How To Report A Seller On Amazon

How To Report A Seller On Amazon – Full Guide

How To Report A Seller On Amazon – Both buyers and sellers are able to file an Amazon report on a seller who allegedly violates Amazon policy or engage in shady things in the platform.
With a platform as huge as Amazon, it is only natural to have a few bad elements whose activities may dent the image of the brand. It now requires both sellers and buyers to report such people to Amazon for appropriate investigation and possible punishment.

  • Both buyers and sellers can file reports on sellers in Amazon.
  • The process of filing a report by sellers and buyers is different.
  • A report can only be filed on a seller if there is a violation of Amazon policy.

If you are wondering how to report a seller on Amazon, keep reading this article to get a full guide.

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Amazon Violation Policy

As a seller, it is only pertinent that you get versed with the Amazon Selling Policies, this will help you not to violate any of the policies.
Sellers are able to address policy violations on their accounts in the Account Health Dashboard, this is at the Seller Central page.

It is the exclusive duty of a seller to ensure that items sold on Amazon are in accordance to Amazon’s policies and all applicable laws.
A seller’s account can be suspended as a result of prohibited content and seller offenses. The Amazon Selling Policies and Seller Code of Conduct contains details of Amazon’s policy sellers must adhere to when listing items on Amazon.

A seller can lose selling privileges for failing to comply with Amazon policy and applicable laws.

How To Appeal A Policy Violation On Amazon

Sellers are able to appeal any policy violation they have on their account at the Seller Central page.
The Account Health page contains details of entire policy violations an account has.
A seller who has policy violations can appeal them by visiting the Account Health page.
On the Account Health page, a seller can see an overview of account’s adherence to mandatory policies and performance targets needed to continue selling on Amazon.

How To Report A Seller On Amazon

Amazon permits buyers to report any seller that violates Amazon policy. To report a seller, follow the steps given below to report any seller you feel has violated a policy on Amazon. Intellectual property owners can report unauthorized sellers, read How To Report Unauthorized Seller On Amazon – Full Guide.

How To Report A Seller On Amazon
  • Visit Amazon homepage.
  • Login to your Amazon account if you haven’t done so.
  • Head to the top-right corner of the page and click on your name.
  • Scroll down and click ‘Customer Service’.
  • A new page will pop out, scroll down and click ‘Something Else’.
  • Click ‘I need more help’.
  • You need to click any of these buttons ‘Start chatting now’, ‘Request call now’, or ‘Send email now’.
  • Follow the prompt to make the report depending on what you selected.

How A Seller Can Report Another Seller On Amazon

If a seller observes a possible policy violation by another seller, it is alright to make a report, this helps keep Amazon safe for customers to continue enjoying top-notch experience.

Are you a seller and you have reasons to report another seller? Follow the steps below.

  • Open the ‘Report Abuse‘ page.
  • Click ‘Enable Single Sign on’ if prompted.
  • Sign in to your Amazon account.
  • Chose the type of violation.
  • Type in the ASIN/ISBN or Order ID.
  • Provide the seller’s store or business name you wish to report, product title and ISBN or ASIN detail page of the item, document supporting the report (receipts, relevant messages, or order IDs), explain the violation based on Amazon policy, and marketplace where the violation happened.
  • Click ‘Submit’.

How To Report An Item On Amazon That Was Not Delivered

The process of making a report for an item that was not delivered on Amazon depends on if it was sold by a third party or Amazon.
Before you report to Amazon over an item that was not delivered, ensure you have; checked your apartment and around your house, checked with neighbors to find out if anyone had taken delivery on your behalf, verified the shipping address, and reached out to the carrier. If you’ve done all these and still couldn’t find your package, you can proceed to make a report to Amazon.

Follow the steps below to report an item on Amazon that was not delivered.

  • Sign in to your Amazon account.
  • Navigate to ‘Order List‘.
  • Locate the undelivered item and click on ‘View/File Claim’, standing next to the item.
  • Choose the reason for claim (item hasn’t arrived).
  • Provide relevant document to support the claim.
  • Type in further information.
  • Click ‘Submit’.

How Will I Know If My Claim Is Approved By Amazon?

Buyers are able to see the progress of their claims in Amazon Pay account. Follow the steps below to see the progress of your claim.

  • Log in to your Amazon account if you haven’t.
  • Visit your Amazon Pay account.

What Happens If My Amazon Claim Is Approved?

Once your claim for undelivered order has been approved, Amazon will process and make refunds to you. This refund will be made to your current payment method.

Why Will My Amazon Claim Be Rejected?

Your claim for an undelivered order can be rejected by Amazon if the seller shows proof of order being delivered or information you provided looks fraudulent.

Report A Violation – Amazon

Both a seller and a buyer can report a violation on Amazon. However, the methods used by these two set of people differs.
To report as a seller, use this form to report a violation.
As a buyer, click on this link, choose either chat, call, or email to make the report.

Report Incorrect Product Information

Amazon urges both buyers and sellers to report incorrect product information, the process is relatively easy and straight. If you want to report Amazon misleading description on products, follow the steps below.

  • Launch Amazon app or visit the website.
  • Locate the product that has incorrect information.
  • Click either ‘Give Feedback on Images’ or ‘Update Product Info’.
  • Make the report by following the on-screen instructions.

Amazon Seller Threatened Me

You can file a report to Amazon if you got threatened by anotheer seller on the platform. Amazon values the convenience and safety of it’s users and you are urged to report a seller that threatens you.
If an Amazon seller threatened or harassed you and you feel the need to report, follow the steps below.

  • Visit the ‘Report Abuse‘ page.
  • Tap ‘Enable Single Sign on’ when prompted.
  • Log in to your Amazon account.
  • Select the type of violation.
  • Insert the ASIN/ISBN or Order ID.
  • Type in the seller’s store or business name you are reporting, provide relevant proofs and details.
  • Click ‘Submit’.