How Do I Fix Insufficient Address USPS

How Do I Fix Insufficient Address USPS? Read Best Guide

This article provides a complete answer to the question “how do i fix insufficient address USPS?” Having your package delayed or returned due to “insufficient address” issue can be so frustrating, this is especially if you are the intended recipient.

The United States Postal Service (USPS), has one of the most flexible delivery process, packages are rarely returned to senders or delayed except something serious happens.

When a package has an insufficient address problem, it becomes impossible for the USPS to actually send the package for final delivery. This explains why majority of those packages do get returned to the sender.

If you are asking the question “how do I fix insufficient address USPS?” It is obvious that your expected package hasn’t arrived and you need to do something else it will be returned to the sender.

On this article, we will explain what “insufficient address” means at USPS, and what happens when USPS says insufficient address. Also read our useful articles for USPS customers and employees here.

USPS Insufficient Address Meaning

An “insufficient address” notice on a package tracking indicates that something is missing in the address that was provided by the sender. If there is an omission in the intended delivery address, the USPS system may not be able to read the address and have it routed for delivery.

When a package’s delivery is delayed or cancelled due to insufficient address, it is likely that either the house number, unit number, apartment number, street name, zip code, or PO Box number is incorrect.

Once there is an error in the address, USPS will be unable to deliver the package, the tracking status will be updated as “insufficient address”. This is an entirely different scenario to USPS delivering to the wrong address.

What Causes Insufficient Address USPS?

There are a few reasons why your package is undelivered and tagged “insufficient address”. Below are the few causes of insufficient address.

  • You omitted a number in either your house, apartment, unit, or PO Box number in the address you sent to your sender.
  • You omitted a word in your street name while sending it to your sender.
  • Your sender omitted something in the address sent to USPS.
  • Your parcel label was either damaged or smudged.

Any of the four things above could be the reason your package is not delivered and scanned as “insufficient address”. Find what how much it costs to ship a PS5 with USPS.

How Do I Fix Insufficient Address USPS?

Literally, an intended receiver can do little or nothing to fix insufficient address in USPS. Since you are not the one the sent it, you can’t really do much. Your sender has a contractual agreement with USPS and it is the sender’s job to get it fixed.
However, there is something you can do to help solve the problem if you are fast enough.

  • Visit your local post office to check if they still have it or the package has been returned.
  • Reach out to your sender and inform them of the problem.
  • Send your correct address to your sender.
  • Get your sender to reach contact USPS immediately and update the address. Your sender can call USPS via 1-800-275-8777 and get the address updated.
  • If the address was correct, ask your shipper to resend the package through another courier service.

Packages not delivered due to insufficient address usually stay at the post office for at least 24 hours, you might be lucky to get there before it starts its journey back to the sender.

What Happens When USPS Says Insufficient Address?

Unlike other reasons for delay in package delivery, “insufficient address” means that the package won’t be delivered and will be likely returned to the sender. Below is what happens when USPS says insufficient address.

  • The package will get to the post office for address verification.
  • The package may remain at the post office for up to 24 hours.
  • If the address is not verified, the package will be returned to the sender.

These are the three things that normally happens when a package is scanned as insufficient address. If you have just gotten the notice, you might still be able to get your package by rushing to the post office.

USPS Insufficient Address But Address Is Correct

If your address is correct and you are sure that your sender sent the correct address but USPS says “insufficient address”, the best option is to tell your shipper to resend the package using another courier service.

Since your address is correct and your sender had sent the correct address, yet USPS are saying “insufficient address”, it means either their system is unable to read your address or the package label was damaged or smudged.

If it is established that the package label was damaged, your sender can get USPS to resend it.

However, if that wasn’t the case, resending the package with the same address via USPS will likely result in the same situation, you should consider using another shipping service like DHL, FedEx, or UPS. Also read: You Have Reached The USPS 90 Day Security Timeout – Read Solution

USPS Insufficient Address Redelivery

Since your package was scanned as “insufficient address”, you can get your sender to arrange with USPS and have it resent with the correct address.
Your sender doesn’t have to wait until they receive the package and resend it, they can get USPS to make amendment to the address and send it again.

Your sender is a major player in having the package resent, this is why you need to inform them immediately you get the “insufficient address” notification on your package tracking. Also read: USPS Expects Item For Mailing SSK – Best Guide

USPS Insufficient Address Return To Sender

When USPS is unable to deliver your package due to insufficient address, the package will be sent to the local post office and subsequently returned to the sender.

If you got the notice and you don’t want it returned to the sender, you need to get to the post office the same day you got the notice to stand a chance of getting the package. Also read: Liteblue USPS Virtual Timecard – Full Info & How To Use

Your Item Was Returned To The Post Office For Address Verification

A package is returned to the post office for address verification after being scanned as “insufficient address”. If you can get to the post office that same day it was returned, you can possibly get the package.

Typically, your package will be returned to the post office for address verification if USPS is unable to read the address. The package will remain there for a few hours before being sent back to the sender if USPS is still unable to read the address. Also read: What Is Processing Exception USPS? Read Best Answer

How Do I Fix Insufficient Address USPS

USPS Insufficient Address Refund

If your package was not delivered and it was returned to the sender by USPS due to insufficient address, you can request for a refund from your sender if you ordered the items from them, this is entirely not connected with USPS.

As for USPS postage and fees, USPS will only refund if it was their fault or the sender used the Priority Mail Express service, this is the only USPS service that refunds are being made.

If Priority Mail Express service was used, your sender can request for a refund using the Request A Refund page.