Does Walmart Change Lawn Mower Tires

Does Walmart Change Lawn Mower Tires? Read Best Guide

Many folks have been asking this question “Does Walmart Change Lawn Mower Tires?” Quite frankly, a large chunk of Walmart customers who bought their Lawn Mower or other vehicle tires at Walmart would want them to be fixed there as well.

Walmart has been a great source for quality vehicle tires at pocket-friendly prices, they have lots of brand tires for several types of vehicles. Lately, people are not just concerned on buying tires at Walmart, they want them fixed by professionals at Walmart.

So, does Walmart change Lawn Mower tires? We’ve made a thorough research on this questions, continue reading to get the most accurate answer.

Does Walmart Sell Lawn Mower Tires?

Yes, there are several brands of Lawn Mower tires that are available for purchase at Walmart, the top retail store sells top brands Lawn Mower tires like Greenball, Antego, Carlisle, OTR, Hi-Run, Deestone, etc.

Apart from offering customers with varieties of tires from different brands, Walmart also offers these tires at more affordable prices than several other retailers.

Walmart do also offer installation services for Lawn Mower tires. However, not all Lawn Mower tires have installation service at Walmart, you should check to see if Walmart can install the particular Lawn Mower tire you want to buy. Also read Does Walmart Vision Center Accept CareSource?

Does Walmart Change Lawn Mower Tires?

Yes, Walmart has Auto Centers in several locations that handle changing of Lawn Mower tires, a look at the Walmart website shows that majority of the Lawn Mower tires that are sold can be changed Walmart Auto Center.

Customers are able to book for tire replacement by visiting any of the Walmart Auto Centers or by book on the Walmart website.

While purchasing a Lawn Mower a Walmart, you can enquire if there is an installation service for that particular tire at Walmart, this is also available at the Walmart website. Continue reading this post to know how to search for Lawn Mower tires that can be changed at Walmart.

How To Know Tires That Can Be Changed At Walmart

There are basically two ways you can know tires that have installation service at Walmart Auto Centers, physical enquiry and through the Walmart website.

  • Physical Enquiry: This is quite simple, walk into any Walmart Auto Center and ask if a particular tire can be changed, this is the easiest and surest way of knowing if the tire you want to buy can be changed at Walmart.
  • Walmart website: The Walmart tire search feature allows customers to filter the search to show only tires that are available for installation services. Once you are at the Walmart Auto Services page, simply click the “Buy Tire and Book Installation, click the “Tires by Vehicle” option, select your vehicle type to display the tires for that vehicle.
    Click on the “Sort and filter” option and click “Tire Installation”, tick the “Available for installation” option and click on the “View Results” button. This will only display tires that can be changed at Walmart Auto Centers.

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Does Walmart Change Lawn Mower Tires

How To Make An Appointment At Walmart Auto Center

You can make an appointment at Walmart Auto Centers by physically walking to any Walmart Auto Center, booking through the Walmart website, or calling the nearest Walmart Auto Center.

While it is recommended that you visit the nearest Walmart Center to make an appointment, you might find it more convenience to book an appointment using the Walmart app or website.

Below are the three ways you can make an appointment at Walmart Auto Center.

  • Visit any nearby Walmart Auto Center: This is the good-all-way of booking an appointment at Walmart Auto Center, simply use the Walmart Auto Center finder tool to locate the nearest Walmart Auto Center close to you. Once you’ve done that, you can simply walk in and ask.
  • Call the nearest Walmart Auto Center: Once you have located the nearest Walmart Auto Center using the finder tool, you can click on the “store detail” option to view the store’s phone number, you can now call them to ask.
  • Use the Walmart App: Launch the Walmart app, search for the product you want buy and ensure it has the “installation service” option. Under the “Delivery and pickup options” click the “Pickup” button and select “schedule tire installation”. Select the date and time, tap on the “Continue” button to confirm and make payment.

Does Walmart Still Change Tires?

Yes, Walmart handle car tire replacements at their Auto Centers, customers have the option of purchasing their tires and having them changed by Walmart experts at the nearest Walmart Auto Center.

Not all tires can be changed at Walmart, a customer can find out if the tire they want to buy can be changed before purchasing it. With the Walmart Auto Center finder tool, a customer can easily locate a nearby Walmart Auto Center and make enquiry regarding the changing of their vehicle tires. Also read: Can You Buy Gingerbread Houses With EBT At Walmart?

Walmart Appointment Scheduling

The Walmart Appointment Scheduling feature allows customers to schedule appointments for various Walmart Auto Center services either through the Walmart App, calling the nearest Walmart Auto Center, or walk-in to any Walmart Auto Center.

We have explained how to use any of the above mentioned approaches to schedule an appointment at Walmart. Among the three options, using the Walmart app seems to be the easiest.

The Walmart Appointment Scheduling feature appears when a customer makes a purchase of an eligible product, it will appear under the “pickup’ page. Be sure to look out for the “Schedule Installation” option while making a purchase. Also read: Does Walmart Sell BuzzBallz?

How Much Does It Cost For Walmart To Put On A Tire?

For tires purchased at Walmart, customers are charged $11 per tire, this translates to $44 for four tires, the price may increase depending on the vehicle type and location. Also, Walmart charge customers the sum of $14 each tire for lifetime balance and rotation.


Does Walmart Change Lawn Mower Tires? Yes, customers can purchase several Lawn Mower tires and have them changed by Walmart experts at various Walmart Auto Centers across the United States. Since the installation service is not applicable to all tires sold at Walmart, it is advisable that a customer finds out first before making a purchase.