Can I Have 2 Amazon Flex Accounts

Can I Have 2 Amazon Flex Accounts? – Complete Answer

Can I Have 2 Amazon Flex Accounts? – Amazon Flex allows users to have two or more different accounts. Some drivers find it necessary to own more than one Flex account, this is allowed. However, you must understand that you can’t log in to more than one account at a time.
Amazon Flex can be a reliable source of extra income if you put in your best, continue reading this article to learn more about Amazon Flex and how you can have more than one account.

Can I Have 2 Amazon Flex Accounts? This article provides a complete answer to this.

What Is Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex is a wonderful job opportunity which allows car owners to use their vehicles and deliver packages for Amazon. Each driver has to pick up a package at the designated Amazon location and deliver.
Amazon Flex has helped lots of car owners fulfil their financial goals by offering opportunity to earn extra income. Lots of students in the United States have been able to pay up their student loans through Amazon Flex gigs.

Can I Have 2 Amazon Flex Accounts?

Amazon Flex permits drivers to open multiple accounts but can only log in to one at a time. All you need to open another Amazon Flex account is name and contact information for the other account.
One thing you should note is that you can’t use the same detail to open another account, the email address, phone number, name and other information must be different.

How To Make Second Amazon Flex Account

To make a second account with Amazon Flex, you need to sign out of your current account and start the registration process. Ensure you have a different email address, phone number and personal details to provide. You can use your spouse’s Amazon account to register a new account with Amazon Flex.

How Does Amazon Flex Pay Drivers?

Amazon Flex ensures drivers are being paid once they have successfully made deliveries. Amazon Flex makes payment to drivers twice a week and through direct deposit. Payments are processed on Tuesdays and Fridays, they usually reflect on drivers’ accounts the next business day.

How Much Can I Earn As Amazon Flex Driver?

Several drivers earn between $18 – $25 per hour delivering packages for Amazon Flex. There are several factors that determine how much a driver earns, these factors include how long the driver took to complete deliveries, tips they receive, and location of deliveries.
Amazon Flex offers every driver equal opportunity to earn as much as they want.

How Much Does Amazon Flex Pay?

Amazon Flex pays drivers or partners from $18 – $25 an hour for delivering packages in recruiting cities. Like we said before, how much you earn is determined by several factors like locations, time taken to deliver, and tips received.

How Can I Check My Amazon Flex Earnings?

The Amazon Flex app allows drivers to easily check their earnings. Every detail on earnings on each delivery is available on the Amazon Flex app, follow the steps below to check your Amazon Flex earnings.

  • Launch the Amazon Flex app on your phone.
  • Sign in to your account if you haven’t.
  • Navigate to the ‘Earnings’ section. You’ll see your total earnings displayed.

Why Is My Amazon Flex Payment Delayed?

There are several factors that may delay your Amazon Flex payment from reflecting in your account. These factors include bank holidays, or problem associated with account details you provided while signing up. If you’ve received payment from Amazon Flex before, it means your account details are correct. You may need to reach to your bank and ask what is wrong with your account.
If your bank is unable to detect any payment, you need to contact Amazon Flex customer service and get it sorted out.

What Are The Requirements To Become Amazon Flex Driver?

Amazon Flex requirements for intending partners or drivers are relatively easy to meet. Of course, you should own or have unhindered access to a car before thinking of joining Amazon Flex. It isn’t okay to just own any vehicle, it has to be midsize sedan or a vehicle that is larger with 4-doors for deliveries.

However, drivers intending to deliver Prime Now orders can use any vehicle that can transport Amazon orders safely and reliably.

Can I Have 2 Amazon Flex Accounts

Below are the requirements to become Amazon Flex Driver.

  • Own a vehicle.
  • Live in a location that Amazon Flex is operating.
  • Be at least 21 years of age.
  • Have a valid United States driver’s license.
  • Own a valid Social Security Number.
  • Have an Android Smart phone or iPhone.

Is Amazon Flex Available In My Area?

Amazon Flex isn’t fully operating everywhere in the United States yet. Before creating an account to become a driver, you should check if your city is listed among the recruiting cities. Click here for a complete and updated list of Amazon Flex recruiting cities.

Amazon Flex app

Every driver that intends to work at Amazon Flex must download and install the Amazon Flex app in their phones. The Amazon Flex app serves as the dashboard or online office for drivers and Amazon Flex. Delivery opportunities, earnings and account management are all available in the Amazon Flex app.

Amazon Flex App Download

You can download the Amazon Flex app for your Android smartphone or iPhone.

To download Amazon Flex app for your iPhone, visit the Apple App Store and search for Amazon Flex.
To download Amazon Flex app for your Android phone, copy this link and paste in your phone browser.

Amazon Flex App Android Installation

To install Amazon Flex app on your Android phone, you need to give permission for installation from unknown sources in your phone security settings. To grant this permission, navigate to your phone settings and click ‘security’. Activate installs from unknown sources.
After this, go to your phone’s download or files folder and press the Amazon Flex icon to begin installation.

Amazon Flex Application

To apply as a driver at Amazon Flex, you need to have a car and reside in one of the cities where Amazon Flex is operating. Once you have met necessary requirements, download and install the app on your phone and begin the application process. Use your Amazon account or create a new Amazon account to use for the registration.
Ensure your details are submitted accurately and wait for your application to be reviewed. Once it has been approved, you’ll receive a mail from Amazon Flex.

Is Amazon Flex Worth It?

Amazon Flex offers an opportunity to earn extra income. While several people are able to make substantial income working for Amazon Flex, it is not advisable to rely on the job as a source of full-time income. This is because there are no guarantee of constant delivery blocks. That being said, it all depends on the location, there are locations that have high delivery demands the whole year, some locations only experience high delivery volumes seasonally.
In the nutshell, earning between $18 – $25 an hour is quite okay, it might be worth your time.

How Do I Contact Amazon Flex?

Drivers and intending drivers can contact Amazon Flex customer support at 888.281.6906. Calls are answered from 8:00am to 9:00pm every day. You can also send mail to Amazon Flex customer support anytime via

Amazon Flex Support Email

The Amazon Flex support email is and can be used anytime to reach out to Amazon Flex.