Does Zaxby's Take Apple Pay

Does Zaxby’s Take Apple Pay? (Complete Answer)

Does Zaxby’s Take Apple Pay? – There has been lot of questions recently regarding stores that accept Apple Pay in the United States. There is no doubt that this question is as a result of the increasing adoption of the Apple owned mobile payment platform by millions of buyers across the nation.

Apple Pay is one of the most secured, safe, and fast mobile payment platforms globally, the app comes with huge advantages, there is scarcely an Apple user without an Apple Pay app, the contactless payment app is quite dependable.

Popular restaurants and stores in America have adopted contactless payments, this has given their customers more payment options, popular restaurants like Cookout take Apple Pay.

However, there are still some restaurants and stores that are yet to adopt Apple Pay as a payment method, the common reason being that Apple Pay charges more transaction fees.

So, the question is Does Zaxby’s take Apple Pay? Grab a drink and continue reading this article to get the most accurate answer.

Does Zaxby’s Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Zaxby’s take Apple Pay as a payment method, but it is mostly online on their app. This is according to a reply Zaxby’s gave a potential customer on Twitter.
Most of their stores don’t accept Apple Pay, you can mostly use Apple Pay to pay for your meals if you order ahead through the Zaxby’s app.

Secondly, you can use Apple Pay to purchase food in some of their restaurants by scanning the Zaxby’s app at the counter.

Although, not all Zaxby’s restaurants accept Apple Pay, there are several other payment options available for customers.

What Is Zaxby’s?

Zaxby’s is a a chain of fast casual restaurant in the United States which offers sandwiches, salads, chicken fingers and wings.
Zaxby’s mainly operates in the Southern United States with no fewer than 900 locations. Zaxby’s is one of the most prominent fast fast casual restaurants currently offering services in the Southern U.S.

Zaxby’s had entered into partnership with several notable delivery services like DoorDash, the essence of this partnership is to ensure quick delivery of orders. A list of Zaxby’s partners here.

However, customers can place their Zaxby’s orders through any of these partners’ app, you can pay through your Apple Pay account, Google Pay account, any other payment method available on their partners’ apps.

Does Zaxby's Take Apple Pay

How To Pay With Apple Pay On Zaxby’s App

With the Zaxby’s app installed on your Apple device and your Apple Pay app properly configured, you can easily make payments for orders on the Zaxby’s app using your Apple Pay.
Follow the steps below to learn how to pay with Apple Pay on Zaxby’s app.

  • Launch the Zaxby’s app on your phone and start shopping.
  • Add to cart and proceed to checkout.
  • Tap the payment option and select ‘Apple Pay’.
  • Scroll down and press the ‘Check out with Apple Pay’ button.
  • Follow prompt to confirm and authorize the payment.

How To Identify Which Zaxby’s Restaurant Accepts Apple Pay

Download and install the Apple Maps app on your Apple device. Once the app has been successfully installed, launch the app and search for Zaxby’s close to you or the one you want to visit.
After you’ve pulled up the location, navigate to where you have ‘Useful to know’, located below the store’s details (phone number and website). If the Zaxby’s store accepts Apple Pay, you’ll see the Apple Pay logo, you may see ‘Accepts Apple Pay’.
Alternatively, you can always walk into any Zaxby’s restaurant and ask if they accept Apple Pay at the counter, this is the easiest way to identify which Zaxby’s restaurant accepts Apple Pay.

Does Zaxby’s Take Google Pay?

No, Zaxby’s doesn’t support Google Pay both in-stores and online. The popular restaurant has not fully adopted mobile contactless payments, this is why you can’t use your Google Pay account to make payment for orders.

Zaxby’s allows customers to make payments for orders through other common payment methods including gift cards.

Want to know why Zaxby’s doesn’t accept Google Pay as a payment method in their stores? Read the next paragraph.

Why Is Google Pay Not Accepted At Zaxby’s?

The major reason Google Pay and other mobile payment methods are not accepted at Zaxby’s is because there are no POS systems or NFC terminals at any Zaxby’s restaurant, at least this is the information we got from a customer.

If you insist on using your Google Pay account to order from Zaxby’s, then you’ll have to place the order through any of their partners’ apps. We have mentioned this before as another way of using paying for Zaxby’s orders via Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Does Zaxby’s Take Samsung Pay?

Unfortunately, Zaxby’s doesn’t currently accept Samsung Pay as a payment method, customers with Samsung Pay apps can’t make payment at Zaxby’s both in-stores and online.

However, you might find any Zaxby’s partner that accepts Samsung Pay, you can then order from Zaxby’s through the partner’s app and pay with Samsung Pay.

Samsung Pay is one of the trusted contactless mobile payment methods that is gradually gaining traction. Although, the rate of usage is not as much as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay is still a trusted mobile payment alternative.

Zaxby’s Payment Options

Zaxby’s has several other payment methods available for customers both in-stores and online. It is just necessary that you are aware of these payment methods before taking a walk into any Zaxby’s restaurant to order for food.

Online: Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, American Express, and Discover. You can also place order online with the available balance on your e-gift cards.
In-stores: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and Cash. Zaxby’s also allows customers to order for food using gift cards and e-gift cards.

What Payment Methods Are Not Accepted At Zaxby’s?

There are several payment methods that are not accepted at Zaxby’s, any customer that insists on using any of these payment methods will only have to order through a Zaxby’s partner’s app.
Zaxby’s doesn’t accept payments from Google Pay, Samsung Pay, PayPal, Prepaid Credit or Debit Card, and WIC.

What Is The Best Method To Pay At Zaxby’s?

Since Zaxby’s has not fully accepted mobile payment apps, the best way to pay for orders is by using your credit or debit card, this is still a cashless payment option and you can make payment within seconds.

All you have to do is to pull your card for the cashier to run and your payment will go through as long as there are funds to finance your order.

So, Does Zaxby’s Take Apple Pay? The answer is ‘Yes, Zaxby’s accepts Apple Pay as a payment method but it is mostly online (website and app). You can also use Apple Pay to order from Zaxby’s through any of their partners’ apps.