Do I Need An Appointment For USPS Fingerprinting

Do I Need An Appointment For USPS Fingerprinting? Read Best Answer

The fingerprinting process is one of the key parts of the United States Postal Service hiring process, it is a must for every prospective employee of the USPS.

There is no doubt that the USPS is one of the top employers in the United States, regarded as the most popular mail and package delivery service provider with the backing of the U.S. government, the USPS continues to expand its delivery boundaries which constantly demand more hands.

As one of the respected government-owned organisations, the USPS ensures that only credible people are employed, this explains why the USPS background check takes time and whoever wants to get employed must partake in the entire hiring process.

This post is aimed at providing answer to the question “Do I Need An Appointment For USPS Fingerprinting?” If you have to get employed at USPS, you must go through an intensive background check, this includes getting fingerprinted.

So, are you hoping to get hired at USPS and looking for information regarding the USPS fingerprinting process? This post provides every information you need and how to schedule the USPS fingerprinting appointment.

Does The USPS Do Fingerprinting?

Yes, the United States Postal Service does perform fingerprinting on prospective employees as part of their background check process. This is typically done for positions that require access to sensitive information or require handling of valuable mail or packages. The fingerprinting process is used to conduct a criminal history background check on potential employees.

The USPS takes their hiring process seriously and wants to ensure that they are bringing in trustworthy individuals who will uphold their standards of integrity and professionalism. If you are applying for a position with the USPS that requires a background check and fingerprinting, be prepared to undergo this process as part of the application process.

Having said that, the fingerprinting process is usually the first thing to do as part of the background check, it is not something you just move to any USPS office, there is a process, continue reading to learn about this.

Do I Need An Appointment For USPS Fingerprinting?

Although you can schedule an appointment to have your fingerprint at any post office, you don’t really need an appointment for USPS fingerprinting. You can just walk into any post office and ask if they do fingerprints, if their answer is yes, you can go ahead and have your fingerprint there irrespective of the particular USPS office you applied for.

However, there are few things you must note while planning have to your fingerprint at a random post office, the first point is that you must ensure the fingerprint is sent to the particular USPS office you applied for. The second is that you should ensure the post office is located in the state you applied for, this is because some districts can not do fingerprinting in another state, several districts have the policy of filling i-9 forms/documents and fingerprinting on the same day.

That being said, you can still email USPS requesting for fingerprinting, the email is contained in the PDF file that is sent to your email from USPS, they will schedule an appointment for you to fingerprint at a designated post office. Find out if USPS pay for Jury Duty here.

How To Schedule Fingerprinting For USPS

There are basically two ways you can schedule fingerprinting for USPS, once you are at the background check level, you will be required to have your fingerprint. Now, we have mentioned earlier that you can have your fingerprints at any post office doing fingerprints, you must make sure that they are being sent to the office applied for.

If you are wondering how to schedule fingerprinting for USPS, read the steps below:

  • Check your email for a mail from USPS with PDF attachment, download and read the PDF, you should see a contact email. Once you have gotten the email, send a request to USPS requesting for a fingerprint, you will receive a reply stating when and where you are to have your fingerprints. If you are unable to locate the email or get a response from USPS, take the next step.
  • Locate any post office that does fingerprint and make a request to have your fingerprint, you can have it immediately or schedule an appointment for a later date and time. Make sure you inform them to send it to the post office you applied for after having the fingerprint.

How Long Does It Take To Schedule Fingerprints For USPS?

Scheduling a fingerprints for USPS should not take more than 48 hours, you will typically get a response from USPS within 2 days if you made the fingerprint request via email. But, if you visited a post office and requested for the fingerprint, it should not take up to one hour to schedule an appointment for fingerprint.

Having said that, you should understand that not all post offices do fingerprints, locating a post office that does fingerprint may take a little while. The good thing about walking into a post office to inquire about fingerprinting is that even if they are not doing it there, they might be able to direct you to another post office that does fingerprint.

How Long Does It Take To Do Fingerprints For USPS?

Having your fingerprints at USPS should not take up to one hour, this is if you have successfully scheduled an appointment. That being said, the time it takes to complete the fingerprinting process for USPS can vary depending on several factors such as the location, the number of applicants, and the efficiency of the fingerprinting service provider. Generally, the actual fingerprinting process itself takes only a few minutes per person.

After submitting your fingerprints, the processing time for USPS to review and analyze the results may vary. This timeframe can be influenced by the volume of applications and the workload of the USPS background check team. Typically, it takes several weeks for the background check to be completed.

USPS Fingerprinting For Employment

USPS fingerprints every prospective employee prior to being hired, the fingerprinting process is a part of the background check which is conducted on every applicant to ensure only individuals that meet the USPS standards are employed.

You can basically have your fingerprint at any post office and have it sent to the post office you applied for, this can be done by scheduling an appointment via email or walking into a post office that does fingerprint. Are you wondering how to get fingerprinted for USPS? read on to learn more. Before getting employed, make sure you understand the Liteblue USPS Virtual Timecard.

Do I Need An Appointment For USPS Fingerprinting

How Do I Get Fingerprinted For USPS?

Below are the steps to get fingerprinted for USPS:

  • The first step towards getting fingerprinted for USPS is to schedule an appointment via email or walk into any post office that does fingerprint, you can call any post office to schedule a fingerprint appointment.
  • Visit the designated fingerprinting location on the scheduled date and time. This could be a USPS facility or a third-party fingerprinting service provider approved by USPS.
  • When you arrive at the fingerprinting location, bring appropriate identification documents as instructed by USPS. This includes a government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport.
  • At the fingerprinting location, your fingerprints will be taken using an electronic fingerprint scanner. The technician will guide you through the process, which usually involves placing your fingers on the scanner to capture the fingerprints
  • Your fingerprints should be sent to the USPS office you want to work, the background check process will commence once you have been successfully fingerprinted.

USPS Fingerprinting Hours

You can have your fingerprint at a USPS location anytime from 9pm to 5pm, the process typically takes a few minutes to be completed, while the USPS may take between 3 – 7 weeks to finish the background check and send you a response, this is according to reviews by past applicants.

USPS Fingerprinting Appointment Email

The email you can use to schedule a USPS fingerprinting appointment is always included in the PDF and would be someone’s, this email varies depending on the USPS rep that sent the email to you, all you are required to do is to copy that email and send a fingerprint request to it.

Post Office Fingerprinting Appointment

A post office fingerprinting appointment can be scheduled either via email, phone call, or visiting any post office doing fingerprint. As an applicant, you are required to get fingerprinted, this is to enable the USPS to run a background check on you before employing you.

How To Locate Post Office That Offers Fingerprinting Service?

You can use the USPS fingerprinting services page to locate a post office that offers fingerprinting service, all you need to do is to type in your zip code and click on the “Search by Zip Code” button. You can use the distance option to see post offices offering fingerprinting services within specific miles around your area.