How To Sell Coloring Books On Amazon

How To Sell Coloring Books On Amazon – Read Full Guide

On this article, you’ll learn how to sell coloring books on Amazon. The demand for coloring books for both kids and adults has continued to increase over the years.

These types of book are specially designed to ease stress and increase the focus level of kids and adults. Many folks have gotten used to using coloring books to ease stress and relax.

This ever-increasing demand for coloring books has made lots of folks to turn to making and selling of coloring books as their means of income.

With Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), making and selling coloring books becomes quite easy, the e-commerce giants give you a platform to showcase your work to a larger audience and make more sales than you would have made on your own.

So, are you considering producing coloring books and you are wondering how to sell them on Amazon? This article will provide you with a complete guide on how to sell coloring books on Amazon.

Making and selling coloring books on Amazon is a lucrative business, once you can gather your stuff together and create something unique and enticing, you’ll surely have a wonderful selling experience.

This article is created to help you on this topic, you will also learn how much you can make selling coloring books on Amazon, continue reading this article.

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What Are Coloring Books?

Coloring book are special set of line art designed books which are to be colored by the user using marker pens, paints, crayons, and other types of coloring paints. Typically, coloring books or pages are made of papers and cards, this enables the buyer to follow the drawings and color them as required.

Coloring books are used for educational, health and therapeutic, as well as political purposes, they are useful in increasing focus level, reducing stress, helping an individual to relax, and also conveying political message.

From those points listed above, you can see why the demand for coloring books may not easily decline. Depending on the niche, the demand for some coloring books increase in special seasons like Easter period and Christmas.

Essentially, a coloring book creates a special creative encounter between artists and their customers. They help users to relief stress, have fun, relax, and increase their focus sense.

Can I Sell Coloring Books On Amazon?

Yes, anyone can sell coloring books on Amazon, the e-commerce giants allow individuals to publish their coloring books on their platform and advertise them to a large pool of potential customers.

Amazon has a special self-publishing platform calls Kindle Direct Publishing, this platform allows authors and artists to self-publish their works both as eBooks and paperbacks.

Since Amazon has millions of daily visits, the odds of not selling your published work on the platform are very low. With Amazon KDP, you can make thousands of dollars selling your coloring books.

However, there are several aspects of publishing coloring books on Amazon KDP that you must learn and understand, this will help you channel your efforts and time in doing the right thing and getting expected results.

Just before we go into the guide on how to sell coloring books on Amazon, let’s tell you about the different niches in KDP coloring books. You also need to learn how to remove unauthorized sellers on Amazon.

KDP Coloring Book Niches

There are over 2,000 KDP coloring book niches to choose from. Even though they may look alike, some of these niches and more competitive than others, some are more profitable, while some are not.

Your ability to find a less-competitive niche determines if you’re going to succeed or not. Below are 13 lucrative KDP coloring book niches.

  1. Romance Coloring Book
  2. Doodle Coloring Book
  3. Stoner Coloring Book
  4. Patten Coloring Book
  5. School Coloring Book
  6. Christmas Coloring Book
  7. Easter Coloring Book
  8. Sport Coloring Book
  9. Detective Coloring Book
  10. Mystery Coloring Book
  11. Mandalaa Coloring Book
  12. Sloth Coloring Book
  13. Rainforest Coloring Book
  14. Whale Coloring Book

KDP Coloring Book Niches Video

How To Sell Coloring Books On Amazon

There are steps to take if you want to successfully sell coloring books on Amazon. You must put in the work to ensure your coloring book stands out. Check out the steps on how to sell coloring books on Amazon.

1. Choose a niche

This is the first major step towards creating and selling coloring books, you need to choose the niche you want to create coloring books for. Without choosing a niche, you can’t really get a direction. It is very important that you research on a niche you want to create.

Be careful and take your time to research on the different niches, check how competitive and lucrative those niches are, consider the season while choosing a niche.

Just before you choose a niche, you need to decide if your coloring book will be for kids or adults, this will help you to narrow down your niche. Also read about Amazon Dropshipping Account Lock

2. Start Creating The Designs

Coloring books are all about designs, your coloring book will sell more if you have lots of coloring designs. If it’s possible, create more than 30 different coloring designs and give them a peculiar pattern.

Your coloring book designs should not be too difficult to understand, else it will defeat the purpose it was created for. A coloring book should not add to your customers’ stress.

