How Much Do FedEx Drivers Make

How Much Do FedEx Drivers Make? Read Best Answer

How Much Do FedEx Drivers Make? – When it comes to salaries, FedEx drivers are paid based on their departments, there is no general salary amount for drivers at FedEx.
That being said, FedEx is one of the companies in the United States that pay their drivers relatively well. There are several factors that determines how much a FedEx driver makes per hour, or in a day, this article will carefully discuss these factors.

One important thing to note when trying to find out how much do FedEx drivers make is that FedEx is no longer one company, this alone makes the question vague.

However, this article will provide you with the average pay of FedEx drivers and their different departments. If you’ve been asking how much do FedEx drivers make, take your time to read this article.

How Are FedEx Drivers Paid?

FedEx drivers are paid based on their departments, this is also determined by the size of their station, cost of living in the area, as well as type of employment.

For instance, FedEx Express drivers are on hourly pay, what determines how much they earn are station ratings, seniority, and position,

FedEx Ground drivers are either hourly employees of FedEx contractors, or they are paid by each delivery as contractors.

For FedEx Custom Critical drivers are contractors, they earn their pay as determined by the distance of delivery as well as the type of item they are carrying. FedEx Custom Critical drivers make door-to-door deliveries and they deliver dangerous or expensive items that can’t be handled by other contractors.

How Much Do FedEx Drivers Make?

On the average, a FedEx driver earns around $16 per hour, what FedEx drivers earn are quite low especially when compared with what drivers earn in other courier companies like DHL and UPS.

Depending on the department, some FedEx drivers start with $16 hourly per, with top pay of $26. FedEx Custom Critical drivers earn up to $200 depending on the type of items they deliver.

So, on the average, a FedEx driver earns around $160 per day. This is quite peculiar with FedEx Express, and FedEx Ground drivers. For FedEx Custom Critical drivers, it is a whole different payment structure. These folks are paid a whole lot more than FedEx Ground and FedEx Express drivers. Also read: Does FedEx Pay Weekly Or Bi-Weekly?

Are All FedEx Drivers Paid Hourly?

No, not all FedEx drivers earn hourly, FedEx Ground drivers don’t earn hourly, this is because they are independent contractors or working for contractors who earn based on deliveries. Like we explained before, FedEx isn’t one company anymore, there are several companies jointly working together as FedEx.

How Much Do FedEx Drivers Make

That being said, these drivers working for FedEx contractors are still paid hourly, but a little bit less than FedEx Express.

On the other hand, FedEx Express drivers are paid hourly, these drivers are either part or full time, they are paid based on their station ratings and hours worked.

FedEx Home drivers operate just like FedEx Ground, these drivers are mostly employees of contractors and they are being paid by these contractors. Also read: Does FedEx XRay Packages?

Do FedEx Drivers Get Paid Per Package?

FedEx Ground drivers working as or for contractors are paid through several ways, this include per package delivery and delivery attempt.
In summary, FedEx Ground drivers are paid based on package picked and successful deliveries made, this isn’t the same with FedEx Express drivers.

For FedEx Ground drivers, the payment ratio between package delivery and delivery attempt is normally from 1 – 10. What this mean is that FedEx will pay around $2.50 for the Delivery Attempt if $0.25 is paid for each package delivered.

Lastly, FedEx Custom Critical drivers are working for contractors and they get paid based on the type of cargo and the delivery distance. They are undoubtedly the highest paid set of drivers at FedEx.

How Much Do FedEx Drivers Make A Week?

FedEx Express drivers earn an average of $720 per week, while FedEx ground drivers earn around $980 every week. FedEx home drivers earn an average of $860 per week, these figures are from credible sources. They are also derived from comments by former and present FedEx drivers.

Although, FedEx isn’t ranked among the companies with high wages, their drivers make considerable amount of money since most of them are paid based on deliveries made. Also read: Does FedEx Drug Test Package Handlers?

Highest Paid FedEx Driver

The highest paid drivers at FedEx are the FedEx Custom Critical drivers, these drivers are contractors who handle deliveries of dangerous and expensive packages.

They are mostly paid based on the delivery distance and the type of item they are delivering. These folks earn about $200 per hour or even more, that’s a whole lot.

FedEx Custom Critical drivers handle deliveries that can not be handled by other contractors, this explains why they earn that much.