How To Block Messages On eBay

How To Block Messages On eBay – Complete Guide

How to block messages on eBay – Any user on eBay can block another user from sending message to them. This feature was introduced by eBay to help users decide who contacts them and who shouldn’t.
On this article, you’ll learn how to block messages from specific users on eBay.
Let’s say you are a seller on eBay and there’s this buyer you are trying to cut off from contacting you, probably the user doesn’t look serious to you and you don’t want to waste your time with such users, eBay has a feature that will help you to do this.

One thing you should note is that you can’t just stop a buyer from messaging you, the user must be blocked first before you’ll be able to stop them from sending messages to you.
If you are one of the sellers looking for ways to block messages on eBay, read this article carefully and you’ll be able to do it easily.

Can Blocked eBay Buyers Send Messages?

A blocked buyer can still send message to a seller if the seller has not set a command to prevent it. Blocking a buyer will not stop them from contacting you about your listing on eBay. It will only prevent them from bidding or buying any of your listings.
Let’s say you blocked a buyer named ‘Smithcarols’, this buyer will still see your listings and message you except you change your preference to prevent blocked users from messaging you.

How To Block eBay Member From Seeing My Items

You can not block a user from seeing your items on eBay, you can only block them from bidding, buying, or messaging you about your items.
eBay has not provided a feature enabling users to block others from seeing their items. But then, if a user is unable to bid or buy your items, and prevented from messaging you, just seeing your items won’t hurt or affect you.

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eBay Blocked Bidder List

The eBay blocked bidder list comprises of the list of buyers you have blocked on eBay. These buyers will not be able to bid or buy any item you have listed. Additionally, it is users from this list that can be blocked from messaging you.
Sellers can access their eBay block bidder list anytime and make desired changes.
To access your eBay block bidder list, click here.

How To Block Buyer On eBay

Each seller has the ability to block a buyer or several buyers from bidding or buying their items. Is there a buyer you want to block on eBay? Follow the guide below to block buyer(s) from bidding or buying your items.

  • Visit the eBay website
  • Navigate to the ‘Block bidders or buyers from your listings‘.
  • In the text box, type in the username of the buyer.
  • Press ‘Submit’ once you are done.
    You are allowed to block up to 5,000 users. If you want to block more than one user, type their usernames separated by commas.

Blocked Bidder Still Messaging Me

If a blocked bidder is still messaging you, it means you have not made the changes to prevent block users from contacting you.
Like we said before, blocking a user on eBay will not stop them from messaging you about your listing, if you don’t want them to message you, there is something you need to do. Don’t worry, you’ll learn how to do this in the next subhead.

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How To Block Messages On eBay

You can block messages from users on eBay but you need to block those users first. There is no feature on eBay that allows you to only block messages without blocking the user.
If you are wondering how to block messages on eBay, follow the guide below.

  • Log in to your eBay account.
  • Visit the Site Preferences page.
  • Click on Buyer Requirements.
  • Tap ‘Edit’.
  • Scroll down and tick the box that says ‘Don’t allow blocked buyers to contact me’.
  • Click ‘Submit’.
    This will hide the ‘Contact Seller’ button from those users you’ve blocked.

eBay Buyer Preferences

eBay buyer preferences allows sellers to make certain requirements for their listings. Sellers are able to enter details they request from buyers regarding their listings. You can always visit the eBay buyer preferences or buyer management page here.
The eBay buyer preferences page gives the seller the right to chose the category of seller that can bid or buy their items. Sellers can set which country they don’t want to ship items to, etc.

Report eBay Buyer

Sellers can report issues they are having with buyers. You can report a buyer from the list of your sold items. This feature allows sellers to report buyers who potentially make false claim, demand something different from what was offered in original listing, request sellers to complete a sale off eBay, abuse the process of bid retraction by continuously bidding and retracting bids, sending messages with no intention of buying an item.
To report eBay buyer, click here. To report a buyer from Sold item list, Click here, from the dropdown menu that is close to the item select ‘leave feedback’, and click ‘Report buyer’.

(Before reporting a buyer, ensure that your claims are accurate).