How To Sell Vinyl Records On eBay

How To Sell Vinyl Records On eBay – Read Best Guide

If you are looking for how to sell vinyl records on eBay, this article will help you out. Although, being considered as out-dated music mediums, vinyl records are still being played by a lot of old-school music freaks who have their players.

eBay offers a platform where virtually anything can be sold, sellers are allowed to list items for sale as long as they are not considered illegal. This means that you can still sell those good-old phonograph records at one of the most popular marketplaces in the world.

You may think that no one demands for these analog sound storage mediums again, that’s not true. As a matter of fact, the demand for the vinyl records has been growing recently.

On this article, we are providing a full guide on how to sell vinyl records on eBay, you will be able to list and comfortably sell vinyl on eBay after reading this article.

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Can I Sell Vinyl Records On eBay?

Yes, you can sell your vinyl records on marketplaces like eBay, there are no restrictions with regards to selling vinyl records on eBay.

As a matter of fact, there are just a few online marketplaces you can easily sell your vintage music memorabilia for good money, eBay is one of these few marketplaces.

With a platform as huge as eBay, finding buyers for your old-school vinyl music records becomes relatively easy.

So, are those good old records gathering dusts in your shelve and you are thinking of how to sell them on eBay? Continue reading this article and you’ll be properly guided.

How To Sell Vinyl Records On eBay

Selling vinyl records on eBay is just the same way as selling other regular items, you only need to make your description more enticing and it should have that old-school feel.

When listing your vinyl record on eBay, you need to determine the price you want to sell it. This is because there’s actually no way to know the present worth of those records, you didn’t buy them recently. For crying out loud, they are vintage records, there are online tools to help you find the best price for each of them.

So, lets take it step-by-step on how to sell vinyl records on eBay.

1. Determine the price

This is where it gets tricky, are your vinyl records in mint conditions? Have you play graded each record? What year was the album produced? Theses factors will determine the prices you’ll be giving for each record.

Since there are no fixed prices for them, the task of determining the price is on you. Luckily, eBay has features to help you check when and how much each record was previously sold. Also read: Are eBay Wheel Spacers Safe?

2. Decide your selling format

Since you are going to sell something that the price will be determined mainly by sentiments, you should decide whether to use the “Buy Now” or “Auction” selling format.
From our research, using the “Auction” selling pattern will help you sell faster, but the “Buy Now” format will help you sell it at a higher price.
Understand that the popularity of the record back when it was released, as well as its present available quantities in the market are all price-determining factors.

Also, your eBay seller account level will also determine how fast you’ll be able to sell those vinyl records. Seller accounts with significant number of positive reviews and ratings will always send faster and more than others.

However, you should use auction format for records you are not sure of their worth, and the “buy now” format for the ones you are sure of their worth. Also read: Can You Sell Herbalife On eBay? (Best Answer & Video)

3. List the vinyl records

Once you’ve determined the price and selling pattern, all that is left is to list those records on your eBay seller account. Make sure you give accurate and precise title, description and condition of each record.
If you must successfully sell vinyl records on eBay, you need to be a sincere with your listings description as possible.

You are obliged to let your potential buyers know if you’ve played those records or not, make sure that you insert either “used” or “new” as the album condition. Take your time to respond to the eBay prompts as well as the grading. Also read: Are eBay Catalytic Converters Good?

How To Sell Vinyl Records On eBay

Information Required For Listing Vinyl Records On eBay

Below are the information you should provide;

  • Artist name and album title.
  • Song list.
  • Album condition.
  • Music genre
  • Speed and duration.
  • Record size.
  • Record and sleeve grading.
  • Record label.
  • Year of record release.
  • Album photos (jacket, sleeve, special manufacturer’s marks if any).
  • Add any jacket imperfection.
  • Special details like guest artists and album award nominations.
  • Use relevant keywords (this helps your listing to stand out).

How To Ship Vinyl Records eBay

When trying to ship vinyl records on eBay, it is advisable that you take extra precaution in packaging the record so it won’t bend. You must ensure that the record is stabilized.

According to an eBay seller that deals mostly on selling and shipping records, he uses LP mailers to ship vinyl records on eBay. The seller revealed that usually he inserts the record into a new plain white inner sleeve in addition to the original inner and cover, after which he will insert all into a plastic. Lastly, he wraps it in a bubble wrap and then puts it into a LP mailer. Also read: How To Sell VeRO Items On eBay

Below are the recommended ways to ship vinyl records on eBay.

  • Use either a dedicated mailer or several cardboard layers.
  • Make use of a plain white sleeve to first cover the record.
  • Cover it up with the original inner and cover.
  • You can even use a clean unused pizza box.
  • Use bubble wraps to firmly hold everything together.

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