How Much Does It Cost To Ship A PS5 USPS

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A PS5 USPS? – Best Answer & Guide

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A PS5 USPS? – Shipping a Playstation 5 is relatively more expensive than several other gadgets or even previous Playstations, this is mostly due to its weight and other factors.

That being said, using the United States Postal Service (USPS) to ship your PS5 console can help you save a considerable amount of money.

Recently, lots of game freaks have been asking how much does it cost to ship a PS5 USPS. We’ve carried out a thorough research on the question and discovered that there are a few factors that influences the cost of shipping a PS5 with USPS.

On this article, you will get the answer to how much it cost to ship a PS5 using USPS, you will also learn about the PS5 box dimensions for shipping, as well as PS5 shipping weight.

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Can I Ship A PS5 Through USPS?

Yes, the USPS is one of the best options available for people who want to ship PlayStation 5, they are the top shipping service providers in the United States.

That being said, the USPS has shipping conditions with regards to shipping items like PlayStation 5 and other heavy items. However, they still remain one of the safest and cheapest means of shipping PS5.

Since USPS ship heavy items not more than 70 lbs, you shouldn’t worry if they’ll will ship your PS5 or not.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A PS5 USPS?

When shipping a PS5 console with USPS, several factors like where it is being shipped from and delivery location greatly influence the price, you should expect to spend between $80 – $95 to ship your PS5 with USPS.

While preparing to ship your PS5 with USPS, understand that factors like weight and size of an item determines if you will get a flat rate shipping or not. If you want to ship a PS5 with USPS, you should be aware that you won’t be given a Flat Rate shipping.

With the above understanding, you should expect your PS5 shipping cost with USPS to be around $90. Read: You Have Reached The USPS 90 Day Security Timeout.

Can I Ship A PS5 Internationally?

Yes, you can ship PS5 internationally using USPS, FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc. However, the cost of shipping a PS5 international will be like 200% of what you’ll pay to ship PS5 within the United States.

Secondly, you should try to double-check the country you are shipping it to, some countries may have different policies regarding shipping a video game console. Some of these policies may bother on size and weight limits for imported items.

PS5 Box Dimensions For Shipping

When shipping a PS5 console, it is recommended that you use a shipping box that has the dimension to easily fit the game console box alongside a few bubble wrap.

Below are the recommended PS5 box dimensions for shipping.

  • Height = 20″
  • Width = 20″
  • Depth = 10″

Since the PS5 box dimension is; height of 17 inches, width 18.5″, and depth 7″, it is highly recommended that you use a shipping box that will allow the game box and other accessories to fit in perfectly.

How To Package PS5 For Shipping

The best way to package the PS5 game for shipping is to first use the retail box that came with the PS5, ensure that you use a packing material to wrap the game console and any accessories separately.

To prevent damage caused by shifting during shipping, you should use a packing material around the inner part of the shipping box, this should be done before placing the wrapped game console and accessories into the shipping box.

Make sure that the items are firmly fitted into the box, check for spaces and fill them up with packing materials, this will not allow the game console or accessories to shift while on its delivery journey.

Based on the dimensions of the PS5 box, it is recommended that you use a shipping box with dimensions; height 20″, width 20″, depth 7″. Also read: USPS Delivered To Wrong Address – Read Best Solution

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A PS5 USPS

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A PS5 Through FedEx?

FedEx is an excellent shipping choice for shipping PS5, using FedEx Home Delivery service, you should expect to spend between $60 – $65 to ship your PS5 within the United States.

FedEx shipping options are quite flexible and you will easily locate any of their local facilities close to you. For example, you can visit Walgreens and ship your PS5 with FedEx there, or use any other FedEx Onsite location close to you.

Shipping PS5 with FedEx is quite cheaper and more flexible compared to other delivery services. However, you should research on other factors or possible limitations you may encounter before choosing to ship your PS5 through Fedex.

Does The PS5 Ship In A Box?

Yes, the PS5 game is always shipped in a big brown box that is entirely non-descriptive, this makes it impossible for people to actually know what is inside.

If you’ve ordered a PS5 and you are wondering if people will know what’s inside, you can be rest assured that no one will have an idea what is inside the box, this method is applicable to electronics.

PS5 Packaging Box Dimensions

The PS5 game is noticeably big and this contributes to its high cost of shipping, below are the PS5 packaging box dimensions.

  • Height = 43cm / 17 inches
  • Width = 47cm / 18.5 inches
  • Depth = 18cm / 7 inches.

PS5 Shipping Weight

According to various PS5 retailers, the standard PS5 fully packaged game weighs between 14.7 – 16 pounds. This weight might be slightly different due to packaging at different stores.

However, if you want to have an idea of the PS5 shipping weight, you should expect it around 15 pounds. Also read: USPS Expects Item For Mailing SSK – Best Guide

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A PlayStation?

The average cost for shipping a PlayStation game is $70, this depends on the PlayStation model and the total weight after being packaged.

Also, the price for shipping a PlayStation is hugely determined by the shipping company you are using. Like we’ve explained on this article, FedEx seems to offer the cheapest rate for shipping PlayStation.

UPS PS5 Shipping

You can ship your PS5 with UPS and have it delivered at any location within the United States. While shipping with UPS, customers are allowed to make use of their own packing materials to package their PS5 or buy packing materials from UPS.

That being said, UPS can handle the packing of your PS5 for a fee, this also affect the overall price of shipping PS5 with UPS. Also read: What Is Processing Exception USPS?

How Much Is UPS PS5 Shipping?

Putting several factors into consideration, you should spend between $68 – $75 to ship PS5 using UPS Ground shipping service.

Bear in mind that your packaging may increase the total weight of the item, this will also increase the amount you’ll be paying for the shipping.

What Is The Best Way To Ship A PS5?

If you want to ship an already opened PS5, you should make use of packing materials to completely wrap the game console and other accessories individually. Once you are done wrapping them, place it into a shipping box that is slightly bigger than the PS5 packing box.

Most importantly, make sure you reuse the original PS5 packing box if you still have it. Make use of packing materials to fill up every space inside the shipping box before getting it shipped by either USPS, FedEx, or UPS.


How Much Does It Cost To Ship A PS5 USPS? – To ship a PS5 through USPS, you should expect to spend around $90, this is because the PS5 doesn’t qualify for the Flat Rate service at USPS. What this mean is that you’ll be charged based on the item’s weight and size, you won’ be given a flat rate.