Does McDonald's Take American Express

Does McDonald’s Take American Express 2022? (Detailed Answers)

Does McDonald’s Take American Express? – Lots of McDonald’s customers own American Express cards, almost all of them would love the idea of buying food and drinks at McDonald’s with their Amex cards.
Pretty sure you landed on this article after searching for answers to the question Does McDonald’s Take American Express? Well, the answer is ‘Yes’, continue reading this article to learn more about this.

McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast food brands especially in the United States, the company has been in service for over 25 years.

Notably, it is one of the first fast food brands to start accepting credit cards as far back as 2004. Ever since then, McDonald’s has become a dependable option for customers that prefer using credit cards for purchases.

On this article, we’ll discuss how to use American Express cards, point, and gift cards at McDonald’s. We’ll also show the different payment methods accepted at McDonald’s. Lastly, you’ll learn how to use PayPal at McDonald’s.

Does McDonald’s Take American Express?

Yes, McDonald’s accepts American Express cards, the popular fast food brand accepts majority of mainstream credit cards.
Just like other credit cards, you can easily use your American Express card as a form of payment in any McDonald’s fast-food location across the United States.
Using the American Express card to buy stuffs at McDonald’s gives you more convenience and safety than actually going around with cash. From our research, we discover that lots of folks prefer shopping with their American Express cards than with their credit cards, this helps avoid overspending, or buying more than they would have, continue reading this article as we’ll talk more on this.

Does McDonald’s Drive Thru Accept American Express?

Does McDonald's Drive Thru Accept American Express

Yes, American Express card holders can use their cards to pay for items at the driver thru. The cash register is always available and all you have to do is give your Amex card to the McDonald’s staff.
McDonald’s treats American Express cards just like the conventional bank credit cards and it shouldn’t take long for transaction to go through.
So, if you are planning on stopping by for some snacks and drinks, you can hand your American Express card to the McDonald’s staff inside the window to run the transaction. You have the option of paying either chip and pin, or even contactless.

Does McDonald’s In-Store Accept American Express?

McDonald’s customers are allowed to pay for food and drinks with their American Express cards, this is acceptable in every McDonald’s fast-food locations. The multiple card readers are always available at the service counter ready to run any American Express card.
As long as there isn’t any issue with your card and you have funds in there, it’s easy to use it and pay for purchases at McDonald’s.
Like we said earlier, McDonald’s treats American Express cards just like the normal credit cards, the company wants to ensure that customers have various payment options to use in paying for items.

Can I Use American Express Gift Cards At McDonald’s?

Yes, you can use your American Express gift card to pay for items at any McDonald’s location. The American Express gift cards can be processed just as a debit or credit at McDonald’s.
It’s a common knowledge that American Express gift cards are accepted wherever American Express cards are accepted, there are just a few limitations to this though.

Disadvantage Of Using American Express Gift Cards At McDonald’s

The only disadvantage of using an American Express gift card at McDonald’s is that you cant dispute the charge with American Express.
This means that if anything goes wrong, American Express can’t help you recover the charge, you’ll only be able to dispute the charge through McDonald’s, being the merchant.
Apart from McDonald’s, American Express gift cards can be used at wherever American Express cards are accepted, including coffee shops, gas stations, retailers, and several restaurants, etc. The gift cards can also be used for purchases both online and in-person.
Lastly, you can’t use the American Express gift cards outside the United States and to withdraw cash at ATM machine points.

Does McDonald's Take American Express

Does McDonald’s App Accept American Express?

Yes, American Express card holders can easily pay for purchases on McDonald’s app with their cards. It’s the same thing just like walking into any McDonald’s location to get snacks or drinks.
With your American Express card, you can easily order stuff on McDonald’s app. Just download the McDonald’s app from the Play Store or Apple Store, install it and add American Express card as your payment method. Also Read: Can You Use Google Pay On Amazon?

How To Add American Express Card On McDonald’s App

Adding the American Express card as a payment method on McDonald’s app is just the same way as adding your credit card. Once you’ve added your American Express card as a payment method, it will be used for future payments. Follow the steps below to add your American Express card on McDonald’s app.

