Does eBay Delete Inactive Accounts

Does eBay Delete Inactive Accounts? (Answered)

Does eBay Delete Inactive Accounts? – You may have been wondering what eBay will do to your account if it stays inactive for a long time, inactive accounts aren’t of any use to the brand right? Let’s get this straight, you’ve not signed in to your eBay account for months, eBay may think you’re gone for good, they don’t want the account to be hijacked and used for fraudulent activities, it’s probably best the account gets deleted, isn’t that right?
An eBay account with invalid or outdated owner’s contact information can get deleted, this is why users are advised to frequently update their email address and phone number on eBay.
Well, lets talk more about this so you understand what happens when an eBay account stays inactive for a long time.

Do eBay Accounts Expire?

eBay accounts that haven’t been assessed for a long time will expire and subsequently deleted. eBay usually sends mails to such customers intimating them to login to their accounts with a given number of days.
Refusal to sign in to that account is same as cancelation, such an account will be deleted by eBay. One thing you should note is that once your account expires and subsequently deleted, your username will become available for new registration and just anyone can use it to sign up for a new account.
eBay will notify you at least 2 weeks prior to your account expiration date.

How Will I Know If My eBay Account Will Soon Expire?

Once you receive an email from eBay regarding the expiration of your account, it means your account will expire in less than a month. The mail is always sent to the email address on-file.
Additionally, you can check your account expiration date on the eBay platform. To check the date and time your eBay account will expire, open eBay, click on ‘My eBay‘, click on ‘Setting’, then select ‘Account’. If your account is set to expire, you will see the information written there.

How Many Years Does An Account Have To Be Inactive Until They Delete It On eBay?

It’s a normal practice for eBay to delete inactive accounts, this helps to keep the platform efficient and secure.
An eBay account that stays inactive for 6 months may be closed and the user data deleted. A user whose account was closed can apply for it to be reopened within 7 days after it was closed (this only applies to accounts that were closed on the user’s command).
Once an eBay account is deleted, the user information and every detail associated with such account will be deleted as well.

Does eBay Delete Inactive Accounts

What Is An Inactive Account On eBay?

An inactive account refers to an account that has not been logged in for at least 6 months. eBay user policy mandates users to keep their accounts active by logging in and updating their profile once in a while, if you log in to your account frequently, it will remain active even if you are not making purchases.
Leaving your account inactive for a long time will get it deleted by eBay.

Does eBay Delete Inactive Accounts?

Yes, eBay deletes inactive accounts to continue keeping the platform secure and efficient. An inactive account could be hijacked and used for illegal activities, this is one of the reasons eBay deletes inactive accounts.

The general rules are, log in to your eBay account at least once in a month to keep it active, update your phone number and email to keep receiving vital updates from eBay and information regarding your account status.

eBay Deleted My Account

If you realize your account was deleted, check the email you used in opening the account, you’ll possibly see a notification on why your account was deleted, eBay will always inform a user why his or her account was deleted. Your account may have violated eBay terms of service or stayed inactive for a long time. If your account was deleted by eBay, the only option available for you is to create a new account, you can still use the old username if it is available.

Can A Deleted eBay Account Be Recovered?

You can only recover a deleted eBay account within 7 days from when it was deleted only if you initiated the deleting process. If you closed your account and later changed your mind, you have 7 days from the date of closure to apply for it to be restated.

An eBay account that was deleted for inactivity or multiple violations of terms of service can’t be recovered.

Reasons Why eBay May Delete A User’s Account

Below are the few reasons that may get your eBay account deleted.

  • Violating eBay Terms of Service:
    An eBay account that violates terms of service multiple times can get deleted. These terms of service include selling counterfeit merchandise, abuse of returns, abuse feedback system, and sometimes for continuous non-payment of purchases.
  • Account With No User Activity For 6 Months
    Your account may get deleted if it stays inactive for 6 months or more. It is pertinent to note that once you sign up on eBay, you’ve automatically agreed to the platform’s terms of use, this states that eBay can delete your account for any reason and at any time.

eBay Account Gone

If your eBay account is gone or your are unable to access it, it is possible the account was hijacked, you may still be able to find your account by searching for it with your username. If you see no result while searching for it with your username, it means your account has been deleted by eBay.
You can register a new account with the same username but with a different email. This will help other users to still find you using your old username.

Ebay Deleted My Account Without Notice

It is not typical of eBay to delete a user’s account without sending a reminder to the user’s email. You should check your email inbox or spam, you’ll possibly see a reminder email from eBay mandating you to log in to your account to continue staying active.