Does DHL Update Tracking On Weekends

Does DHL Update Tracking On Weekends? Read Best Answer

Does DHL Update Tracking On Weekends? – There is scarcely a DHL customer who hasn’t tried to find out if DHL update package tracking information on weekends, especially customers who packages are in transit over the weekend.

Having an updated information regarding the delivery status of your package will help you settle and also know when to expect your package.

DHL is one of the popular courier service providers and they have been consistently delivering quality package shipping services to clients both in the United States and worldwide.

Since some shipping companies don’t really work during weekends, it has prompted several customers to try finding out if DHL is one of those companies that only update their tracking information on business days.

The question now is “does DHL update tracking on weekends?” We have thoroughly researched on this question, take your time to read what we found out.
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Does DHL Update Tracking On Weekends?

No, DHL does not update tracking information on weekends, this is because the company doesn’t generally make deliveries on weekends except for specific situations.

However, you may receive an update on your new package tracking on weekend, it doesn’t really mean that the update was made during the weekend, it might have been made about 2-3 days before that day.

Also, the fact that deliveries are not made on weekends doesn’t mean that your package isn’t still moving, their trucks would still be moving packages from warehouses to local sorting centers. Read this: What Does Missent Mean DHL?

If you are really concerned over your package’s tracking status, you should wait till the following Monday or Tuesday to receive update from DHL.

Does DHL Deliver On Weekends?

For the large part, DHL doesn’t make deliveries on weekends in the United States. This policy comes to play for deliveries to both business addresses and residential addresses.

This means that United States customers expecting their packages should preplan them to make sure they are delivered just before the weekend. Packages that haven’t been delivered before the weekend will typically be delivered on the next business day.

That being said, your package may still be delivered on weekend if its deemed to be extremely necessary, this is a very rare occurrence and the package must meet certain requirements, there are also some stipulations as well as factors that are considered.

Does DHL Update Tracking On Sunday?

Unfortunately, DHL doesn’t generally update tracking on Sunday, this is because DHL doesn’t deliver packages on Sunday. Since this is so, package movements are always minimal and they rarely get scanned until the next business day.

However, you should understand that DHL is oblige to scan your package at every major stop, this means that every time your package gets to any DHL facility, it must get scanned and updated.

Therefore, since there are really no package movements on Sunday, you’ll not be getting any update until Monday or other business days.

Does DHL Update Tracking On Weekends

Does DHL Always Update Tracking?

Officially, DHL always update tracking information of a package throughout its delivery journey. However, this is not always the case, you may not be getting an update but it doesn’t mean your package isn’t in transit.

Typically, DHL eCommerce tracking updates are always shown once the package gets processed at a transiting facility, they are not updated daily.

But, if your package was sent via DHL Express, you should be receiving the update daily, you may have to contact DHL if you are not getting your package tracking update.

Does DHL Express Update Tracking On Weekends?

DHL Express packages don’t generally move on weekends, this is why updates are not really made on weekends, this doesn’t mean it can’t happen, it just doesn’t happen often.

DHL Express only delivers between Monday to Friday in the US, they don’t make weekend or holiday delivery. As such, your package is likely going to be in one place the whole weekend. As long as the package isn’t moving, there can’t be a change in the tracking status.

Does DHL update on weekend?

In general, DHL doesn’t update tracking status of packages on weekends, this is the case for both DHL Express and DHL eCommerce.

Since they don’t make weekend deliveries, there may be no major movement of packages, this translates to no update.

However, if your package was received by DHL on Thursday or Friday, you may receive the update on Saturday or Sunday, this is because it may have taken some hours for the shipment to be handed to DHL. The update will only take place once the package has been handed to DHL.

DHL Tracking Not Updating 2022

If your DHL tracking isn’t updating, you should first find out which DHL service was used to ship the package, this will make it possible for you to know why you are not receiving the update as you should.
Below are the few things you should do if DHL tracking not updating.

  • Find out the DHL service used: DHL Express updates tracking everyday, while DHL eCommerce updates only when package is processed at transiting facility.
  • Recheck to make sure you are having the correct tracking number.
  • Find out where the shipper sent the package from: several shippers deceive their customers into believing that they are actually shipping from the US, when in real sense they are shipping from overseas.
  • Ensure you have internet network connection while trying to track your package.
  • Contact DHL Customer Service if tracking doesn’t update for more than 5 days.

When Does DHL Update Tracking?

DHL generally update package tracking information from Monday to Friday, since these are the days that deliveries are made and packages are moved from one location to another, updates are made at every stop once packages are scanned.

How Long Does DHL Update Take To Show?

Once a package is scanned at any local facility, the package tracking information will be automatically transmitted to the DHL delivery system and this updates the tracking information of the package within a few minutes.

You will be able to view the updated tracking information once you track the package on the DHL tracking page.


Does DHL Update Tracking On Weekends? No, DHL doesn’t update tracking on weekends, this is because packages don’t really move around on weekends.
Updates are only made once a package moves from one point to another, no movement translates to no update.