How To Get Rehired At Amazon

How To Get Rehired At Amazon – Complete Guide

This article provides a full guide on How to get rehired at Amazon. Contrary to what several folks are saying, it is possible to get rehired at Amazon after you previously left the company.

However, there are some conditions attached to this, and the truth is that you ain’t getting rehired if you don’t meet these conditions.

Amazon has strict policies when it comes to rehiring workers that had previously worked with the company and left, there are several factors that determines if a former worker will get rehired or not.

If you are trying to get rehired at Amazon, you’ll find this article useful. We’ll be explaining lots of important points relating to how to get rehired at Amazon.

Some key points to note;

  • You are unlikely to get rehired if your employment was terminated for several misconducts at Amazon.
  • Your employment history is a key factor in determining if you can be rehired or not.
  • Employees who took severance pay will never get rehired by Amazon.
  • Getting rehired will be impossible if you left Amazon without any notice.
  • You’ll get rehired at Amazon as long as you have no disciplinary actions, or write ups on your name.

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Amazon Rehire Policy 2022

Amazon rehire policy states that employees that resigned from the company without disciplinary actions or write-ups in their employment history can get rehired.
Employees who were sacked may not be able to reapply, especially if they took severance pay.

Another set of employees that may not be allowed to apply are those who quit without notice. Quitting Amazon without notice affects the employment history of a staff negatively, such a person may not be offered a second chance at Amazon. Read Can You Get Rehired At Amazon After Job Abandonment?

Involuntary Termination Amazon

Involuntary termination at Amazon happens when a staff member is unable to perform requirements and duties of his or her position. An employee who violates Amazon’s law and/or policy which includes: inability to perform, tardiness, unsatisfactory performance, absenteeism, misconduct, etc, may be terminated.

Employees don’t just get fired at Amazon, there are options available to them, these include; going on a performance improvement plan, taking a severance package, going for an employee appeal process.

Lots of employees end up not getting fired after going on a performance improvement plan. A performance improvement plan is a golden opportunity for a drifting staff to get back on line, it’s a great chance to avoid involuntary termination. Also read How Often Do You Get PTO At Amazon

Getting Fired From Amazon Warehouse

At Amazon, there are rules and policies which must be obeyed by every employee or risk being sacked. You’ll get fired if you engage in threats, fighting, or safety violation, these are regarded as Category 1 infractions.

An employee that is caught in theft will be fired instantly, Amazon may even go further to ban the staff member from working at Amazon or its subsidiaries in the future.
Reckless driving, speeding or packing in the wrong side of the parking lot can result in instant termination. A staff who is fond of violating attendance policy will likely face termination.
Associates walking on the robotics floor, breaking traffic rules inside Amazon facility, engaging in time theft, as well as sleeping, will face warnings that may lead to termination.
You can find full information on violations that may lead to termination on the Amazon employee policy handbook here.

How To Get Rehired At Amazon

Amazon Rehire Policy After Termination

According to some employees at Amazon, staff members who had their employments terminated at Amazon must wait for a minimum of one year before they reapply.
However, it is clear that the policy for rehiring terminated staff members on Amazon depends on why their employments were terminated. It also depends on the position they held and the location they worked in.

How Long Do You Have To Wait To Apply At Amazon After Being Fired?

How long you have to wait to apply at Amazon after being fired depends solely on what led to your termination.
Many have said that Amazon requires you wait for at least one year before you reapply, some people have also said you have to wait for at least 90 days. Will Amazon Flex Rehire you? Read answer.

Amazon Termination Policy 2022

According to Amazon’s termination policy, an employee can be fired from his or her position at Amazon if they earn at least 6 points when being written up. An ardent later comer, an employee that takes unscheduled time off, clocks out too early or too late, etc., can get fired at Amazon.
You can find full information on violations that may lead to termination on the Amazon employee policy handbook here.

Banned From Working At Amazon

When an employee takes severance pay following termination, such worker will never work for Amazon again.
Also, there are some offences that may get you permanently banned from working at Amazon, they include but not limited to theft, fighting, etc.

Amazon Rehire Blacklist

Like we’ve explained above, you can be prevented from reapply at Amazon if your employment was terminated for severe reasons like theft, fighting, etc. If you took severance pay during your termination, you will never be able to work at Amazon or any of its subsidiaries again. Also check How To Start Learning VA For Amazon

How To Get Rehired At Amazon

As long as you were not terminated for theft or fighting and you didn’t take the severance pay, and you have waited for 12 months, you can reapply at Amazon. Even if you resigned, you’ll be able to reapply after one year.
All you need to do is to reapply or visit a recruiting area for enquiries.
To reapply for Amazon jobs online follow the steps below.

  • Visit the Amazon online job search page here.
  • Search for available jobs. (You can conduct the search using business category, location, keywords or job category).
  • Click the ‘Apply Now’ button in front of the job title at the page top.
  • Log in to your Amazon account.
  • Follow onscreen instructions to apply.
    To apply for Amazon warehouse/associate position, click here to search for available jobs.

How To Check Application Status Amazon

To check the status of your application at Amazon, log in to your Amazon application profile, view the roles you applied for, you’ll see the status of your application.
If you applied for any position at Amazon warehouse and fulfilment centre, you can check your application status here. You’ll need to log in to your account to view your application status.

Does Amazon Rehire Seasonal Employees?

According to a staff member at Amazon, seasonal employees who resigned voluntarily can be rehired in 7 days at Amazon. Amazon seasonal jobs are always available especially to former seasonal workers who performed very well last time.


If you are wondering how to get rehired at Amazon, you must understand that the company will pay attention to how you left. If you were fired for serious reasons like theft, fighting, etc., there is no way you’ll get rehired.