Does FedEx Deliver When It Rains

Does FedEx Deliver When It Rains? – Complete Answer

Does FedEx Deliver When It Rains? – Several major delivery brands have delivery policies which is against making deliveries while it is raining.
As one of the top delivery brands especially in the United States, FedEx values customer satisfaction.

Although, it might sound weird, FedEx wouldn’t stop delivering your package because it is raining, except if the weather condition is extremely bad.
On this article, you’ll learn about FedEx delivery service and what happens to deliveries when it is raining.

Apart from bad weather condition, other issues like FedEx operational delay can stop your package from getting delivered.

Does FedEx deliver in rain? Yes, FedEx still make deliveries while it’s raining as long as the parcel was properly packaged and there is no risk of it getting damaged. However, there are some weather conditions that will disrupt deliveries. Continue reading this article to learn more about this.

Does FedEx Deliver When It Rains?

Except for severe bad weather conditions, FedEx drivers still make deliveries while it’s raining. However, delivery for a particular day may be canceled if there is a severe weather condition.

A FedEx driver may cancel a delivery while it’s raining if the item wasn’t properly packaged with bags to prevent it from getting wet and damaged.

There are several other conditions that may hinder your package from getting delivered, keep tracking your package to know it’s present location and when you’ll possibly get it.

FedEx Delivery Service

FedEx offers a variety of shipping options for delivery of packages and envelopes in the United States. These options include; Same-day delivery, overnight delivery, 2-day delivery, 3-day delivery, commercial ground delivery, residential ground delivery. These are the available delivery options for US residents.

Apart from the above, there are international express delivery services and solutions offered to companies, these services are tailored to the suite the shipping needs of companies and individuals.

You can check delivery options for delivery of packages from the United States to other countries here.

FedEx Tracking

FedEx makes it easy for customers to track their packages wherever they are. With the package unique tracking number, it becomes easy for a customer to know the present shipping level of his or her package. Tracking a FedEx package can be done directly on the FedEx online platform.

All a customer needs to do is to insert the unique tracking number belonging to the package in the package tracking window and information regarding the package delivery status will be revealed.

With the FedEx package tracking feature, customers are able to know the present location of their items and when to expect delivery.

When Does FedEx Deliver Packages?

FedEx deliver packages from Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm. Saturday and Sunday are generally for residential deliveries. Items to be delivered at residential locations are mostly delivered on Saturday and Sunday before 8pm, this is because people are generally home on weekends and it makes delivery easy.

So, you should expect delivery of your package between 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday, majority of the packages are usually delivered between Monday to Friday.
However, FedEx recently commenced weekend deliveries of packages to residential locations because several recipients would always be around on weekends.

If you aren’t sure of being around from Monday to Friday, you may have chose the residential ground delivery as your delivery option, this will ensure you get your package delivered between Saturday and Sunday.

Does FedEx Deliver When It Rains

How To Protect Package From Rain

Protecting your package from rain is extremely important, you shouldn’t joke with this. The best way to actually protect your parcel from possibly getting damaged is to ensure that it is perfectly packaged.

Make use of packing tape or water-resistant glue to secure the shipping label, also make sure not to cover the whole label with the packing tape. The shipping label should be placed inside a waterproof plastic wallet before being glued to the side of the box, your shipping label should go along with the package intact.

It is best to ship your package in corrugated cartons, ensure the shipping cartons are new, avoid using old shipping cartons to package your shipment except you are sure that the old cartons are in perfect condition. Properly tape everything, both interior and exterior seams should be properly taped.

To make the box more water-resistant, cover it with a polyethylene plastic coating or protective wax, this is one of the best ways to protect your parcel from getting soaked or damaged by rain or water.

Does FedEx Leave Packages In The Rain?

FedEx may leave your package in the rain only if it is properly parceled to prevent the rain from damaging it. This doesn’t mean that the package will be left entirely right under the rain, it will be left where there is little or no amount of rain drops touching it.

Another way your package can be left in the rain is if there is a safe and dry place in your location. Other than that, the driver may attempt to redeliver the package another day.

Your package can’t be left in the rain to get soaked if it’s not packaged and covered with a bag, that will amount to carelessness on the part of the driver. FedEx delivery drivers are trained to always ensure that packages assigned to them are kept safe and protected from damage, no FedEx delivery driver is expected to be careless with people’s parcels.

Does FedEx Deliver When It Rains

FedEx Leaving Packages Outside

FedEx delivery drivers will only leave your package outside right in front of your house if it is safe. Normally, almost all FedEx deliveries require signature except a customer authorizes the package to be left at a secure location. In such cases, the package will only be left without a signature at the sole discretion of FedEx. If it is not deemed safe, the package will not be left outside without signature. Instead, the delivery driver will attempt making another delivery on the next convenience day.

What this means is that only packages authorized by customer for delivery without a signature can be left outside. Event at that, the delivery driver may use his own discretion and decide not to leave the package outside if the location is deemed unsafe.

Before authorizing FedEx to deliver without signature, ensure your location is secure and safe for the package to be left outside.

What Time Does FedEx Stop Delivering?

As a general rule, delivery of packages by FedEx stops by 8pm every day, and resumes by 8am the following day. Items not delivered by 8pm will likely be delivered the next day.

Also, items that are shipped with FedEx 2 Day or FedEx Overnight services may be delivered later than 8pm.

Lastly, delivery hours at FedEx are usually extended beyond 8pm during the holiday season. This is as a result of the overwhelming influx of packages to be delivered during those periods like Christmas holiday.

Does FedEx Deliver On Saturday?

Saturdays are one of the delivery days that FedEx Home Delivery service gets more effective, deliveries are mostly made on Saturdays. Majority of the weekend deliveries are to residential locations, this is because commercial locations are not usually open during the weekends.

Delivery to residential locations takes place every day of the business week but more particular on Saturdays and Sundays.

Customers generally prefer weekend deliveries to their homes and this is why FedEx delivery drivers do more of residential deliveries during weekends.

Does FedEx Deliver On Sunday?

The FedEx Home Delivery service guarantees delivery of packages every day of the week including Sunday, this is one of the residential ground services offered by FedEx.

You’re not going to wait until Monday for your package to be delivered, the service ensures that customers take advantage of being at home during weekends to take delivery of their FedEx packages.

The FedEx Home Delivery service helps customers who ordered late in the week to take their deliveries, it comes at no additional fees.

Additionally, there is also the FedEx Evening Home Delivery service, this service also provides deliveries to customers on Sunday between the hours of 5pm to 8pm local time.

Does FedEx Deliver After 8pm?

Customers that purchased FedEx guaranteed delivery services may have their packages delivered even after 8pm. Deliveries beyond 8pm are also common in FedEx during busy holiday seasons, this is because of the increased volume of deliveries during holidays.

This explains why you may still see FedEx delivery truck as late as 9pm. You are likely going to see FedEx drivers on the roads going to make deliveries beyond 8pm from late November through out December.

So, Does FedEx Deliver When It Rains? Yes, FedEx delivery drivers still make deliveries while it’s raining except the weather condition looks bad or the package could get damaged.