Does FedEx Take Pictures Of Delivery

Does FedEx Take Pictures Of Delivery? (Full Guide)

Does FedEx Take Pictures Of Delivery? – The question of FedEx delivery drivers taking pictures of delivery has been asked quite often recently, lots of folks have questioned the importance of taking pictures of delivery. Perhaps, a lot of these people feel that taking pictures of delivery is a way of confirming that the package has been successfully delivered, or it offers some form of security.

As a sender, you want to confirm that the package you sent has been successfully delivered to the correct recipient. This is extremely important especially when sending sensitive documents and goods to individual clients or businesses that has lots of different departments.

For FedEx, providing a proof of delivery is a norm, this document shows the sender that the chain of custody is completed and the package has been delivered to the right recipient, but how about taking pictures of delivery? Well, FedEx feels it’s not necessary to mandate their delivery drivers to take pictures of parcels being delivered, but why is this so? We’ll explain this.

There are several advantages that comes with providing a proof of delivery, we’ll talk about these advantages on this article.

FedEx is one of the prominent companies offering logistic services, their consistency in providing quality shipping services is quite commendable, the company always wants to ensure that due process is observed throughout the entire shipping journey of a shipment.

Does FedEx Take Pictures Of Delivery? No, FedEx drivers don’t take pictures when making deliveries. If you care to know why FedEx doesn’t take pictures of delivery, continue reading this article. Find out what Where Is FedEx Origin Facility.

Does FedEx Take Pictures Of Delivery 2022?

Unfortunately, FedEx doesn’t take pictures of delivery, the drivers don’t see it as their job to take pictures when making deliveries.

Of course, showing pictorial proof of a package being delivered isn’t a sure way to eliminate theft, this is probably why companies like FedEx do not see the need to take pictures of delivery.

Considering the high number of packages delivered by FedEx, it may be too expensive to start including such a service. Since a majority of FedEx deliveries do get to the recipients, it becomes unnecessary start taking pictures of delivery.

Care to know more why FedEx doesn’t take pictures of deliveries? Read the next paragraph.

Why FedEx Doesn’t Take Pictures Of Delivery

There are a few tangible reasons why taking pictures of delivery isn’t part of FedEx delivery process. Of course, a company like FedEx would always want to introduce new measures to enhance service quality and safety of packages, the question now is Why are they not taking pictures of delivery? Read the few reasons below.

  • Doesn’t Eliminate Theft: Truth is, taking pictures to show that a package has been delivered and kept at the front door doesn’t stop the package from being stolen. A package that is kept at the door can still be stolen and the company would not have any information regarding the thieve even after pictures of delivery were taken. Companies like FedEx would only want to embrace innovative ideas that will help reduce package thefts, taking pictures of delivery doesn’t look like one of them.
  • High Cost For Data Storage: Taking pictures of delivery will attract huge cost to fund that storage of data, this is unarguably more expensive than a digital signature. Logistic companies are always on the lookout for avenues to reduce cost of shipping, adding an extra cost to the present delivery fees isn’t something companies like FedEx would want to do, they take into consideration the competitive nature of the United States logistic sector.
  • Doesn’t Actually Proof Delivery: In the real sense, taking pictures of delivery doesn’t actually proof delivery. Logically, delivery is when the package has been received by the recipient, dropping off a package at the door isn’t delivery, until the recipient takes it. So, taking pictures of a package dropped in front of the recipient’s door doesn’t proof that it was successfully delivered. Taking pictures of such deliveries therefore becomes absolutely unnecessary and needless.

Are Pictures Of Delivery Important At FedEx?

Sincerely, pictures of delivery are actually important although it doesn’t eliminate or provide information in case of theft.
A picture of delivery will eliminate doubt over the delivery of a package, it will also exonerate the delivery driver from any blame.
With the picture of delivery, it will be easy for the delivery driver to prove that the package was delivered, although this doesn’t prevent theft.

Also, a picture of delivery would show the recipient where the package was kept, this is necessary in cases where recipients are unable to find their package even after they were said to have been delivered. This will only become important if the recipient request for the delivery picture moments after the package may have been dropped off by the delivery driver.

