colognes that are sold on eBay are authentic, these perfumes are mostly sold by top-rated sellers on the online marketplace. However, a good number of rogue sellers have infiltrated the marketplace with inauthentic colognes, this makes it somehow risky to purchase colognes from eBay.

With this in mind, it is now left for the buyer to make adequate research before deciding to purchase a cologne from a particular seller on eBay. Also, the company has put in a proper return policy which you can always use to get a refund if the cologne you purchase turns out to be inauthentic.

Even with the eBay return policy, it’s not really so easy to get a refund especially if you are dealing with a seller who knows his whereabout and can maneuver some hurdles to stop you from getting a refund.

Truth is, the eBay return policy isn’t as exactly as it looks, this is why you should be extra careful before making a move to purchase a cologne at eBay, don’t entirely hope in getting a refund if you receive a fake perfume, continue reading to know why.

Bear in mind that even top rated sellers have been reported of selling fake perfumes, this means you need to look beyond the seller’s rating before buying. Also read How To Sell Video Games On eBay

How To Spot Fake Perfume On eBay

The conventional method to spot a fake perfume on eBay is by checking to see the word “authentic” in any part of the perfume description. Below are the few ways how to spot fake perfume on eBay.

  • Seller doesn’t use the word “authentic” anywhere in the item description.
  • If seller is using a stock photo for the perfume listing.
  • If the perfume listing has more than one negative feedback.
  • The perfume is likely fake if the listing location is “Free Shipping, United States”, New Jersey, or New York.
  • If the letters on the bottle easily come off, it’s fake.
  • If the price is like one-third of the normal retail price, it is possibly fake.

What To Do If I Bought Fake Perfume On Ebay?

Just like buying other items, if you bought fake perfume on eBay and you are quite sure it’s fake, your best move should be to message the seller requesting for a return and refund.

eBay doesn’t permit sales of counterfeit goods on the marketplace, but they have been reported to refuse refunding to sellers who complained of buying a fake perfume.

According to a former flight attendant named Marion Pettkus, eBay requested that they will only take action if he can prove to them in a written letter that the item is fake, they said the letter must come from an official Authentic Dealer.

So, if you buy a fake perfume from any seller on eBay, your best move is to contact the seller requesting to return it, you can contact eBay if the seller refuses to handle the issue. However, bear in min that there is no guarantee that you’ll be getting a refund.

eBay generally don’t really get involved so deep on these issues, they will investigate it but rarely take actions, this is the sad reality.

Since eBay doesn’t see themselves as perfume authenticity determinants, they will not likely punish the seller except on cases like unfair shipping fees or late delivery.

However, many buyers have reported that they were refunded by the seller, this is what you should be praying for should you buy a fake perfume on eBay. Learn about eBay feedback generator

How Sellers Are Listing Fake Perfumes With Positive Feedbacks

You may be wondering how the seller you bought the fake perfume from is still having positive feedbacks despite selling inauthentic colognes. The truth is, most of them know how to game the system.

According to a woman who was unfortunate to have bought a fake perfume on eBay, the seller had her return the item but refused refunding the original transactions, he instead sent her money through PayPal as gift. The seller now went ahead to file a case against hr for leaving a negative feedback, the feedback was removed by eBay and they told her that they won’t refund her since the case was decided in the seller’s favor.

The above explanation shows how many of these sellers still maintain positive feedbacks while selling fake colognes on eBay, this is why you shouldn’t rely on feedbacks when deciding which seller to buy from on eBay.

Once a seller has made full refund for any returned item, they can contact eBay to contest the negative feedback that was left by the buyer. Most times, eBay will remove the feedback since the seller has shown what looks like an act of sincerity. Also read: Are eBay Catalytic Converters Good?

Buying Cologne On eBay

When buying cologne on eBay, lookout for the pictures used, don’t buy if stock photos are used, don’t also buy if there is even one negative feedback. Secondly, check and compare the listing price, if it’s too good to be true then chances are it’s fake.

Lastly, check to see if the word “authentic” is used in either the title or description of the cologne, also ask the seller if the perfume is authentic and request for more pictures.

Should You Buy Colognes On eBay?

Yes, eBay is an ideal place to buy authentic colognes at pocket-friendly prices as long as you are buying from the right seller. Cologne prices on eBay are quite cheaper than getting same in physical stores.

As a matter of fact, several people have confirmed that they buy their perfumes from eBay and it’s been wonderful, they haven’t been unlucky to meet any of these rogue sellers, you might be lucky too. Also read What Does E In eBay Stand For?


If you are asking are eBay colognes authentic? We have you have gotten the answer after reading this post. At the end of the day, it requires a bit of luck not to fall into the hands of these sellers who sell fake perfumes on the marketplace.

That being said, you should do a little research to reduce your chances of buying an inauthentic cologne by checking seller’s feedback, photos used, listing description, etc.