How To Open Unpaid Item Case On eBay

How To Open Unpaid Item Case On eBay – Full Guide

How To Open Unpaid Item Case On eBay – As a seller on eBay, you can open an unpaid item case if an item is yet to be paid for after some days.
eBay introduced the Unpaid Item Assistant feature to ensure that sellers are protected.
It also helps in reminding buyers over an item(s) they ordered and are yet to pay for.
Are you a seller on eBay and you are looking for ways to open a case over an item that was ordered and not paid for by one of your buyers?
This article will provide every answer you need regarding how to open unpaid item case on eBay. You can click on any of the links below to jump to the section you want to read or read everything down.

Unpaid Assistant eBay

The Unpaid Item Assistant is a feature on eBay which makes it possible for a dispute to be automatically opened and closed by eBay for unpaid items on behalf of a seller.
This feature allows sellers to automate and customize how and when they want a buyer to be reminded of an unpaid item.
eBay gives a maximum of four days for a buyer to pay for the item purchased on eBay. At the expiration of these five days, a seller can will be able to cancel the order.

Is eBay Unpaid Item Assistant Free?

The eBay unpaid item assistant is entirely free. Also, there is no limit to how you can use the feature. However, you are only able to use the feature if the buyer does not pay for the purchased items within two days.

eBay Unpaid Item Case Automatic

A seller can automatically enable the eBay unpaid item assistant to save time. Once this is enabled, unpaid item cases will be open automatically on the seller’s behalf and a mail will be sent to the seller once credits or payments are made.
The feature will also relist the item and close the case if the buyer does not pay after five days.

This eBay unpaid item assistant can only be set to automatic if the seller is using electronic payments.
The feature can’t detect when payments are made by postal order, outside the eBay checkout, or check.

How To Open Unpaid Item Case On eBay

If you have waited for over 4 days and no words from the buyer, try to contact him or her politely to find out what is wrong or remind them to pay. If that doesn’t work, follow the steps below to open an unpaid item case.

  • Head to the Resolution Center.
  • Click on ‘I haven’t received my payment yet’.
  • Tap ‘Continue’.
  • Sign in to your seller account to insert details of the order.
    The buyer will be notified of the unpaid order immediately.

When Can I Cancel An eBay Order For Non Payment?

A seller can cancel an eBay order for non payment after waiting for 5 days. Typically, eBay give buyers up to four days to make payment after purchase has been made. On the 5th day, the seller can outrightly cancel the order stating ‘Buyer hasn’t paid’ as the reason.

eBay Unpaid Item Case Consequences

There are several consequences for eBay buyers who constantly get unpaid item cases. When a buyer continually refuses to pay for items purchased, buying privileges may be lost or some limitations may be imposed on the account. A buyer may be removed from eBay if they are frequently hit with several unpaid item strikes.

eBay Unpaid Item Strike Removal

An eBay buyer can plead for an unpaid item strike to be removed by providing valid reasons for being unable to pay for the items purchased.

However, there are conditions for this request to be granted. These conditions include;

  • If it was your first unpaid cancellation.
  • If there was a family emergency you attended to.
  • If your account was compromised.
  • If you actually paid for the items and you have proof.
  • If the seller was suspended.
  • If the terms of the sale was changed by the seller after you won an auction or committed to buy.
  • If mitigating circumstances like natural disaster stopped you from making the payment.
  • The seller proved you paid through a feedback they left.
  • You and the seller agreed to a later payment date via messages.

To apply for the eBay Unpaid Item Strike removal, click here.

How Many Unpaid Item Strikes eBay?

eBay has not fixed a specific number of unpaid item strikes for a buyer to be banned. However, sellers can block a buyer who has two or more unpaid items strikes.

Can eBay Force You To Pay?

eBay can not force a buyer to pay for a purchased item. As a buyer, you should be aware that it is a violation of eBay’s abusive buyer policy for you not to pay for items.
You may lose your buying privileges or have limits imposed on your account if the unpaid cancelation becomes excessive.

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eBay Buyer Hasn’t Paid In 48 hours

You’ll have to wait for 96 hours for a buyer to pay for items purchased. It is only after 4 days that you’ll be able to cancel the order. Once you have canceled the order, it will record an unpaid cancelation on the buyer’s account.

eBay Preferences For Items Awaiting Payment

Sellers are able to customize how long they have to wait for orders to be paid and when it can be canceled automatically. A seller will also be able to customize the settings to relist unpaid single quantity once the Preferences for items awaiting payment feature is enabled.
So enable this feature and customise it, click here.