How To Pass A Mouth Swab Drug Test For Amazon – Read Best Guide

How To Pass A Mouth Swab Drug Test For Amazon – Prospective and current employees at Amazon go through a mouth swab drug test, this is a standard policy at companies with huge employee base like Amazon.

Every prospective or current employee is mandated to get tested for drugs, this is to ensure that drug addicts or alcohol freaks aren’t employed. For candidates hoping to get hired for warehouse jobs or other positions at Amazon, it is essential that they get tested for drugs.

Amazon operates in complaince with the United States government policy which allows companies or employers to fire employees who test positive to drugs, these companies are also permitted to refuse hiring prospective employees who test positive to drugs too.

It is in the best interest of any company and essential to ensure that employees are of a good conduct at all times, this can’t be guaranteed when an employee is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Although, Amazon carries out comprehensive pre-employment drug screening program for candidates, there are some exceptions for positions that are not regulated by the Department of Transportation.

That being said, Amazon still actively conducts mouth swab drug tests for applicants and current employees. So, if you are wondering how to pass a mouth swab drug test for Amazon, you really need to read this article carefully. Also read best answer for What Will You Do To Keep Amazon Safe? – Best Interview Q&A

How To Pass A Mouth Swab Drug Test For Amazon

The best way to pass a mouth swab drug test for Amazon is to try staying off drugs and alcohol at least 28 hours before the test, This way, no trace of alcohol or drug will be detected in your mouth.

Also, Amazon do conduct drug tests on employees who are getting promoted or being suspected of working under drug or alcohol influence, or caused any injury to themselves or another staff, you should stay off alcohol or drugs some days before the test.

For applicants, you should stay off drugs and alcohol through out the whole application and interview process and a few days after being hired, that’s if you can’t completely stay off drugs and alcohol.

If you are getting promoted, you should expect a mouth swab drug test, it’s safe not to take alcohol around that period so you won’t fail the test.

Generally, mouth swab drug test are mainly done on applicants and employees who are getting promoted. A mouth swab drug test is also done of staff suspected to be working under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Also read: How To Get Rehired At Amazon – Complete Guide

How Does Amazon Conduct Mouth Swab Drug Test?

For job applicants at Amazon, a mouth swab drug test is carried out as part of the hiring process. The applicants are made to sit in groups around some tables.

The mouth-swab drug test or saliva drug test is done by inserting the equipment into an employee’s mouth to gather saliva, this equipment is then scanned for any trace of drugs or alcohol.

Amazon will make use of the mouth swab equipment which is just like cotton swab, having a plastic handle, while the swab part looks like a thin sponge material or foam rubber.

The applicant will be made to take out the equipment with their hand not touching the foam part, they put that part in their mouth. It stays in the applicant’s mouth for about 10 minutes, after which the applicants will take it out and put in a container having their names on it.

If you are hoping to get hired whether as fulfillment center warehouse associate, delivery station warehouse associate, sortation center warehouse associate, grocery warehouse associate, grocery fresh associate, or locker+ customer service associate, you should expect a mouth swab drug test to be carried on you.

For current employees, Amazon will only administer a mouth swab drug test if you are about getting promoted or there are suspicions that you may be working under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

How To Pass A Mouth Swab Drug Test For Amazon

What Kind Of Test Is Done For Work Injury At Amazon?

At Amazon, a 5 Panel Urine Test is carried out on an employee involved in any work injury. A staff that caused injury either to themselves or another employee will surely get tested.

If it’s the situation above, the staff will be tested through urine and not mouth swab. Continue reading this article to learn more about mouth swab test at Amazon. Read: Can You Work At Amazon Without A Diploma? (Fully Explained)

Does Amazon Test Employees For Marijuana?

Currently, Amazon no longer test employees or applicants for marijuana. This is due to the assertion that the test was limiting people from getting employed.

According to Amazon, carrying out pre-employment marijuana test was affecting communities of color disproportionately by limiting and slowing down employments.

This is why the company stopped drug testing several workers and job seekers for marijuana. This means that marijuana is no longer a part of Amazon drug screening program.

