Can You Set Up Recurring Payments On Venmo

Can You Set Up Recurring Payments On Venmo? Best Detailed Answer

Can You Set Up Recurring Payments On Venmo? Many people make use of mobile money transfer apps to make recurring payments like rent, utility bills, etc.
Venmo is one of the famous mobile money transfer apps that has become a reliable platform for sending and receiving payments.

There are several exciting features that Venmo offers to users, this explains why there are over 50 million current users.
Online money transactions like setting up recurring payments is one of the reasons millions of people install mobile money apps.

So, can you set up recurring payments on Venmo? This question has been asked quite a lot of times especially by folks who would love to use the Venmo app for their rent payments, continue reading this article to find out what we discovered.

Can You Set Up Recurring Payments On Venmo?

Unfortunately, Venmo doesn’t have the recurring payment feature, this makes it impossible for users to set up recurring payments.
As a matter of fact, Venmo doesn’t allow for automatic payments, each time you want to make a transfer, you’ll be required to manually insert the amount and authorise the transfer.
Agreed, the lack of recurring payment feature has given other mobile payment apps the advantage over Venmo. However, there are still ways you can set up monthly payments on Venmo and it will be close to recurring payments, the only difference is that you’ll still need to click a button before the payment will be made.

As you keep reading this article, you’ll learn how to set up monthly payments without having to insert details of the recipient each time you want to make the payment.

Venmo Recurring Payments To Friends

The recurring payment feature isn’t available on the Venmo app, you’ll not be able to set up recurring payments to friends.

However, you can make use of the “Venmo Trust” feature to set up what looks almost like recurring payment. All you’ll have to do is to add those friends to your trusted circle.

Let’s say you have 4 friends you’ll need to be sending money to every month, all you have to do is to add them your trust circle, this means no form of manual approval will be required in subsequent payments.

This is the closest you can get to what looks like recurring payments on Venmo. Once you’ve added the friend to your trust circle, subsequent payments will be automatically approved.

How To Set Up Recurring Payments On Venmo

Since there is no recurring payment feature on Venmo, you can make use of the “trust” feature to set up what is almost like recurring payments.

Like we’ve explained earlier, all you’ll be required to do is to insert the amount you want to send to the recipient and it will be automatically approved. You won’t have to type in the recipient’s details each time you want to make payment.

The Venmo trust functionality was originally created for friends who trust each other. However, businesses have benefitted tremendously from this feature, their customers enabled the trust feature which allows them to send money instantly to these businesses without asking for their details each time.

In the nutshell, if you are thinking of setting up recurring payments on Venmo, your best and only option is the trust feature.

Can Venmo Trust Feature Make Automatic Recurring Payment?

No, the Venmo trust feature can’t make automatic recurring transfer, the essence of the feature is to erase the stress of seeking approvals each time you want to make payment to a particular person.

However, you’ll need to insert the amount you want to transfer each time, it doesn’t matter if it’s the same amount or not, you’ll be required to take action.

That notwithstanding, the Venmo trust feature makes it a lot easier to make recurring payments by only requiring the user to insert the amount each time they want to transfer.

To summarise this, we can say that the trust feature ensures instant automatic approval each time friends charge each other.

Can You Set Up Recurring Payments On Venmo

Can I Use Venmo Trust Feature To Pay Rent?

Surely, you can make use of the Venmo trust feature to pay rent and erase the stress of having to insert the recipient’s details each time you want to pay.

Several tenants and landlords make use of the Venmo app for payments of monthly rents, the Venmo trust button simplifies the process of rent payment on Venmo.

Just add your landlord to your trust circle and you won’t need to insert their details and proofs every month, you’ll only have to insert the amount. This may not be as exact as recurring payment features on other mobile payment apps, but it does the job partially.

How Much Can You Send On Venmo For Free?

There are no limits on the amount you can send on Venmo for free, as long as you are sending the money from your linked bank account, Venmo balance, or a linked debit card.

Venmo charges for payments made using a major credit card, the mobile transfer app charges 3% processing fee for processing transactions with credit cards.
Also, you won’t be charged for using the standard bank transfer feature. Venmo only charges users for using the instant transfer feature.

However, bear in mind that standard bank transfers on Venmo can take up to 3 days to reflect on the recipient’s account.

Typically, Venmo doesn’t charge any fee for transfers to authorized businesses, this is irrespective of the amount you are transferring.

If you are looking for ways to avoid Venmo transfer fees, you should ensure that you only send money from either your Venmo balance, linked debit card, or your linked bank account.

You should also make use of the standard transfer feature if you don’t want to get charged by Venmo.

Venmo Bank Transfer Limit

Venmo allows verified users to make a maximum of $5000 bank transfer at a time, unverified users can send up to $999.99 weekly bank transfers, while verified users are allowed to make $19,999 weekly bank transfers.

For business profiles, Venmo allows up to $10,000 instant transfer to debit cards, and $50,000 instant transfers to bank account.

How much an unverified user is allowed to transfer to a bank depends on Venmo security checks. Generally, the Venmo bank transfer limit is $5,000 per transaction for verified users.

Venmo Spending Limit For Personal Profiles

Venmo allows up to $60,000 weekly spending limits for users whose identity has been verified, unverified users have $299.00 weekly spending limits.

The limits mentioned above include payments to authorized merchants and person–to-person payments. More information on the personal profile management limits is available on the Venmo website.

How Do I Know My Venmo Limit?

The easiest way to know your Venmo limit is to try sending payment or making transfers, you’ll be notified once you’ve exceeded your limit.

That being said, you should calculate your limit based on your account status, that is whether your identity has been verified or not. You should also consider other factors like if you are using a personal or business account.

Venmo has provided a comprehensive explanation on personal profile payment limit.

How Long Does It Take For A Venmo Payment To Show Up In My Bank Account?

Venmo bank payments typically take one to three days for standard bank transfers, while instant transfers to within 24 hours.

Standard bank transfers are completely free, but Venmo charges 1.75% processing fees for instant bank transfers.

All Venmo bank transfers go through a review process, this may result in a delay in your transfer or your funds being frozen or even removed from the sender’s Venmo account.

There are other factors that can delay Venmo bank transfers from reflecting in your bank account, your bank plays a role in determining how soon the payment reflects in your account, events like bank holidays can delay your transfer.
Secondly, bank transfers requested on weekends (Saturday or Sunday) will be initiated possibly on Monday which is the next business day.

Why Hasn’t Venmo Taken My Money From My Bank Account?

Venmo deposits from bank accounts take between 3 – 5 business days to reflect on your Venmo balance. During this time, the money may not be moved from your bank account.
Secondly, your may not have the approval to make such deposits, if you have not been approved for a Venmo MasterCard Debit Card, you can’t add money to your Venmo balance from your bank account.

Therefore, you must add your bank account and verify it before you’ll be able to transfer funds from your bank account to your Venmo balance.

Can Venmo Take Money From Your Bank Account?

Venmo will only be able to take money from your bank account if you have added and verified the bank account on your Venmo profile.

Once a bank account has been linked to a Venmo profile, it becomes one of the funding sources and monies can be taken from there to fund payments made by the user.

Standard transfers made from bank accounts are free on Venmo.


Can You Set Up Recurring Payments On Venmo? No, Venmo doesn’t currently have the recurring payment functionality, this makes it impossible for users to set up recurring payments.

However, users can make use of the “Venmo trust button” to set up what looks almost like recurring payments. Simply add the user to your trust circle and you can easily send payments every month without new approvals and having to enter their credentials again.