Does DHgate ID

Does DHgate ID? Best Details You Should Know

The question “does DHgate ID?” has been asked quite often recently by some folks who are probably thinking of ordering a few stuff from China.

DHgate is gradually becoming popular and lots of people in the United States buy things from the platform and have those items shipped to them in America.

Having said that, it’s expected that a platform as huge as DHgate would be possibly have items that require IDs being listed by sellers.

Since DHgate is a marketplace that connects suppliers with buyers, the company’s control over what is being listed isn’t 100%, this has created doubts over the authenticity of items sold on the platform.

Almost every product produced in China is being sold on DHgate, this includes items that may not be suitable for folks below 18 years.

So, does DHgate ID? What happens if a minor attempts to buy an item that is not suitable for people their age? These are questions we have carefully researched, read this post carefully to find out.

Does DHgate ID?

No, DHgate doesn’t check ID of customers and there is no kind of age verification even when purchasing items that are for people of specific age range. As per our research, some customers below 18 years have successfully purchased items not suitable for people their age at DHgate.

The DHgate platform is an open marketplace that allows everyone to purchase every item without restrictions, there are no ID checks whatsoever, this is based on our personal research and customers’ reviews.

Does DHgate Ask For ID?

DHgate doesn’t ask for ID from customers, only sellers are required to submit their IDs while registering on thee platform. There is no item that is listed on the platform that requires ID checks before a customer can purchase them.

However, DHgate made have taken steps to exonerate themselves from potential legal actions by stating that completing a purchase on the platform is a confirmation that a customer has attained the legal capacity to purchase the particular item.

For sellers, an ID verification is required to fight off potential scammers from the platform, customers do not go through any form of ID verification irrespective of what they are purchasing on DHgate.

Can DHgate Be Trusted?

DHgate is one of the trusted platforms that help connect buyers with Chinese suppliers to help them import products from China to their countries. However, one needs to be extra careful when trying to make a purchase on the marketplace.

Just like other marketplaces like eBay and Aliexpress, DHgate has both genuine and fraudulent sellers, the company has not relented in their efforts to weed out these rogue sellers, this doesn’t mean they are not still there, they are.

That being said, DHgate is a trusted platform and you can trust them with your transactions, items purchased on the marketplace do eventually get delivered, except the seller hasn’t sent. In such cases, the buyer can report to DHgate and get refunds. Also read Does DHgate Take Klarna?

Does DHgate ID

Is Everything On DHgate Fake?

Although every item sold at DHgate are not authentic, not everything on the marketplace is low quality. There are several popular businesses on the platform that are selling high quality items.

As a matter of fact, there are two classes of items sold at DHgate; high quality and low quality. Most of these items are designer’s inspired while others are not.

It also depends on the customer’s definition of ‘fake’, there are high quality products sold on DHgate, but you won’t get branded items there. For example, you won’t get Prada, Gucci, Fendi, or other brand items listed on DHgate.

The platform is mainly for items manufactured in Chine, sellers on the marketplace are Chinese business owners, suppliers, individual sellers, and manufacturers.

We are all aware that items produced in China are of different qualities, majority of them are sold at cheap prices which indicates that they are not of high quality.

While shopping at DHgate, there is a high chance of coming across low quality products, this is why you should be careful when shopping on the marketplace.

Can You Get In Trouble For Buying From DHgate?

If you are purchasing a few items for personal use, you won’t possibly get in trouble, this will be different if you buy lots of fake items from DHgate with the intention of selling them in the United States.

Your parcel may be probably withheld and you may get a notice if you bought some fake items from DHgate. However, if you buy these fake items from DHgate and sell them, you’ll likely get in trouble.

According to a customer, she got a warning from the Customs for buying a fake small Prada crossbody bag on DHgate and also lost her global entry, this was sadly her first purchase.

Can I Get Refund At DHgate?

DHgate states that they monitor purchases and ensure that items are delivered or refunds made if the seller fails to send the item. However, this is not what is actually happening in several purchase cases, many customers have not been able to get their refunds even after they have reported not receiving their items.

A large chunk of the complains by customers regarding items purchased on DHgate is that they don’t get to receive exactly what they expect, the pictures do look finer that what they actually receive and any attempt to return and get refund will not yield any positive.

That being said, majority of the customers who don’t receive their items do get refunds, this is especially if the seller didn’t send the item within the given number of days. Also read Does DHgate Accept Afterpay?


Does DHgate ID? No, there are no ID checks before making any purchase on DHgate, every item listed on the marketplace is open for purchase to every customer and there are no ID checks during the purchase process.