Can You Get Rehired At Amazon After Job Abandonment

Can You Get Rehired At Amazon After Job Abandonment? Read Complete Answer

Can You Get Rehired At Amazon After Job Abandonment? – Just like other companies, Amazon frowns at job abandonment vehemently, the company expects employees never to stay off without prior information.

It isn’t only peculiar with Amazon, job abandonment is never tolerated by any company, employees who get fired for job abandonment don’t always get rehired.

That being said, several Amazon former employees who got sacked for job abandonment having been asking if they can get rehired at Amazon.

Amazon is one of the top employers especially in the United States, the company presently has over 1,500,000 employees, this figure comprise both full-time and part-time workers.

So, can you get rehired at Amazon after job abandonment? We carried out a thorough research on this, read what we discovered.

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Amazon Job Abandonment Policy

The Amazon job abandonment policy demands an employees to report their absence, failure to do so will result in the employee receiving a warning email after two days. If the employee still stays absent for 3 days, a resignation email will be sent.

Although, it isn’t officially stated, employees that abandon their jobs for 2 days will receive a warning email, staying off without any call for four days will result in getting fired for job abandonment.

Once you get the job abandonment email, it’s a red flag indicating that you are getting sacked if you don’t resume or call.

As a matter of fact, it’s against working ethics to intentionally quit your job without informing your employers. In some organizations, this may attract severe legal actions taken against you.

Can You Get Rehired At Amazon After Job Abandonment?

Unfortunately, you have a very slim chance of getting rehired after job abandonment. Employees that get fired for job abandonment don’t usually get rehired that easy.

However, depending on some factors, you may be eligible for rehiring after waiting for at least one year. If you were sacked at Amazon for job abandonment and you wish to reapply for a job there, you should talk to the regional HR. This will give you a clue if there is any possibility of you getting rehired.

Since there is no specific policy at Amazon regarding rehiring after job abandonment, you may likely still get rehired, that’s if you had a good record while working there.

From the above explanations, you can now understand that employees that got fired for job abandonment don’t always get rehired, except in very rare cases.

How Can I Get Rehired At Amazon After Job Abandonment?

To stand any chance of getting rehired after job abandonment at Amazon, you should wait for 90 days before reapplying. Most importantly, you should get in touch with the regional HR to know if you can get rehired.

Although, Amazon doesn’t generally rehire employees that got sacked for abandonment, you might get lucky if you were on the HR manager’s good books. However, it will take a whole lot of effort for you to eventually get rehired after being fired for job abandonment.

This is why you should be quite conversant with Amazon quitting policy and take the right step to quit. Once you resign in good terms, getting rehired becomes relatively easy, you’ll only be required to take the necessary steps on getting rehired at Amazon.

Can You Get Rehired At Amazon After Job Abandonment

Amazon Quitting Policy

The Amazon quitting policy mandates employees to inform the company of their intention to quit. An employee is expected to inform the HR manager in their region and possibly send a mail indicating their interest to quit.

Any employee that quits without any notice whatsoever will not possibly get rehired, Amazon may even take legal actions against the employee.

Following the Amazon quitting policy is quite essential of the employee has any plan of applying for a job at Amazon in future. You should get to know how to resign at Amazon so as to still have the possibility of getting rehired in future.

How Long Do You Have To Wait To Apply At Amazon After Being Fired?

If you got fired at Amazon, you’ll basically need to wait for at least one year before you’ll be eligible to reapply. Depending on the gravity of the offence you committed that got you fired, you may not be rehired.

Former employees who got fired at Amazon will largely depend on their past working record to stand any chance of getting rehired.

So, it isn’t always about how long you’ll wait, there are other factors that are major determinants to your getting rehired.

In summary, you need to wait for at least one year after getting fired for job abandonment before you reapply. Although, this isn’t a guarantee that you’ll get rehired, your application won’t be allowed if you don’t wait for one year after being fired.

Amazon Rehire Policy After Termination 2023

Amazon will only allow employees whose jobs were terminated to apply after waiting for one year, this means that you can’t possibly apply at Amazon without waiting for one year if your employment was terminated.

Another major factor that will determine the success of your application is your past performance record, if you had a good record before your employment was terminated, you might be considered for rehiring.

That being said, what caused the termination of your employment will determine if Amazon will rehire you or not. In essence, it means that your past record, why you were fired, and how long you’ve waited, are the major factors that will determine the success of your application.

Should I Quit Amazon Before They Fire Me?

As long as your getting fired was imminent, quitting before then makes no difference. This is because your records will always be there to show that you were due for sack.

However, the only possible advantage to this is that you may need to only wait for 90 days before you reapply. Apart from that, any offence you committed that prompted the company to process your sacking will still be in your records.

Another good reason for resigning before getting fired is the fact that your employment record won’t be affected. Since you weren’t sacked, other companies you apply to won’t see it.

Amazon Ineligible For Rehire

There are several reasons why a former employee may be given the “ineligible for rehire” tag. Apart from layoffs, all involuntary terminations are usually flagged as “ineligible for rehire”. Termination due to a failed PIP will possibly be ineligible for rehire.

Additionally, majority of the terminations like company policy violation, gross misconduct, and workplace violence will attract the “ineligible for rehire” tag. Terminations like abandonment do not get flagged as “ineligible for rehire”.

In the nutshell, majority of the terminations that were voluntary are always flagged as “eligible for rehire”, while involuntary terminations are mostly flagged “ineligible for rehire”.

Category 1 Offense Amazon

At Amazon, offense like threatening a fellow worker, fighting, and violating safety are all known as category 1 offense. This class of offense usually result in immediate and permanent sack.

In essence, category 1 offense at Amazon can be defined as those violations that bother on threats, fighting, theft, fraud, and safety violations.

Most importantly, employees that get fired for category 1 offense can never get rehired any Amazon location or affiliate.


Can You Get Rehired At Amazon After Job Abandonment? The chances of getting rehired at Amazon after being fired for job abandonment are quite slim, your past records will be instrumental if you must get rehired.

That being said, it is in vere rare cases that Amazon rehire employees who were fired for job abandonment.