How Do I Get My 1099 From Instacart

How Do I Get My 1099 From Instacart? Read Full Guide

This article gives you a full answer to the question “how do i get my 1099 from Instacart? If you have earned a minimum of $600 on Instacart, you are required to accurately and consistently pay your tax in the United States.

As a full-service shopper or a delivery driver, it is your duty to personally file and pay your tax, this is because Instacart treats you as an independent contractor.

Instacart ensures that independent contractors get their 1099-NEC by end of January each year. This helps them to pay their taxes timely, we are going to explain more on this as you keep reading.

So, if you were asking “how do I get my 1099 from Instacart?” This article is just what you need to read, we’ll deeply explain how you can get your 1099 from Instacart.

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What Is 1099-NEC Instacart?

Instacart works with Stripe to file tax forms for their full-service shoppers and delivery drivers that have made at least $600 either from deliveries, shopping services, or tips from customers. The 1099-NEC form is a summary of an independent contractor’s taxable earnings in the United States.

Since every Instacart full-service shopper or delivery driver is considered an independent contractor, it therefore means that you need to get the 1099-NEC form once you earn $600 or more.

If your earning has passed $600 and you are either a full-service shopper or driver at Instacart, your 1099 should be sent to you by January 31. Continue reading this article to learn how to get 1099 from Instacart.

How Do I Get My 1099 From Instacart?

There are two ways you can get your 1099 from Instacart; by e-delivery, or by snail mail. However, it is recommended that you set up the e-delivery option which allows you to download your 1099 from Stripe Express directly.

That being said, you can still opt for the good-old snail mail option, your 1099-NEC form will be mailed to your address on January 31 if you choose this delivery method.

To get your 1099 from Instacart, follow the steps below.

  • Check your email for a mail from Instacart with the title “Get faster access to your 2022 tax forms”.
  • Click on the link in the mail and follow the prompt to set up the e-delivery option.
  • Ensure you agree to the “Agree to e-delivery” option. Or,
  • Contact Instacart Shopper Support to arrange for snail mail delivery.

How To Request For 1099 From Instacart

An independent contractor can request for 1099 from Instacart if it hasn’t been sent to them after end of January, simply send a 1099 tax form request to Instacart via

Who Gets A 1099 From Instacart?

Instacart sends the 1099-NEC forms to workers they categorise as independent contractors, these are full-service shoppers, and delivery drivers.

These two set of workers use the Instacart platform to offer their services to Instacart customers independently, they are not employed as Instacart workers. These means they are responsible for the filing of their taxes. Also read: What Does 2 Full Services Orders Mean On Instacart?

Who Doesn’t Get A 1099 From Instacart?

Instacart workers including in-store shoppers do not bother about filing their taxes, this is because the company withhold their taxes and they will receive W2 tax forms from Instacart when it’s tax time.

In summary, in-store shoppers and Instacart workers don’t receive 1099-NEC forms, they don’t file their taxes.

Why Haven’t I Received My 1099 From Instacart?

Every Instacart full-service shopper and delivery driver is expected to receive their 1099-NEC forms on January 31. However, if you haven’t received the form, it is possible that there is an issue with your details or you haven’t set up your e-delivery option.
If it has passed January 31, and you haven’t received your 1099 from Instacart, read the possible causes below.

  • You are yet to set up your e-delivery option.
  • You may have provided a wrong email address.
  • The email from Instacart may be in your spam or junk mail folder, check for it there.
  • You may not have used your current email address while registering on Instacart.
  • Your email on file is unable to receive mail.
  • Your registered email may be incorrect.
  • You haven’t earned up to $600 on Instacart.

I Have Not Received An Email From Instacart For 1099

If you haven’t received the 1099 tax form from Instacart, you can contact them to request for the form. Simply send a mail to them via Instacart at

If you have earned a minimum of $600 and you have not been sent a mail to set up e-delivery from Instacart, your 1099 tax form will be mailed to your address after January 31.

Understand that paper 1099 tax forms may take up to extra 10 business days to get delivered to your address.

How Do I Get My 1099 From Instacart

How Will I Know When My 1099 Tax Form Is Available?

You should always check your email box for mails from Instacart if you had set up the e-delivery option, Instacart will always send you an email once your 1099 tax form is available.

Note that you will be required to provide the last four digits of of the SSN which is on the tax form before you can download your filed 1099-NEC form.

However, if you didn’t set-up the e-delivery option and didn’t create a Stripe Express account, you should expect the paper 1099 tax form to be sent to your address, this may take extra 10 business days. Also read complete answer to What Is A Good Seconds Per Item Instacart?

Where Can I Track My Instacart Earnings And Access My Tax Forms?

Every full-service shopper and delivery driver is able to track their Instacart earnings and access their tax forms on the Stripe Express platform.

This platform allows independent contractors at Instacart to securely check their tax forms and see how much they’ve earned on Instacart.

When Will I Receive My 1099 From Instacart?

If you have earned up to $600 or more from Instacart in the current year, you will receive your 1099 tax from from Instacart on January 31.

However, you need to first register and set-up e-delivery on Stripe Express, this will enable you to download your 1099 tax form once it is ready.

Like we’ve said before, your 1099 tax form will still be sent to you even if you haven’t set-up the e-delivery option, the paper form of your 1099 will be sent to your address and this may take additional 10 business days. Read answer to Can I Do Self Checkout With Instacart?

How To Get My 1099 From Instacart 2023

If you have earned at least $600 from Instacart, you should ensure you’ve done the following so you can get your 1099 tax form.

  • Check your email for a mail from Instacart titled “Get faster access to your 2022 tax forms”, click on the link.
  • Create a Stripe Express account and set-up e-delivery.
  • Ensure your Instacart registered email is functional and can accept emails.
  • Make sure that the residential address you provided is correct.
  • Contact Instacart Shopper Support if you haven’t received the email from Instacart.