Can I Buy A StockX Gift Card

Can I Buy A StockX Gift Card? Read Best Answer

Can I Buy A StockX Gift Card? There has been lots of mixups online regarding StockX gift cards. Several blogs have written articles claiming that StockX has gift cards and explain how these gift cards can be bought.

On the contrary, quite a few other blogs claim that StockX doesn’t have a gift card, we are writing this article to reveal what we actually discovered.

Being one of the most trusted sources of streetwear and sneakers, lots of folks would want to send a StockX gift card to their friends and family so they can get one of those nice sneakers, handbags, collectibles, or streetwear.

Frankly, it would be great if it’s actually possible to buy a StockX gift card, this fascinating idea is probably why the question ‘can I buy a StockX gift card?’ has been recently flooding the internet.
Well, we did a thorough research regarding StockX gift cards and we discovered lots of useful details, read this article to find out.

Before we even get talking about StockX gift cards, it’s just cool that you get to know if StockX even accepts external gift cards as a payment method.

Do Gift Cards Work On StockX?

Yes, gift cards can be used as a payment method on StockX. However, the gift card must have the backing of a prominent credit card brand. StockX are strict when it comes to using gift cards on the platform.

Being a marketplace with different sellers all over the world, it is just appropriate that they remain selective on the gift cards they accept, this will help them to minimise fraud on the platform.

StockX accept gift cards that are backed by major credit card brands, random gift cards are not accepted on the marketplace. There are several payment methods offered at StockX, customers with gift cards issued by major credit card brands can redeem them on StockX.

Continue reading this article to learn more about gift cards on StockX and if you can buy a StockX gift card.

Can I Buy A StockX Gift Card?

No, StockX doesn’t currently have a gift card, the company hasn’t yet looked into the idea of producing a gift card, perhaps they haven’t seen the need just yet.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use gift cards to pay for items on the marketplace. StockX processes gift cards just like other credit cards. However, the usage of gift cards on the platform is limited to purchase of items.

That being said, not all gift cards are accepted at StockX. If you are still looking for how to get a gift card for a family or friend, you should look at Amazon gift card. This is because Amazon has lots of footwears and sneakers on the platform, your recipient will have lots of options to select from.

Having said that, let’s now explain how to use gift card on StockX. Remember that you’ll only be able to use the gift card on StockX if it is backed by a major credit card brand. You can see a list of gift cards accepted at StockX here.

How To Use Gift Card On StockX

To use a gift card to pay for items on StockX, you must add the gift card as a payment method, this can be done by adding the gift card on your Billing/Shipping page or adding it during checkout.
StockX allows customers to pay for sneakers and other items on the marketplace using their gift cards, there are no special requirements before you can use a gift card on StockX. As long as the gift card is backed by a notable credit card brand like American Express, Discover, MasterCard, etc., you can easily use it to pay for your purchases.

The most important aspect of using a gift card on StockX is knowing how to add it as a payment method.

Can I Buy A StockX Gift Card

How To Add Gift Cards On StockX

A gift card can only be used to pay for items on the StockX platform once it has been added as a payment method.
Follow the steps below on how to add gift cards on StockX.

  • Launch the StockX app on your device or visit the StockX website.
  • Sign in to your account using your log in details.
  • Navigate to the top right and click “My Account” or press the harmburger at the top-left, scroll down and press “My Account”.
  • Once your account page opens, click “Settings”.
  • Press “Edit” beside the “Buying Info” option on the Account Settings page.
  • Select “Credit Card” and insert the card number, expiration date, and CVV of the gift card.
  • Type in the shipping and billing information for the gift card.
  • Press “Submit Credit Card” once you are done.
    This will successfully add the gift card as a payment method on your StockX account, you can now proceed to shop and use it to pay for items.

Does StockX Take Visa Gift Card?

Yes, StockX allows customers to pay for their favorite sneakers and other items on the platform using their Visa gift cards. If you intend using your Visa gift card to purchase items on StockX, you must add it as a payment method before proceeding.

Visa gift cards are popular and since they are backed by VISA, it is one of the gift cards you can use on StockX. You just need to add it to your account as a payment method and you are good to go.

Are There Extra Charges For Using Gift Cards On StockX?

There are no extra charges for using gift cards on StockX, gift cards are processed just like credit cards on the marketplace.

Once your gift card is accepted as a payment method, you’ll get charged the same amount you would have been charged if you were using a credit card.

How To Add Visa Gift Card On StockX

A user needs to add their Visa gift card using the credit card option on StockX before being able to pay for items with it. Most importantly, you must provide a billing address registered on the gift card, failure may result in the gift card getting declined.
Follow the steps below on how to add Visa gift card on StockX.

  • Visit the StockX website on your browser or launch the app.
  • Log in to your account to access the user dashboard.
  • Tap the menu icon at the top-left and press “My Account” at the bottom or click “My Account” at the top-right corner of the page.
  • Click the “Settings” option on the page that opens.
  • Click “Edit” right beside the “Buying Info” option.
  • Click “Credit Card” and type in the Visa gift card number, expiration date, and CVV.
  • Insert the billing information for the Visa gift card.
  • Press the “Submit Credit Card”.

Does StockX Take Nike Gift Cards?

No, StockX doesn’t accept gift cards from Nike, this is not one of the credit card brands. StockX doesn’t accept gift cards from other companies apart from credit card issuing companies.

Despite the fact that Nike products are sold at StockX, their gift cards are not accepted at StockX. It isn’t only about Nike alone, gift cards from other marketplaces, manufacturing companies, etc.

Gift cards accepted at StockX are mainly from credit card issuing brands.


Can I Buy A StockX Gift Card? No, you can’t buy a StockX gift card, this is because the company doesn’t currently have gift cards. However, you can use gift cards backed by major credit card brands to pay for items on StockX.