Does Walmart Install Car Radios

Does Walmart Install Car Radios? Read Complete Details & Guide

Buying a new car radio at Walmart is easy and affordable but does Walmart install car radios? Guess this is the question that landed you on this post.

Being one of the top retailers in the United States, Walmart has different brands of car radios with warranty. Considering the affordability of the prices of products sold at Walmart, you don’t need anyone to tell you to get over there or visit their website to buy your new car radio.

For good reasons, many people prefer getting their car radios installed right at where they bought it from, this makes it easy to have it changed immediately if something goes wrong.

That being said, does Walmart install car radios? This question is a bit tricky because Walmart doesn’t literally install car radio, but there is an installation service for car radios offered at Walmart.

The big question is; who installs car radios for customers at Walmart? Continue reading this post to learn how car radio installation services are done at Walmart and how much it costs to have your car stereo installed at Walmart.

Does Walmart Install Car Radios?

Technically, Walmart doesn’t install car radios, this service is exclusively handed by InstallerNet on Walmart’s behalf. When a customer purchases a car radio at Walmart, the option to have it installed at Walmart it available for some brands, once a customer includes the installation service to their cart, InstallerNet will take it from there.

InstallerNet is a reputable services and technology company with qualified technicians handling installations on automobiles, residential and business buildings, etc.

They are one of the most trusted providers of excellent installation services with technicians that are fully trained and certified.

Who Handles Car Radio Installations At Walmart?

Car radio installations are exclusively handled by InstallerNet for Walmart, the company does the installation of car radios for customers who paid for installation services at Walmart.

Walmart on their own don’t have technicians that can install car stereos for customers, that part is service by InstallerNet.

Can I Get Walmart Car Radio Installation Service In-Store?

No, Walmart doesn’t have the car radio installation service available in-store, the option to pay for the installation service is only available while buying the car radio on Walmart’s website, you can’t get it in-store.

While shopping for car stereo on the Walmart website, you can easily see car radios that are eligible for installation service at Walmart, you can then add the installation service to your shopping cart and proceed to pay for both the car radio and the installation service.

How Much Does Walmart Charge To Install Car Stereos?

How much Walmart charges a customer for car stereo installation depends on the components that are installed and the type of installation.

See a breakdown of how much does Walmart charge to install car stereos;

  • To install Car Subwoofer costs $44.99
  • To install Standard Car Speaker costs $64.99
  • To install Car Component Speaker costs $102.78
  • To install Car Amplifier 4 channel costs $119.99
  • To install Car Amplifier mono or 2 channels costs $97.37

Can Walmart Install Car Radio I Bought From Another Retailer?

No, the car radio installation service offered by Walmart is only available for car stereo purchased from them. The company don’t offer the installation service for car radios that are purchased from any other retailer.

Essentially, this mean that you can outrightly purchase only the car radio installation service when you haven’t purchased a car radio at Walmart. Also read What Is A Walmart Meet And Greet?

Does Walmart Install Car Radios

Walmart Car Stereo Installation Service

The Walmart car stereo installation service is offered by the company for customers who purchased their car radios from Walmart and would want to have it installed by them.

Since Walmart doesn’t have qualified technicians to handle car radio installations, they handed over this responsibility to a popular car radio installation company called InstallerNet.

How Does Walmart Car Stereo Installation Service Work?

Once you are about to purchase a car radio that is eligible for installation at the Walmart website, you’ll see the option to add the installation service. After adding the installation service and making payment, you will receive an email with instruction on how to schedule an appointment with InstallerNet.

Typically, you have the option to choose the day, time, and Walmart location that you want to take your car for the installation. With over 5,000 Walmart locations across the United States, you’ll easily pick a location that is quite close to you.

Once you have been able to schedule the appointment, you will be able to directly communicate with the technician should you want to make some adjustments.

How Long Does Car Radio Installation Take At Walmart?

Typically, a car radio installation at Walmart takes between 2 – 4 hours, this largely depends on the type of installation. Sometimes, you may need to take your car back to the location the next day for the installation to be completed, this is rare.

You will get to sign a Walmart installation form, this is to certify that your car radio has been successfully installed. This installation form includes your order number as well as the serial number of your newly installed car radio. Also read Does Walmart Sell Amazon Gift Cards 2023?

I Can’t Find Car Radio Installation Service At Walmart

If you are not seeing the installation service add-on while trying to purchase a car stereo at Walmart the website, it means the radio you have selected is not eligible for the Walmart car stereo installation service.

The installation service is not available for every car radio that is sold at Walmart. If you want to get your car radio installed by Walmart, you need to purchase a car radio that is eligible for the installation service.

How To Get Walmart Car Stereo Installation Service

To get the Walmart Car stereo installation service, you need to purchase it the same way you are purchasing the car stereo, follow the steps below.

  • Visit the Walmart website and make sure you have logged into your account.
  • Shop for an installation-eligible car radio at Walmart.
  • Add the car stereo to cart.
  • Locate the installation service among the add-ons and select it.
  • Proceed to checkout and make payment.
  • Check your email for a mail from Walmart regarding how to schedule appointment for your car stereo installation.
  • Click the link and follow the prompt to choose your own date, time and Walmart location you would take your car to for the installation.
  • You can now communicate directly with the technician and make proper arrangement.
  • It is recommended that you go early on the fixed day so your car radio installation can be completed on time without having to bring it back the next day to complete the installation.

What Brands Of Car Radio Are Sold At Walmart

There are a total of 20 brands of car stereos that are available at Walmart, below are the different brands of car radios at Walmart.

  1. Dual Electronics
  2. Pioneer
  3. Boss Audio Systems
  4. Sony
  5. Podofo
  6. JVC
  7. Power Acoustik
  8. Kenwood
  9. Polarlander
  10. Warmfunn
  11. Blaupunkt
  12. Scosche
  13. Sound Storm Laboratories
  14. Dual
  15. Bonrich
  16. EinCar
  17. Ranipobo
  18. Metra
  19. Roinvou
  20. The Power Wear