How Long Does USPS Awaiting Item Take

How Long Does USPS Awaiting Item Take? Read Best Answer

Anytime you see the “awaiting item” notice on your USPS package tracking page, it means that the package is yet to be registered into the USPS delivery network, but how long does USPS awaiting item take?

There is no straight up general answer to this question, this is because the issue can be caused by several things. The USPS tracking system is designed in a way that customers can track the delivery progress of their package once the shipping label has been created.

Once a shipping label has been created, a tracking number will be sent to the intended receiver, but the USPS will put up the “awaiting item” notice until the package is received in any Postal Office and scanned into the USPS network.

So, how long does USPS awaiting item take? Well, this depends on who is currently with the package and who is sending it to the USPS, continue reading this post to learn everything about the “awaiting item” notice you are seeing on your package’s tracking status.

Why Does It Says USPS Awaiting Item?

When you see the status “USPS Awaiting Item,” it means that the USPS is basically waiting for the package to be handed over to them or the package has been received at the post office but is yet to be scanned into the USPS delivery system.

Several courier and retail companies like FedEx, DHL, eBay, and Amazon use the USPS for their last-mile deliveries, they basically handle the first part of the package delivery journey like getting the package to the destination city and hand them over to the USPS to deliver to the customer’s address, this is because the USPS already has the logistics to make affordable and successful last-mile deliveries.

So, until they your package has been handed over to the USPS and it gets scanned into the USPS delivery system, the tracking status will remain “awaiting item”. Even if the package has been received by the USPS, the tracking status will remain “awaiting item” until it has been scanned at the post office.

Now, let’s say your package was sent by a friend, family, or a vendor you just purchased something from, if it reads “USPS awaiting item”, it essentially means that they bought the postage online but is yet to deliver the item at the post office, this means that no scanner has detected the item at the post office yet.

What Causes USPS Awaiting Item?

There could be a few reasons for the “USPS awaiting item” status you are seeing on your package’s tracking status, below are a few of them:

  • Shipping Label Created: One possibility is that the shipping label has been created, but the physical package hasn’t been dropped off or picked up by the USPS. So, it’s like they have all the information about the package, but they’re still waiting for it to show up at their doorstep.
  • Processing Delays: Another reason could be some processing delays within the USPS system. You know how sometimes things can get a bit busy or there might be some logistical issues? Well, that can cause a delay between when the label is created and when the package is actually received and processed by the USPS.
  • Pre-Shipment: There’s also the chance that the sender has only created the label but hasn’t actually shipped the package yet. It’s like they got things ready in advance, but they haven’t sent it out for delivery.

How Long Does USPS Awaiting Item Take?

Typically, USPS awaiting item issue takes anyway between 1 – 3 days to get resolved, this will change once the package has been received and scanned at the post office. However, the timing of the “USPS Awaiting Item” status can vary, and it’s hard to give an exact timeframe. It depends on a few factors, like the shipping method chosen, the distance the package needs to travel, and any potential delays within the USPS system.

Having said the above, the USPS awaiting item status shouldn’t last too long, it could be a matter of hours or a couple of days. In most cases, once the shipping label is created, the sender would drop off the package or the carrier would pick it up shortly after. Once this happens, the package would be processed into the USPS system and the tracking status would be updated accordingly.

However, it’s worth noting that occasional delays can occur, there might be high volumes of packages during busy periods, staffing issues, or logistical challenges that could cause a delay in the package being physically received by USPS. These situations are usually temporary, and the package would eventually be received and processed.

Additionally, some vendors like packaging customers’ goods and taking along with them so they can drop at the post office early in the morning, this is after they had created the shipping label. If this is the case, the “USPS awaiting item” status will change once the vendor drops off the package at the post office in the morning and it gets scanned.

How Long Does Shipping Label Created USPS Awaiting Item Take?

When it comes to the “Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item” status, the timing can vary, but it’s usually a relatively short period. Typically, it can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days for the package to be handed over to the USPS after the shipping label is created.

