How Much To Scan At FedEx

How Much To Scan At FedEx? Read Full Details

How Much To Scan At FedEx? – This article will briefly give you full details on the scanning services offered by FedEx.
FedEx basically wants to bring scanning services as close to people as possible. With the FedEx scanning services, you can easily get your scanning jobs done at your convenience and safely.

Right before we tell you how much to scan at FedEx, lets briefly talk about the FedEx scanning services.

FedEx Scanning Services

This is a scanning service offered by FedEx at affordable prices in their offices across the United States.
With the FedEx scanning services, you can just walk into any FedEx location and get your documents scanned at pocket-friendly rates.

These services help individuals to organize their documents conveniently and safely.
Apart from the scanning services, FedEx also offers related services like shredding, photocopying, computer workstation, and faxing.

How To Use FedEx Scanning Services

You can make use of the FedEx computer workstations to scan your documents. If you are not so conversant with this or do not wish to do it yourself, you can ask a team member at FedEx to help you out.

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FedEx scanning services allows you to scan one or both sides of a single or multiple pages documents. This or these document(s) can be scanned to email, or saved on the cloud or flash drives.
The process is simple, scan your document, save it, and shred it.

Documents Sizes Allowed At FedEx Scanning Services

Small documents – letter, legal, or tabloid size (11 inches x 17 inches).
Large documents – oversized documents sizes above 11 inches x 17 inches, or blueprints.

How Much To Scan At FedEx?

A small size document costs $0.49 per page. A large size document costs $5.99 per 3 square feet or less, and $9.99 for a document over 3 square feet.

Does FedEx Provide Scanning Services?

Yes, FedEx scanning services if available to anyone in the United States and almost everywhere in the world. You can easily get your documents scanned at any FedEx location close to you.

FedEx Scanning Services Near Me

Make use of the FedEx office locator to find a FedEx scanning services near you. Follow the steps below;

  • Visit FedEx locator
  • Choose your language
  • Choose country or type in your state at the ‘discover all locations’ window.
    It will display different FedEx locations near you.

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Why You Should Use FedEx Scanning Services

Below are the few reasons why you should consider using FedEx scanning services.

  • Privacy: The privacy of your documents is vital, you’ll get this when you use the FedEx scanning services. You are at liberty to scan your documents alone, save them and even shred them after scan.
  • Reliability: The FedEx scanning services is quite reliable, you are sure of using up-to-date facilities to scan your documents.
  • High Quality Output: You’ll surely get high quality scanned output since you are using modern scanning equipment.