How To Get A Free Mattress From Amazon – Best Secret Guide

This post gives you a full guide on how to get a free mattress from Amazon. It is quite possible to get a free mattress from Amazon, there are mainly two ways you can do this and we are gong to explain these two ways on this post.

Amazon has been consistently improving on their services to ensure better customer experience, this includes free gifts based on certain purchases and putting some policies which sometimes result in buyers having items for free.

On this post, we are discussing how possible it is to get a free mattress from Amazon. There are several sizes and qualities of mattresses sold at Amazon, most importantly the prices offered at Amazon are quite cheaper.

So, can you get a free mattress from Amazon? This question has been asked quite a good number of times, continue reading this post to learn how possible it is.

Can You Get A Free Mattress From Amazon?

Yes, you can get a free mattress from Amazon through two ways; when you purchase a baby crib, or you purchase a mattress and then ask for a refund after a few days hoping that Amazon will refund and ask you not to bother about returning the mattress.

The first thing you must do to benefit from any of the two ways is to become an Amazon Prime member, this makes you eligible for the benefits and returns.

In the past years, a few people have revealed how they bought mattresses from Amazon and requested for a refund after a few days, they ended up getting their refunds and also keeping the mattresses.

Like we said earlier, Amazon return policy favors customers especially on items like mattress, if you purchased a $200 mattress and later request for a refund, Amazon may not want to go through the stress of picking up the mattress, they may probably tell you to destroy the item while they process and make your refunds, this is how lots of folks ended up having free mattresses from Amazon. Also read guide on How To Get Chive TV On Amazon Fire Stick

How To Get A Free Mattress From Amazon

Like we’ve said earlier, there are basically two ways you can possibly get a free mattress from Amazon. The first one is when you buy a specific baby crib, Amazon gifts you a free mattress. The second one is to purchase a mattress from Amazon and later request for a refund giving them reasons, this actually requires a bit of luck because you may end up not getting a free mattress at the end. Also read How To Search Bongs On Amazon

Below are the two ways you can get a free mattress from Amazon.

  • Become a Prime member to be eligible for Amazon Prime benefits.
  • Purchase a specific baby crib. This is a free mattress offered by Amazon for customers who purchase some selected baby cribs. Once you’ve made payment for the baby crib, you automatically get a free mattress.
  • Purchase a mattress at Amazon, request to return it after a few days and get a refund. Due to the nature of mattresses, Amazon may not tell you to return the item, they’ll possibly tell you to destroy it and you’ve still get your refund.
    This second method is not standard, depending on the price of the mattress, Amazon may end up picking up the mattress if it is worth the stress. If you bought a $1,000 worth of mattress, you shouldn’t expect Amazon to ask you to dispose of it, they’ll likely want it back. This method mostly work when buying cheap mattresses like the Amazon Basics 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress – Medium Firm Feel, Twin Size.

Types Of Mattress You Can Get Free From Amazon

Like explained earlier, there are certain types of mattress that Amazon won’t bother to have you return, they’ll likely just tell you to dispose of them while they process your return. Below are some of the mattresses you’ll likely get lucky with (this isn’t a guarantee).

See more of those Amazon mattresses that you can possibly be told to dispose while you get your refund, see the mattresses here.

How To Get A Free Mattress From Amazon

What Type Of Mattress Can You Get Free From Amazon?

You’ll likely be lucky to get a free mattress that is worth between $150 – $400. Amazon may ask you to dispose the mattress if it falls between this price range, they may not really want to go through the stress of having it returned considering the worth.

However, you shouldn’t purchase a $2,000 worth mattress and expect them not to get it back if you request for a refund, they’ll surely want it back because the amount is pretty huge.

Here is a search result of the class of mattresses you can luckily get for free at Amazon.

How Many Free Mattresses Can I Get From Amazon?

Actually, you can luckily get just one free mattress from Amazon, this is because such refunds is allowed once per household. If you attempt to make any other return attempt on mattress from the same household, it is very likely that Amazon will ask you to return it.

That being said, you may be lucky to get another free mattress by opening a new account and using a different address, this could be a neighbor, friend, or sibling. Also read Does Amazon Fire HD 10 Have Sim Card Slot?

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