Does Amazon Deliver During Hurricanes

Does Amazon Deliver During Hurricanes? Complete Answer

Does Amazon Deliver During Hurricanes? – Getting customers’ orders delivered promptly is one of the core priorities at Amazon, the company consistently ensures that customers get their packages on time.

That being said, things don’t always work as planned and there are several factors that may delay deliveries. Ranging from technical faults to weather, there are always cases of delayed deliveries.

So, does Amazon deliver during hurricanes? It might just be proper to understand what hurricanes are and how safe it would be for a deliver driver to be out there making deliveries during hurricanes.

It isn’t’ debatable if Amazon cares a great deal about the satisfaction of their customers or not. This also doesn’t insinuate that the safety of their employees aren’t important. Care to know when Amazon stops delivering? Read: What Time Does Amazon Stop Delivering 2022?

So, how does a company like Amazon put these two concerns on an equilibrium level? That’s what you are about to find out on this article.

Does Amazon Deliver During Hurricanes? Amazon drivers don’t make deliveries during hurricanes. Care to know why this is so? Continue reading this article to know when to receive your package during hurricanes. See how to change phone number on Amazon.

Does Amazon Deliver During Hurricanes?

No, Amazon doesn’t deliver items during hurricanes and other types of severe weather conditions like flooding and snowstorms. In as much as Amazon prioritize the satisfaction of its customers, the safety of its employees is also important.

It would be extremely unimaginable to mandate a delivery driver to be on the streets making deliveries during a weather condition as severe as hurricanes. Except adequate measures are put in place to guarantee safety of the delivery man, such will be deemed ‘inhumane’.

Your Amazon package will surely get delayed if there are hurricanes. During hurricanes, Amazon delivery drivers aren’t urged to go out for deliveries until the weather condition becomes safe. Just before we go on, lets consider how safe it is to be outside during hurricane.

Is It Safe To Be Outside During Hurricanes?

During hurricanes, the winds can get as high as between 75 to 200 mph, this is extremely dangerous for anyone to be outside. At this level, even little bits of debris becomes deadly and can cause severe harm or death.

It isn’t advisable for anyone to stay outside during hurricanes. As a matter of fact, you should shut your windows and stay indoors until normalcy returns. Lastly, you shouldn’t stand in front of doors during hurricanes, the heavy winds could blow the doors or glasses off exposing you to severe injuries.

It therefore becomes very impossible for Amazon delivery drivers to continue working during these periods, packages that were set for deliveries are automatically put on hold during hurricanes.

Does Amazon Deliver In Snow?

Generally, Amazon deliveries will be delayed if there is a snow, this happens especially in heavy snow. There has been previous cases of Amazon vans getting stuck in the snow, these situations will surely stop your package from getting delivered.

However, Amazon doesn’t handle extra expenses like vehicle repairs, winch-outs and tow-outs, as well as several gear and protection against severe bad weathers, these expenses are handled by the delivery companies. This explains why you won’t possibly be getting your Amazon package in heavy snow.

Most times, Amazon do notify intended recipients that they won’t be able to deliver the package due to bad weather, the recipient will receive an e-mail on the new day the delivery will be made.

So, it is pretty clear that Amazon doesn’t deliver in snow, they will always try to deliver as soon as possible once the weather clears up.

Does Amazon Deliver On Rainy Days?

Yes, Amazon deliveries do take place even on rainy days, deliveries don’t stop because of rain except the weather condition gets extreme.

Apart from flooding, bliizzards, and hurricanes, Amazon deliveries continue in all kinds of weather. Amazon understands that millions of customers rely on their services, this is why the company ensures that deliveries go on even on rainy days.

Does Amazon Deliver During Hurricanes

To various delivery drivers at Amazon, making deliveries on rainy days has become a norm and not really something serious, packages that are to be delivered on rainy days are often properly packaged to avoid damage.

An Amazon delivery driver is trained to ensure that packages assigned for delivery aren’t soaked, even when they want to leave the package under the rain at the recipient location, they are expected to keep them at a safe place to avoid damage.

Amazon Package Left Out In The Rain

The Amazon policy mandates delivery drivers to ensure that packages are protected from damage due to bad weather and theft if they are to be left under the rain.

Amazon doesn’t tolerate carelessness from delivery drivers. Before a package is left in the rain, the delivery driver is expected to make sure that the location is safe and the package will not be damaged by rain.

Leaving a package in the rain isn’t against Amazon policy, but getting it exposed to theft and damage is what Amazon kicks against.

At the end, it boils down to who is making the delivery, there are drivers who are particular about the safety of their recipient’s packages, they will do everything possible to ensure the safety of the package.

Several drivers will go as long as using their own plastic bags and sheets to cover parcels so they won’t get damaged. Most of them will cover the package and wrap them in plastic or put them in plastic bags to avoid damage.

When Will Amazon Deliver During Hurricanes?

Amazon will only resume deliveries when hurricane stops, until then, there will be no delivery made. During severe weather conditions like hurricanes, deliveries are put on hold at Amazon, these deliveries will be resumed once the weather condition becomes safe.

As long as the weather condition isn’t safe for delivery drivers to be on the streets, deliveries won’t be made. Like we explained before, the safety of their delivery drivers is paramount just as the satisfaction of their customers is, it’s naturally quite impossible for any company to make deliveries during hurricanes.

Amazon delivery drivers can only deliver your package as long as the weather isn’t life-threatening and risky. So if you were expecting your Amazon package during hurricane, you’ll not possibly receive it until the storm is over.

What Is Amazon Employee Inclement Weather Policy?

The Amazon employee inclement weather policy permits every employee to refuse working during severe weather conditions.

According to the policy, a staff can refuse working if their safely arrival at work is prevented by a weather condition. This policy is applicable in all states and in all ranks at Amazon.

Despite this provisions, there have been reports that Amazon doesn’t follow this policy, the company has been incessantly accused of not closing several facilities during extreme weather conditions.

However, it is widely known that Amazon permits employees to call into work during extreme weather conditions. Continue reading this article to find out what you should if you are unable to go to work because of bad weather condition.

What Should I Do If I Can’t Go To Work At Amazon Due To Bad Weather?

Every employee is expected to call HR and inform them regarding their inability to report at work due to bad weather. Just because the weather is bad doesn’t mean you should just stay back at work without informing the HR at your local fulfilment center, this will cost you a lot.

An Amazon employee that isn’t able to make it into the office must book off either PTO or UPT, Amazon will refund an employee that booked off UPT, this will ensure that the staff doesn’t lose time off hours.

Will I Get Fired At Amazon Due To Bad Weather?

An employee may actually get fired for not reporting to work due to bad weather if the employee didn’t call HR at their local fulfilment center to inform them of the situation and why they are not at work.

Any employee that constantly indulge in the habit of staying back without following due process risks being fired, this is irrespective of the weather condition as long as your local fulfilment center is open.

Once you stay back from work, you are expected to apply UPT, if you don’t have it then that’s a problem. It is quite possible to get fired at Amazon even if you were prevented by bad weather if you don’t follow the laid down procedure.

So, Does Amazon Deliver During Hurricanes? No, Amazon delivery drivers ain’t mandated to make deliveries during hurricanes. At Amazon, deliveries are suspended during extreme weather conditions.

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