  • Launch the McDonald’s app.
  • Navigate to the bottom-right part of the screen and tap the ‘More’ button.
  • Look up the top option and click ‘Profile’.
  • Tap ‘Payment Methods’.
  • Click ‘Add’ and insert details of your American Express card’.
  • Click ‘Save’ to store your card details.

Payment Methods Accepted At McDonald’s

McDonald’s accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. These payment methods are accepted at McDonald’s both online, in-store, and drive thru.
The payment card you are registering as a payment method at McDonald’s must be issued by a bank in the United States.
In order to use your Google Pay account as a payment method, you must have registered a card to the Google Pay app on your android phone.
This same rule is applicable to Apple Pay, a card must be registered to your Apple Wallet before you can use Apple Pay as a payment method on McDonald’s app. More on McDonald’s acceptable payment methods.

Ways You Can Pay For Purchases At McDonald’s

Does McDonald's Take American Express

There are various ways to pay for purchases at McDonald’s, each of the payment methods listed above can be used at different scenarios.

  • You can pay for food and beverages at McDonald’s with cash, this is the conventional way of buying stuff at McDonald’s.
  • Debit cards, American Express, and Discover can be used for in-store, drive-thru, and app purchases.
  • Google Pay and Apple Pay can be used for app, in-store, and drive-thru purchases.

Does McDonald’s Accept American Express Points?

Yes, you can purchase food and drinks at any McDonald’s location in the United States using your American Express points.

Only American Express members who are enrolled in the Membership Rewards Points Program are allowed to use their points to make purchases at places like McDonald’s.

According to American Express, each time a member redeems points, $1 is donated to Ronald McDonald House Charities.

The American Express points can be used seamlessly for food and beverages at all McDonald’s restaurants located in the United States.

Customers don’t need any registration or code before they can redeem their American Express points at McDonald’s.

How To Use American Express Points At McDonald’s

To use your American Express points for purchase at McDonald’s, you need to ensure it is one of the participating McDonald’s restaurants. Follow the steps below to use American Express points at McDonald’s.

  • After shopping, head to the counter and make payment with an eligible American Express card.
  • Select the option to use points on the payment screen, you’ll see the total points needed for the order.
  • Press the green button ‘Yes’ to pay for the purchase with your American Express points.
    An on-screen confirmation will be displayed showing you the total points that have been used for the purchase.

Is It Better To Use American Express Card Than Bank Credit Card At McDonald’s?

Using your American Express card instead of your credit card could be rewarding. Apart from building up your points, it could help you avoid overspending. Surely, there is always a tendency of spending more when there are huge funds in the credit card, but if you have some bucks in your American Express card, you’ll definitely want to limit your purchase to the amount you have in there.
Also, you have extra protection against fraud if you use your American Express card instead of your credit card.

Does McDonald’s Accept PayPal?

McDonald’s doesn’t accept direct payment from PayPal, you can only use PayPal to make payment at McDonald’s through Google Pay.
What this means is that you need to add your PayPal account to Google Pay first, after which you can now use Google Pay to pay for purchases.

How To Use PayPal At McDonald’s

To use PayPal for purchases at McDonald’s , you need to set up PayPal on your Google Pay, after which you can use it to pay for purchases at McDonald’s. To set up PayPal on your Google Pay, simply follow the steps below.

  • Launch the Google Pay app.
  • Press the card button located at the top of the screen.
  • Press ‘Add a payment method’, swipe left to find the option if you can’t see it.
  • Press ‘PayPal’.
  • Insert your PayPal login details and follow on-screen instructions to successfully link your PayPal to Google Pay.
  • Once you are done, open the McDonald’s app and start shopping.
  • Select ‘Google Pay’ as your payment method and continue to process the payment.

So, Does McDonald’s Take American Express 2022?

Yes, you can always shop for food and beverages at McDonald’s in-store or drive-thru using your American Express card. You can also pay for items at McDonald’s with your American Express gift cards, and American Express points.
This takes away the risk of flaunting your bank credit cards and also potentially prevents overspending.

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