Any potential buyer that comes across your coloring book will want to get the assurance that your book is worth every dollar spent.

Don’t rush through the design creating process, take your time and don’t overlook what looks like mistakes, fix them appropriately.

3. Gather your designs together

Once you are done with creating your designs, you need to gather and arrange them in an orderly form, this will give your coloring book a structure. Some coloring books have storylines, you should pay attention to the arrangement if you are creating such coloring books.

Be careful not to put the difficult ones in front, let your customers start off with the simple ones, this helps them to stay glued.

4. Create An Amazon Kindle Account

After your created and assembled your designs together, the next step is to create a Kindle account where you’ll upload your contents. If you already have a KDP account, you can skip this step.

You’ll be required provide information about yourself, tax information, as well as payment methods. You will also need to complete the two-step verification before providing a payment method. Learn How To Appeal Product Authenticity Complaints Amazon

5. Upload your coloring books

Before uploading, you need to convert your coloring book to PDF format. It is now time to upload your coloring books on your Amazon KDP account. You can easily do this by navigating to your Bookshelf on the Amazon KDP user dashboard.

After you must have uploaded your coloring book on your KDP account, you can now preview it to see how it really looks like.

Go through every design, if there is any issue, make the necessary changes on your original file, convert it to PDF and upload it again.

How To Sell Coloring Books On Amazon

6. Assign an ISBN to your book

Amazon allows authors to obtain free ISBN on the content page while they are setting up their books. This can be done by simply selecting the “Assign me a free ISBN” option.

The free ISBN is only for books published on Amazon KDP, you should get your own ISBN if you plan to publish your coloring book elsewhere.

7. Create your book cover

With the Cover Creator feature on KDP, designing your book cover becomes very easy. Your book cover will be formatted to the accurate size if you use Cover Creator.

It is your duty to make your cover as captivating as possible, try to give it a unique design. Your book cover is the first thing that will catch the attention of potential buyers, be creative wit it.

8. Preview your coloring book

Since you are done with everything, you need to preview your book and take time to go through everything page by page. What you see while previewing is the same thing that your buyers will see when they purchase your book.

Like we’ve said before, go through each page and make sure that every error you’ve noticed is fixed. See yourself as a a buyer, will you be pleased with the work?

9. Choose a price for your book

You can check similar books on Amazon to see how much they are being sold for, this will help you pick a price that fits.

Remember that you want to make lots of sales, don’t pick a price that will scare potential buyers, don’t also make it too cheap, consider the fact that Amazon takes their cut for each sale. Learn How To Download Falcon TV On Amazon Fire Stick

How Much Can You Make Selling Coloring Books On Amazon?

Depending on your efforts and the quality you are offering, you can make between $5,000 to $40,000 every month selling coloring books on Amazon.

As a matter of fact, there are no limits to how much you can make from selling on Amazon.

If you are publishing coloring books as a side hustle, you can make around $5,000 every month. But if you put in the work, spend a lot of time to create a top quality coloring book with lots of designs and spend time to advertise them, you can make up to $40,000 per month. Read about Error 2575 Amazon Prime

How To Make Money Selling Coloring Books On Amazon

If you want to make money selling coloring books on Amazon, you need to research on a high-demand coloring niche and spend time to create lots of designs for your work.

After creating the designs, you upload them to your Amazon KDP account, create a cover for your book and assign a free or your own custom ISBN.

Fix a price for your coloring book and pay a little money to advertise it on the Amazon platform. Also read: Does Amazon Eero Work With Xfinity?

How To Create Coloring Books To Sell On Amazon

If you want to create coloring books to be sold on Amazon, you must adhere to Amazon KDP content guidelines. You need to create enticing designs and make sure you have at least 30 different designs. Ensure that your designs have one pattern, this is to avoid adding stress to your customers.

Below is the step on how to create coloring books to sell on Amazon.

  • Select a niche for your coloring book.
  • Start creating designs for your coloring book.
  • Gather and arrange the designs.
  • Create an Amazon KDP account.
  • Upload your coloring book on your KDP account.
  • Assign an ISBN to your book.
  • Create a beautiful and unique cover.
  • Pick a price for your book.
  • Preview and publish your coloring book.

How To Sell Coloring Pages On Amazon

Once you have created your coloring pages, you can easily upload them on your Amazon KDP account, assign an ISBN to your book, create a cover and pick a price for your book.

Take your time to preview your work, once you feel that everything is okay, publish it.