How Long Does Walmart Keep Shoplifting Records

How Long Does Walmart Keep Shoplifting Records? Read Complete Answer

Are you wondering how long does Walmart keep shoplifting records? This post provides every information you need.

Shoplifting is one of the major challenges facing Walmart every year. According to reports, the popular United States retail store loses an estimated sum of $3 billion yearly to theft and shoplifting.

Walmart takes the issue of shoplifting seriously as it directly affects the company’s finances, it is believed that almost all Walmart stores have cases of shoplifting quite often.

On this post, we are going to extensively explain What happens if you are caught shoplifting from Walmart, how long does Walmart keep shoplifting records, how long can Walmart ban you for shoplifting, and other issues relating to shoplifting at Walmart.

What Happens If You Are Caught Shoplifting From Walmart?

If that was your first time of being caught shoplifting at Walmart and you are over 16 years, your ID, picture, and other details will likely be taken and keyed into a nationwide system known as APIS. You may be allowed to go or they may hand you over to the police, this depends on the particular Walmart store and how you conducted yourself when you got caught, it also depends slightly on what you shoplifted.

If you were allowed to go and depending on the amount of items you shoplifted, you’ll likely be contacted by Walmart’s legal representative and asked to pay restitution, failure to comply might end you in court. Most importantly, if you tried fleeing or resisting while being caught, additional charges will likely be added.

However, if that wasn’t the first time, your file in the APIS will be updated with the new occurrence and you might possibly be banned from shopping at any Walmart stores or Sam’s club. Once you are given a trespass order, you can’t shop at Walmart and their associate stores.

Secondly, you’ll likely get arrested if this wasn’t your first time and you have amassed enough incidents to achieve a felony prosecution. Whether you are convicted or not, Walmart will probably still give you a trespass order.

Once Walmart involves the police, you will very much likely be charged with shoplifting, you could then be given a warning, a fine, given some community service, or even jailed.

Walmart Shoplifting Policy

Walmart has a policy to severely prosecute every case of shoplifting to the highest possible extent, the company generally has zero tolerance for shoplifting. What you get immediately after being caught depends on the Asset Protection Agent that is processing you.

Once you are deemed a habitual offender and trespassed from every Walmart store, thee legal copy of the trespass form along with your information will be updated in the APIS, this will reflect in all Walmart stores.

Keep in mind that Walmart will always call the police once they have video evidence that you have pass the grand theft value level, it also depends on the location of the store, continue reading to learn more.

Does Walmart Keep Record Of Shoplifters?

Yes, Walmart keep record of shoplifters in their database, your ID and your picture are taken after you are caught shoplifting. This information is uploaded into the APIS and it says there.

If you are charged with shoplifted and eventually convicted by the court, the crime stays in your police record and this isn’t a good thing, there are lots of doors that will closed to you. Having a criminal record prevents you from getting majority of jobs in government agencies and also makes it difficult to get a visa for overseas travel.

How Long Does Walmart Keep Shoplifting Records
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How Long Does Walmart Keep Shoplifting Records?

Walmart keep shoplifting records indefinitely, these records don’t go away, once your information has been uploaded into the Walmart shoplifting database, it stays there indefinitely.

Walmart is a private entity and they are not required to remove such information from their database, this information will always be made available through a court order.

Keeping the information in their database helps them to keep an eye on the person if they every showed up again. Should the person show up in future and attempts to shoplift, they will gather that information and hand it over with the person to the police.

How Long Can Walmart Ban You For Shoplifting?

Walmart may ban you for 24 hours, one year, or banned for life if you are caught shoplifting. Getting banned at Walmart depends on some variables, there is no standard policy on how long a shoplifter should be banned after being caught.

If you are verbally banned by the Walmart in-store security, that would be for 24 hours, formal trespass by the cops is usually one year. However, if the case goes to the court, it is likely going to be a ban for life.

How long you get banned for shoplifting depends on what you stole and your conduct after being caught. That being said, majority of them are banned for life and this extends to every Walmart property irrespective of where they are.

Generally, when you get banned for shoplifting at Walmart, it is advisable that you stay off Walmart stores for at least one year and never attempt to steal again. Any further attempt to shoplift at Walmart will surely get you prosecuted and you’ll likely face jail time. Also read What Does WOSH Mean At Walmart?

I Got Caught Shoplifting At Walmart But They Let Me Go

That’s surely because it’s your first time and what you stole isn’t that much, your ID and picture has been probably taken and uploaded. Your information is now in all Walmart stores and they will certainly be keeping an eye on you.

Also, don’t feel alright because they let you go, it is possible that you’ll be getting a paper from Walmart’s legal representative requesting for payment and that is usually 3x what you stole.

Letter From Walmart After Shoplifting

The Letter from Walmart after shoplifting is usually a demand for the shoplifter to pay compensation for the damage caused by shoplifting. In the letter, Walmart states that they will file a civil lawsuit if the shoplifter refuses to pay the compensation within 30 days.

These is more like an automatic response from Walmart to shoplifting after getting the shoplifter’s ID. Whether you are prosecuted or not, Walmart will first send the letter requesting for compensation before they decide whether to sue the shoplifter for the money and court cost or not.

Does Walmart Keep Track Of Who Steals?

Walmart has zero tolerance to theft, whether employee or customer, the retail store keeps track of whoever steals and can ban them from entering any of their stores or get them arrested and charged for theft.

Walmart is one of the retail stores that face several cases of thefts daily, the company works has continued to put in so much efforts to reduce theft, they keep record of every theft incident and have instituted measures to punish offenders. Also read Does Walmart Sell BuzzBallz?

How To Go Back To Walmart After Shoplifting

If you were caught shoplifting at Walmart, it is best to stay off their stores for at least a year, you can go back if you were verbally banned by their in-store security for a day. However, if you were not banned but made to pay compensation, you can go back after 6 months and ensure you don’t attempt to steal again.

Once you have been caught shoplifting, you’ll be closely watched when next you ever come to shop, so it’s best you put up a good behavior when next you visit Walmart.

Can Walmart Come After You Later For Shoplifting?

Walmart mostly always go after shoplifters as a way of preventing them from stealing at their stores again. If you stole and got caught for the first time, you’ll likely receive a demand for compensation letter from Walmart days after they let you go.

Having said that, Walmart will not likely allow you to go if you previously had a shoplifting record in their database, you are likely getting arrested this time. Also read Why Did Walmart Stop Selling Lobsters?

Will Walmart Sue Me For Shoplifting?

Yes, Walmart will likely sue you for shoplifting especially if this isn’t your first time, the retail company has zero tolerance for shoplifting. In several Walmart stores, you get arrested once you are caught shoplifting whether it’s your first time or not.

Once you are arrested and handed over to the police, you’ll be charged for theft and likely be taken to court.

Can I Work At Walmart If I Got Caught Stealing?

Depends on when you were caught stealing, if you were a minor then you stand a chance of working at Walmart, but if you were caught after 18 and handed a trespass order, it is almost impossible to work at Walmart.

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