How To Print Packing Slip eBay

How To Print Packing Slip eBay – Complete Guide

How To Print Packing Slip eBay – Every new seller on eBay must know how to print packing slip. This is one of the major things you do once a customer places an order.
We are going to give you a complete guide on how to print print packing slip eBay. Just before let, let’s explain some basics.

A packing slip is one of the items needed while shipping an order to a customer. Lots of buyers underestimate the importance of packing slips, this explains why many of them do not include packing slips when shipping an order.

As a seller on eBay, you want your customers to see you as a serious seller and you want to avoid mistakes, this is why you should read more about packing slip.

eBay has offered lots of sellers an opportunity to grow their sales by selling on the platform, it is indeed a safe place to sell.

What Is A Packing Slip eBay?

A packing slip on eBay is the document which describes the shipment contents that is to be shipped to a customer.
Each separate line item for every item that is to be shipped is outlined in the packing slip.
Product number, description and unit quantity is listed for each line item.
To summarise this, we can say that an eBay packing slip is a document containing information on items that are shipped to a customer.

Do I Need To Include Packing Slip eBay?

How To Print Packing Slip eBay

As a seller on eBay, it is necessary that you include a packing slip for the purchased items you are shipping to a customer.
This enables the customer to have an overview of the exact items you have shipped. This is not compulsory and several sellers do not like printing it due to cost of paper and ink.

Why You Should Include A Packing Slip eBay

When you include a packing slip in your shipment, you enable the buyer to know who he or she ordered from. More importantly, it helps you as a seller to keep track of orders when packing things up.
The packing slip contains all the vital information in case the label gets missing.
Another reason is that it shows your buyers that you are a serious and organized seller.

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How To Print Packing Slip eBay

Open your Seller Hub, locate the item you want to print its packing slip. Tap ‘details’, the transaction details page will show, scroll to the bottom of the page to where you have ‘Shipments’ and click on it, click on ‘Print Packing Slip’, this will print a packing slip for the chosen item.

eBay Seller Hub

eBay Seller Hub is the platform that enables sellers to manage their businesses on eBay. This hub provides all the tools needed by sellers to increase their sales by providing everything in one place.
The eBay Seller Hub contains several functionalities like order management, reporting, listing, and every other selling tools available on ebay.

How To Print Packing Slip eBay App

To print a packing slip on the eBay app, in Seller Hub, navigate to ‘All Orders’. Go to the item you created a label for and want to print its packing slip, tap the down arrow which is next to the item, select ‘Packing Slip’.
You can also print the packing slip by navigating to the Shipping Labels page, click on the down arrow.

eBay Packing Slip Won’t Print

Your browser could be the reason the eBay packing slip won’t print, you can try solving this by clearing your browser cache, sign out of your eBay account and sign in again. This method has solved the problem for many people.
Alternatively, you can use another browser to print the packing slip instead of the Chrome browser.

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How To Print eBay Shipping Label Without Printer

To print eBay shipping label without printer, simply select the QR code option when it shows, you can now save the QR code you receive to your phone. When you get to a participation drop-off location, scan the code there to print the shipping label and attach.

There are some self-service kiosks that can help you print shipping label by scanning the QR code.

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eBay New Packing Slip

Sellers are unable to include custom messages in the new packing slip on eBay. There are pre-written messages to chose from, some people find this to be somehow limiting.
The eBay new packing slip was introduced a while ago, it only has item name, and description. There are no provisions for name of buyer or return name.

eBay Shipping Labels Cost

eBay does not charge sellers for shipping labels, it is completely free. This may not be the case with some third-party shipping platforms.

Are Packing Slips Required

Packing slips are necessary if you really want to avoid mistakes. Although it is not mandatory, you should endeavor to include a packing slip while shipping out an item.
It is important that you include packing slips on purchased items as it contains important information on the items shipped.

Does The Packing Slip Go Inside The Box?

A packing slip should be included and placed inside the box once it has been verified. The information contained in the packing slip will give the buyer an insight on the item(s).
As a matter of fact, the packing slip is the only document that should go inside the box while the shipping label needs to be placed outside.

What If An Item On The Packing Slip Is Not Present In The Package?

Once an order is delivered, the buyer or recipient can use the packing slip to cross-check the orders and confirm that everything is complete. A buyer can reject the package if an item on the packing slip is not found in the parcel. This is one of the usefulness of the packing slip.