Does Amazon Deliver To The Virgin Islands

Does Amazon Deliver To The Virgin Islands? Read Complete Answer

Are you visiting or living in the Virgin Islands and asking does Amazon deliver to the Virgin Islands? This post provides you with a full information regarding shipping Amazon purchases to Virgin Islands.

Amazon is so far one of the top e-commerce platforms where millions of items are sold monthly, the customer-base keeps expanding. With thousands of items available for purchase, it is no surprising that lots of people in the Virgin Islands are asking how they can purchase items from Amazon and get those items delivered to them.

First things first, Amazon doesn’t deliver all items themselves, they work with other top shipping companies like DHL, UPS, USPS, and even FedEx, having this understanding might give you a clue if your item will be shipped to Virgin Islands or not.

That being said, Does Amazon Deliver To The Virgin Islands? Guess this is why you are here, continue reading this post to learn how to ship items you purchased on Amazon to Virgin Islands.

Does Amazon Deliver To The Virgin Islands?

Yes, Amazon frequently ship items to Virgin Island, not all the time though and this depends on your location as well as the shipping speed you’ve selected.

However, bear in mind that not all items can be shipped to the Virgin Islands. Secondly, the shipping rate will be a bit higher and delivery timeframe varies depending whether you paid for standard shipping or international priority shipping.

That being said, there are a few things you should consider before purchasing items you want shipped to the Virgin Islands. Even if the particular item you want to buy can’t be shipped by Amazon to the Virgin Islands, there are still ways you can get those items delivered to you, more as you keep reading. Also read: Does Amazon Deliver To Qatar?

Does Amazon Ship Everything To The Virgin Islands?

Although Amazon ships items to the Virgin Islands, this doesn’t apply to all the items sold on the platform. As a matter of fact, some Amazon Fresh items may not be shipped to the Virgin Islands.

Apart from the above example, majority of the items listed on Amazon can be shipped to the Virgin Islands. However, it is left for you to find out if the item you are about to buy can be shipped to the Virgin Islands.

How To Know Items That Can Be Shipped To Virgin Islands On Amazon

There are mainly two ways to know items that can be shipped to the Virgin Islands on Amazon; at checkout, and if you’ve set up 1-Click address to Virgin Islands. After selecting an item you want to buy, head to the checkout page and you should be able to see if it can be shipped to Virgin Islands or not.

Also, if you provided a Virgin Islands address on your 1-click settings, only items that can be shipped to the Virgin Islands will be displayed in the homepage. Read guide on How To Get Chive TV On Amazon Fire Stick

Does Amazon Offer Free Shipping To Virgin Islands?

No, Amazon doesn’t offer free shipping to Virgin Islands, items are shipped there quite alright but you have to pay. Amazon stopped shipping items free to Virgin Islands several years ago.

Many customers claimed they called Amazon to remove the extra charges, it’s not really certain if this still works because recent research shows that shipping to Virgin Islands isn’t free at Amazon.

From our explanation above, you should be prepared to pay extra fees for shipping items on Amazon to Virgin Islands. You can check the countries that qualify for Free International Shipping on Amazon here.

How Long Does It Take Amazon To Ship To Virgin Islands?

Typically, items shipped by Amazon to Virgin Islands using standard shipping service takes between 3 to 5 business days, while international shipping service takes between 1 – 4 business days.

It is important to note that the delivery location has a great impact on the shipping time.

How Does Amazon Ship To Virgin Islands?

Amazon uses several other carriers to deliver items to the Virgin Islands, these carriers include USPS, UPS, FedEx. Since Virgin Islands items are mostly shipped through third-party carriers, it general attracts extra.

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Does Amazon Prime Deliver To Islands?

Yes, you can use your Amazon Prime account to order items and have them delivered to you at the Islands, this mainly depends on the Island you are. The only difference here is that the shipping isn’t free, and not all items are eligible to be shipped to the Islands.

Secondly, each Island has its own restrictions and you should find out what can and can’t be shipped to your Island.

Lastly, the delivery time in each Island may be different depending on how items are being delivered to people there. In some Islands, deliveries are made weekly, some Islands have boat service which delivers items daily, while deliveries are not made to some Islands at all.

Does Amazon Deliver To San Juan Islands?

Yes, Amazon delivers purchased items to San Juan Islands, there is a free shipping on purchases above $25 to the San Juan Islands.

Majority of the items that Amazon ships to San Juan Islands are handled by the USPS, this is because the USPS covers everywhere in Puerto Rico.

Kindly note that if the item is sold by an independent seller, they may be restricted by the brand from shipping the item to Puerto Rico. In this case, it isn’t Amazon’s fault but the seller.

If the item you are buying is to be fulfilled by Amazon, there shouldn’t be any problem except you are trying to ship items that require special handling like Lithium-Ion battery. Also read about Amazon Dropshipping Account Lock

Does Amazon Ship To Caribbean Islands?

Presently, customers that order items at Amazon can have them shipped to the Caribbean Islands through the USPS or package forwarders. The USPS is one of the reliable carriers that ships to Caribbean, other carriers used by Amazon to ship to Caribbean Islands are Fedex, UPS, DHL, etc.

Does Amazon Deliver To Antarctica

Yes, Amazon delivers items customers at Antarctica, these deliveries are mainly handled by USPS, Amazon doesn’t fulfil orders to Antarctica, they use third-party carriers and the shipping rates are quite normal. Also read: Does Amazon Deliver On Memorial Day?