Will FedEx Take Pictures of Delivery In Future?

Currently, FedEx delivery drivers do not take pictures of delivery, this is because the company doesn’t see it necessary for such pictures to be taken.

Regarding if FedEx will start taking pictures of delivery in future, it is extremely unlikely, this is because taking pictures of delivery doesn’t prevent theft or solve any serious problem. Not taking pictures of delivery has not affected the quality of FedEx’s services, the company may never consider the option of taking pictures of delivery.

How Does FedEx Prove That A Package Has Been Delivered?

FedEx always provide details of a delivered package called ‘proof of delivery’, this contains relevant information on the shipment and a signature image.
This becomes a proof that the package was successfully delivered to the recipient and a signature was appended by the said recipient, signature image will only be available if the recipient had signed while receiving the package.

Does FedEx Take Pictures Of Delivery

Pictures of packages being delivered are not always provided by FedEx because their delivery drivers are not instructed or mandated to take pictures while delivering parcels.

What Is FedEx Proof Of Delivery?

The FedEx Proof of Delivery is a feature which was introduced to confirm the successful delivery of shipment. A sender can always request for the Signature Proof of Delivery to ascertain whether the shipment was delivered or not.

With the FedEx Proof of Delivery feature, a sender can be sure that the shipping journey of the parcel was completed and delivered to the right recipient. Once the shipment has been successfully delivered, you can get a copy of the recipient’s signature by using the Signature Proof of Delivery feature.

Information Contained In FedEx Proof of Delivery

The FedEx Proof of Delivery contains complete information about the shipment, it also contains the recipient’s signature.

The above mentioned details are often requested by major sellers after sending stuff to their clients. Please note that you can’t use the Signature Proof of Delivery to get information on the status of your shipment.

Who Can Access The Signature Proof of Delivery At FedEx?

The FedEx Proof of Delivery can be accessed by only the sender, this information may not be available to recipients because most of the recipients don’t have accounts with FedEx.
If a recipient wants to see the Proof of Delivery, the recipient will have to reach out to the sender to print or mail to them.

Which FedEx Shipping Service Has Signature Proof Of Delivery?

It is not every shipping service at FedEx that is eligible for the Signature Proof of Delivery. Currently, the Proof of Delivery document is only available for FedEx Ground and FedEx Express shipments.

If you shipped the package to a recipient using other shipping services at FedEx, it will be impossible to get the Signature Proof of Delivery for the shipment.

FedEx Proof Of Delivery No Address

A sender can request for a FedEx Proof of Delivery without the full address of the recipient if the 9-digit FedEx account number isn’t available. This is known as the Summary Signature Proof of Delivery, this contains limited information concerning the shipment.

The letter will contain only city, state/province, as well as the country for the recipient and sender. For some countries, the signature image may not be available on the Summary Signature Proof of Delivery.

FedEx Proof Of Delivery Without Signature

A signature may not be available if a signature release agreement was signed either by the recipient or shipper. However, if the signature isn’t available on the FedEx proof of delivery, you can still view and print, it is advisable that you check back after some days.

Normally, you shouldn’t be worried if no signature is available on the proof of delivery document. However, if the signature is still unavailable after 7 business days, you are required to reach out to FedEx.

How To Get Signature Proof of Delivery With Full Information FedEx

To get the signature proof of delivery with full information, you need to provide the 9-digit FedEx account number, this will grant you access to a Signature Proof of Delivery containing full information of the shipment.

The information contained includes recipient’s and shipper’s full name, street address, city, state/province, ZIP code, country, and company name.

How To Contact FedEx Concerning Signature Proof Of Delivery

There following numbers; 1.800.Go.FedEx 1.800.463.3339 are dedicated call numbers for customers to reach out to FedEx on issues regarding FedEx Ground and FedEx Express Signature Proof of Delivery.

Customers requiring more information on FedEx Signature Proof of Delivery can also call FedEx support through the number; 1.800.Go.FedEx 1.800.463.3339.