How To Get W2 From Instacart

How To Get W2 From Instacart – Read Complete Guide

This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to get W2 from Instacart. Are you a full-service shopper, in-store shopper, delivery driver, or an employee at Instacart, surely you might be wondering how to get your W2 from them so you can report your income and keep things right, this article gives you a full guide on this.

Instacart offers two types of employment jobs; independent contractors and full-employees. The company does send W2 tax forms to their employees, but not to independent contractors.

On this article, we are going to extensively explain who receives the W2 tax form and who receives the 1099-NEC from Instacart.

Instacart is one of the top companies that ensures that both employees and associates are clean on their taxes, the company plays its obligations in ensuring that each employee or associate files their taxes. Continue reading this article to learn everything on how to get W2 from Instacart.

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Does Instacart Send W2?

Yes, Instacart sends W2 tax forms to anyone working as either an in-store shopper or employee. The company ensures that everyone considered an employee receives information on their income and the total amount of withheld taxes.

If you are working as an in-store shopper whether full-time or part-time, you are going to always receive W2 tax forms from Instacart to help you file your state and federal taxes.

How To Get W2 From Instacart

For every employee at Instacart, the company sends their W2 tax forms to them every last day of January. Instacart normally withhold taxes from their employees and send their W2 tax form to them when it’s tax time.

You basically don’t need to do anything to receive your tax form other than checking your email or wait for the W2 tax forms to be sent to you via snail mail. If you haven’t seen your W2, you should check the spam folder in your email and ensure the address you have on your Instacart account is correct.

In summary, here is how to get W2 from Instacart;

  • Check your email (also check spam folder).
  • Ensure your email address is still active and can receive mail.
  • Make sure you provide the correct email to Instacart.
  • Ensure your residential address provided is correct.
  • Contact Instacart if you still haven’t received your W2 tax form.

Does Instacart Send W2 To Drivers?

No, Instacart doesn’t send W2 tax forms to delivery drivers, this is because delivery drivers are considered independent contractors at Instacart. W2 tax forms are only sent to employees after their taxes have been withheld.

A delivery driver working at Instacart has the responsibility of filing their taxes alone, Instacart will not send a W2 tax form to a delivery driver because they are not employees of the company.

What Tax Information Does Instacart Send To Drivers?

Instacart sends 1099 tax forms to their delivery drivers either through email or snail mail. The company works in collaboration with Stripe to file tax forms with the IRS and other relevant authorities for independent contractors.

If you are a delivery driver at Instacart and you’ve earned up to $600 or more, the company will send you an email inviting you to set up an e-delivery account on Stripe Express, you will be able to receive and download your 1099 tax form.

Who Receives W2 From Instacart?

Instacart only sends W2 tax forms to people considered as employees of the company. This include in-store shoppers (full-time and part-time), workers in these departments; Business Development,
Sales (Ads), Care, Central Operations, Business Operations, Data Science, Product Design, Data, Infrastructure, Leadership (Engineering), Machine Learning, Mobile, Security, Software Engineering,
Technical Program Management, IT, Legal, Operations,
and Product Management.

Who Doesn’t Receive W2 From Instacart?

If you are a full-service shopper or a delivery driver, you won’t receive the W2 tax form from Instacart. This is purely because you are not considered as an employee but an independent contractor.

Companies don’t withhold taxes from independent contractors, this is why you won’t receive the W2 form from Instacart. Once you’ve made a minimum of $600 working for Instacart, you will receive the 1099 tax form where you will be responsible for the filing and payment of your tax.

What Tax Information Does Instacart Send To Full-Service Shoppers?

Anyone working as a full-service shopper for Instacart is not considered an employee of the company, the person is an independent contractor and will only receive the 1099-NEC tax form when it’s tax time.

Instacart 1099 or W2

Instacart 1099 tax forms are for independent contractors which include full-service shopper and delivery drivers, while W2 tax forms are for employees like in-store shoppers.

Instacart withhold taxes from workers considered as employees and thereafter send them the W2 tax forms, this isn’t the same for independent contractors. Read about Instacart Self Checkout

How To Get W2 From Instacart

I Have Not Received W2 From Instacart

If you haven’t received your W2 tax form from Instacart, you should check the spam folder in your email and also ensure that the email address you provided at Instacart is functional and able to receive mails.

Additionally, you should also ensure that your residential address on-file is correct. If these two things are correct and you still haven’t received your W2 tax form, you should contact Instacart to know what could be stopping you from receiving it. Also read what Full Services Orders Mean On Instacart

When Will I Receive W2 From Instacart?

Instacart automatically send W2 tax forms to employees by the end of January every year. Like we’ve explained, this is an automatic process and you basically don’t have to do anything except ensuring that your email address is still functional and can receive mails.

That being said, your W2 tax form can arrive a little later if it is being deliver via snail mail, it could take about 5-10 extra business days.


Instacart only sends W2 tax forms to workers considered as employees, they don’t send to full-service shopper and delivery drivers because these set of workers are considered as independent contractors.

An employee doesn’t have to do anything to get a W2 from Instacart, since the company withhold their taxes from every payment, their W2 forms are sent to them every end of January to help them report their income.