Does DHL Deliver To Mailbox

Does DHL Deliver To Mailbox? – Full Answer

Does DHL Deliver To Mailbox? – Many people planning to use DHL for delivery of any package would love to know if they delivery to mailboxes. The reason for this isn’t far fetched, some folks prefer receiving their mails via PO boxes instead of homes. That’s probably because they ain’t always around to receive deliveries or it’s always difficult for courier service systems to read their addresses. Whatever may be the situation, you’ll get all the answers you want on this article.

DHL is one of the top companies offering topnotch mail delivery services worldwide, the company has it’s headquarters in Germany but it’s being extensively used for deliveries in the United States.

Though DHL is among the top-ranked courier delivery companies in the US, there are limitations to the services they render, continue reading to learn about this.

Does DHL Deliver To Mailbox?

DHL doesn’t directly deliver to mailboxes in the United States. This is because PO boxes are exclusively owned and used by the United States Postal Service (USPS), it is then unlawful for DHL to try delivering to any mailbox in the USA.
However, DHL packages can be delivered to mailboxes but only through the help of USPS. This means that DHL has to handover the final domestic or local delivery task to USPS, this is when the package or mail can be delivered to your mailbox.

How Does DHL Work?

DHL uses USPS for domestic pickup and delivery services in the United States. Although, DHL still delivers some packages directly, a large chunk of deliveries are made by USPS on behalf of DHL. USPS handles both return pickups and final-mile deliveries for DHL in the US.
So let’s explain this further, DHL brings international shipments to the country, sort them out, handover to USPS for final deliveries.
Most times, DHL delivers huge packages directly, small packages that can fit inside mailboxes are mostly sent to USPS for deliveries.
Reasons for this is that it’s cheaper to deliver small packages through USPS, it’s also more expensive to deliver large packages through USPS. This is why DHL delivers large deliveries directly but hands over small deliveries to USPS.

Does DHL Deliver To Mailbox Or Door?

DHL only delivers to your door but not to your mailbox. No other courier is allowed to touch your mailbox except USPS. This is why DHL uses them for deliveries of small mails and to PO boxes.
Shipments that are delivered directly by DHL get to the door, packages that are to be delivered to PO boxes are exclusively handled by USPS.
It isn’t just DHL, no other courier company has the right to use PO boxes in the United States except USPS. This doesn’t insinuate that mailbox-bound shipments don’t get delivered by DHL, they get delivered but through USPS.

Does DHL Deliver To Mailbox

Does DHL Deliver To Rural Areas

This depends on the weight of the shipment, but most of the DHL deliveries to rural areas are done through USPS.
Directly delivering to rural areas in the United States will be a little bit more expensive for DHL, this is why USPS handles this part.
DHL might only deliver to a rural area if the package is large and can’t really fit into a mailbox, this isn’t something that happens often.

What Third Party Does DHL Use?

As of today, DHL majorly uses three notable third party companies for deliveries in the US. These companies are UPS, FedEx and USPS. USPS does a major part of DHL deliveries, while UPS and FedEx deliver some DHL deferred, international, and express packages.
Out of these two companies, USPS has delivered most of DHL’s last-mile deliveries in over 20,000 zip codes in the USA. This makes USPS the major local and domestic delivery option for DHL in America.
What happens is, DHL receives your package, scans and sort it, then sends to USPS for final delivery. If your package is huge and the delivery is within the city, DHL will likely deliver it directly to cut down delivery cost.

Does DHL Deliver Through FedEx?

Yes, FedEx do deliver some domestic and express shipments for DHL in the USA, this partnership was first announced in 2008.
FedEx has delivered some local packages for DHL in the past and the partnership still exists. However, DHL has used USPS to deliver more packages than FedEx, this is because even FedEx can’t deliver to mailboxes in the USA. Having the same limitation as DHL is the reason DHL doesn’t use them to deliver their packages often.
Like we said before, it is only USPS that has the exclusive right of delivering mails to Po boxes in the USA.

Does DHL Express Deliver To Your Door?

Yes, DHL provides door-to-door deliveries and not to mailboxes in the USA. As long as the address is recognized by the DHL system, the package will be delivered. This is to say that DHL can only do door-to-door deliveries, but can’t deliver to mailboxes.
If your mail is to be delivered to your mailbox, DHL will hand it over to USPS to deliver on their behalf. This won’t affect the charge but it explains why some mails experience little delays before getting delivered.

Does DHL Deliver Through UPS

Yes, DHL sometimes make deliveries through UPS. These are only limited to door-to-door deliveries because UPS doesn’t also have the right to deliver to mailboxes.
UPS had entered into agreement to carry freight for few DHL deferred, international and express packages in the United States. This is why DHL sometimes make their domestic deliveries through UPS.
Please note that the DHL and UPS are two separate companies, they only had a partnership agreement for the purpose of making deliveries in the United States.

Who Does DHL Forward Delivery To?

DHL forwards majority of their local deliveries and all mailbox-bound deliveries to USPS for final deliveries. They also forward some of their express, international, and deferred packages to FedEx and UPS for deliveries, this doesn’t include deliveries to mailboxes.
Only USPS can deliver DHL packages to Po Boxes in the United States.

How Does DHL Deliver To Apartments?

DHL delivers packages to recipients apartment door, but they will require access permission by the recipient if a key is required to access the apartment and get to the recipient door.
If you are living in an apartment, DHL may not be able to deliver to your door unless you grant them access, you may need to go for the option of picking up your parcel at the local DHL office if you are unable to grant them access or you wont be around.

Does DHL Deliver To Mailbox

What Does In/At Mailbox Mean DHL?

This is a confirmation that your package has been successfully delivered to your mailbox.
If you received this notice, it means the delivery process for your package is 100% completed and your parcel is in your mailbox.
However, if you get this message and unable to find your package, it is possible that it has been delivered to the wrong address. One thing is certain, once you get the ‘in at mailbox’ notice, it means that delivery has been made.
Reach out to DHL customer service If you haven’t seen your package after receiving the notice.

How Long Does DHL Deliver?

DHL deliveries within the United States usually take between 1-3 days. Factors like bad weather, problem with address, etc., could cause a delay in delivery. International shipments may take up to 20 days depending on the location of the origin country.
Typically, DHL local packages get delivered between 1 – 3 days after being received and sorted. If your package stays beyond 3 days, you should contact DHL customer service to find out what may be causing the delay.

Does DHL Deliver On Sunday?

DHL on it’s own doesn’t deliver directly on Sunday, they make Sunday deliveries through USPS. There is a special weekend delivery service offered by DHL for mission-critical domestic and international shipments. The DHL Same Day Services offers Sunday door-to-door deliveries, customers are able to receive their packages in the shortest possible time. Learn more about DHL Sunday deliveries.

Does DHL deliver on Saturday

The DHL Same Day service is the delivery option offered by DHL to ensure packages are delivered even on Saturday. With this service, customers can be sure of receiving their shipments on any day of the week. Also, DHL drivers sometimes deliver on Saturday if the coming Monday happens to be a public holiday.