Amazon had announced that the company now support the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment Expungement Act of 2021 (MORE) and Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act.
This insinuates that the largest American online retail store no longer test applicants for marijuana.

Does Amazon Mouth Swab Or Urine?

Amazon doesn’t conduct a urine test on applicants, the company typically make use of mouth swab tests for drug testing in their hiring processes.

This is because the mouth swab drug test is quite simple and can be conducted anytime, the urine test method is a bit more complex when compared to mouth swab. Urine tests are usually done in cases of accidents or work injuries.

What Happens If Amazon Find Narcotics After Mouth Swab Drug Test?

Typically, Amazon won’t hire you if they find narcotics in your system, except it’s a certain medication you are taking. If that is the case, you must show a reasonable prove, a doctors note is a perfect option.

If you are unable to show a doctors note to prove that you are taking a certain medication, you won’t be getting the job. This same rule applies even to a current employee, you risk getting sacked if Amazon finds narcotics in your system following a mouth swab drug test.

What Kind Of Drug Test Does Amazon Do For Delivery Drivers?

Depending on the location, an Amazon delivery driver may get tested through mouth swab, urine, blood, or hair follicle test.

It commonly starts with a mout swab test, if a delivery driver fails the mouth swab test, he’ll get the urine test, this is because the urine test is more accurate than mouth swab.

The driver will eventually go through a blood test if he tests positive after urine test. A hair follicle test may be done if the driver still fails the blood test and insists that he has only taken the medications on the list.

In conclusion, Amazon may carry out all four tests on their delivery drivers to get the most accurate result before termination.

Does Amazon Drug Test Managers?

Normally, pre-employment drug tests are not done for top-management positions at Amazon, their managers do not undergo pre-employment drug tests, there are exceptions to this though.

A drug or alcohol test will only be carried on a management employee if there are suspicions of the said employee working under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Does Amazon Still Conduct Pre-Employment Testing For Cannabis?

No, Amazon no longer conduct pre-employment testing for cannabis. Amazon now treats cannabis just the same as alcohol use for jobs that aren’t regulated by the United States Department of Transportation.

The online retail giants stopped testing jobseekers for cannabis in their bid to increase hiring across its delivery and warehouses stations.

Since most people in the United States now have legal access to marijuana, Amazon had to drop the barriers for prospective employees so more people can get employed.

Will I Still Be Employed At Amazon If I Test Positive To Drugs?

The most possible result of testing positive to drug test at Amazon is no employment. If you were applying for a job at Amazon fulfilment center or any other positions at Amazon, once a drug test is carried out and you test positive, it’s a bye bye to you.

Amazon will revoke the offer for employment once you test positive to drugs, you’ll even get sacked if you were already employed.

While Amazon have lowered the bars on drug testings, the company has zero tolerance to applicants who test positive to drugs, you won’t be getting the job if you test positive to drugs. This is unless you’ve proven beyond doubts why you are taking the drugs, that’s if narcotics is found on your system and you were taking a certain medication.

What Happens When Mouth Swab Drug Test Did Not Turn Blue?

While taking a mouth swab drug test, the collection device is expected to turn blue indicating that sufficient saliva has been collected for the test.

If the mouth swab drug test doesn’t turn blue, it means that the saliva collected isn’t enough for the test to be processed.

When the collection device doesn’t turn blue, the applicant will be required to retake the test by inserting the collection device again.

Does Amazon Do Mouth Swab Drug Test?

Yes, Amazon conducts mouth swab drug tests on applicants before they get employed. Although, the company has made several reductions regarding pre-employment drug tests, prospective employees still get tested for drugs.

Any jobseeker that tests positive to drugs or alcohol is not going to get employed, this is a part of Amazon’s drug test policy.

In conclusion, if you are searching for how to pass a mouth swab drug test for Amazon, you need to stay off drugs and alcohol at least 28 hours before the mouth swab test. Also read: How Long Does FedEx Background Check Take? – Most Detailed Answer