In normal situations, senders always drop off packages at thee post office or schedule a pickup with immediately after creating the shipping label. This step is what triggers the package’s physical journey within the USPS system.

However, understand that occasional delays can happen which might prolong the “USPS awaiting item” status. Factors like the sender’s location, shipping method chosen, or even unforeseen circumstances could impact the timeline. But generally speaking, the “Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item” status is just a temporary phase before the package enters the USPS network.

Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item For 2 Weeks

If you get the USPS awaiting item notice for 2 weeks, it is clear that something is wrong, your package might have been seized, lost, damaged, etc. Waiting for two weeks with the “Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item” status might be frustrating, this is because it is a bit longer than usual. While occasional delays can happen, two weeks does sound like quite a stretch.

If your package tracking status has been reading “USPS awaiting item” for two weeks, you should take any of the 2 recommended actions below:

  • Contact the sender: I recommend reaching out to the sender or the retailer from whom you made the purchase. They may have more information about the package’s status or be able to investigate further. They can contact the USPS and inquire about the delay or possibly initiate a trace on the package.
  • Contact the USPS: You can consider contacting USPS customer support directly. They should be able to provide you with more specific details and assist you in tracking down the package. They might require the tracking number or other relevant information, so make sure to have that handy when you reach out.

USPS Awaiting Item For 2 Days

If your package tracking status has been saying “USPS Awaiting Item” for 2 days, this might feel a bit concerning, especially when you’re eager to receive your package. But, you should not be too worried if it is just two days, while it’s generally expected for the package to be handed over to the USPS within a couple of days after the shipping label is created, occasional delays can occur.

During this time, it’s possible that the sender or the carrier is in the process of preparing the package for shipment, but it hasn’t been physically received by the USPS just yet. It could be due to factors like logistical arrangements, pickup schedules, or even unexpected delays in the transportation process.

To get a better understanding of the situation, it’s a good idea to check if the package has been shipped or if there are any updates from the sender or retailer you purchased from. They might have additional information or be able to provide an estimated timeline for when the package will be handed over to the USPS.

If you have the tracking number, you can also monitor the tracking status periodically. Sometimes, there can be a lag in updating the tracking information, and the package might already be in transit, even if the status hasn’t been updated yet.

How Long Does USPS Awaiting Item Take

USPS Awaiting Item For 5 Days

Seeing the “USPS awaiting item” notice for 5 days is certainly a reason to get worried, your best move would be to reach out to the sender to know if the item was actually sent, it is very possible that the vendor or sender has not handed over the package to the USPS.

This issue is quite common among e-commerce vendors, sometimes they sell items they don’t actually have in stock and once the customer pays, they take a few days to get the item and send to the customer, this might be the reason your package status is reading USPS awaiting item for 5 days.

However, if the package was handed to the USPS, then it is possible that the package has been lost, or there is a problem with the label preventing it from being scanned. In this case, you should get in touch with the USPS to get more information and possibly find your package.

USPS Awaiting Item For 7 Days

This has definitely gone longer than expected and you should contact the sender or retailer to actually find out if your package was sent, they should have access to more specific details about the shipment and can provide insights into the delay. They might also be able to contact USPS on your behalf to inquire about the status and any potential issues that might have occurred.

Package Says USPS Awaiting Item, What Should I Do?

If your package tracking status says “USPS awaiting item,” there are a few steps you can take to address the situation.

  • Double-check the timeframe since the label was created. If it’s been only a day or two, it’s possible that the package is still in transit or hasn’t been handed over to USPS yet. In that case, you might want to give it a bit more time.
  • Reach out to the sender or the retailer you purchased from, they should be able to accurately tell you why the package has been delayed. Also, since they are the senders and possibly have an account with the USPS, they are able to easily contact USPS and get the right response.
  • You can contact USPS customer support directly, they have the expertise to investigate the situation and provide you with the necessary information. When reaching out to them, make sure to have your tracking number handy, as it will help them locate your package within their system and assist you better.