How To Start Learning VA For Amazon

How To Start Learning VA For Amazon – Best Step-By-Step Guide

How To Start Learning VA For Amazon – Working as a virtual assistant on Amazon is one lucrative way of earning good money online, this is as long as you’ve put in the work to learn and master what you are doing.

Being an Amazon virtual assistant is all about managing Amazon sellers’ accounts, you’ll have to be in charge of some or every aspect of operations as far as the account is concerned.

Amazon is no doubt the biggest e-commerce company with millions of customers shopping daily on the platform, this continuous growth in patronage makes it difficult for some sellers to keep up, this is one of the reasons many sellers are on the lookout for virtual assistants that will manage their accounts.

That being said, you don’t just get up and start being a VA on Amazon, you must learn the basics and also understand you roles as a virtual assistant.

There is no doubt that the job is demanding and you’ll really have to put in the work to deliver on your responsibilities.

Just in case you are interested and want to know how to start learning VA for Amazon, this article will give you a perfect headstart.

While reading this article, you’ll understand what you’ll be doing as a virtual assistant on Amazon, you’ll also be guided on how to start learning VA for Amazon. You’ll also get to watch a comprehensive tutorial video on how to become Amazon virtual assistant.

What Is Amazon Virtual Assistant Job?

Amazon virtual assistants are mostly SEO trained folks offering different services for sellers both individuals and businesses on Amazon. These set of people provide several services depending on the client’s need and their corresponding sets of skills.

As an Amazon virtual assistant, there are several jobs for you on Amazon, there are lots of Amazon sellers searching for people to assist them in managing their advertising campaigns as well as fulfilling orders.

You essentially offer online support to an individual or business selling on Amazon, it is entirely remote just as the name says. However, the fact that it is a remote job doesn’t make it any less demanding, the responsibilities of an Amazon virtual assistant cuts across the various aspects of business operations on Amazon.

This is why you must learn how to handle customer interactions at Amazon, you must also learn how to manage backend operations which is a broad field itself. Now let’s briefly list the roles of an Amazon virtual assistant, you may be required to undertake one or more of these roles. Also read; Will Amazon Flex Rehire You?

What Does Amazon Virtual Assistant Do?

As an Amazon virtual assistant, you’ll be essentially managing one or all aspects of a seller’s account, this includes every aspect of selling items on Amazon, and even running advertising campaigns.
Below are the roles of Amazon virtual assistant.

1. Product Sourcing

Lots of businesses are on the lookout for virtual assistant who can source for products for the business. You should be able to source for products with low competition, high profit margin, lightweight, and high search volume.

Knowing how to source for these class of products will give you an advantage over other virtual assistants.

2. Customer Service

This include communicating with customers on behalf of the business, these communications are on the Amazon seller account dashboard, which means you’ll be given access to the account.

You are charged with the responsibility of resolving any issue reported by the customer.
In summary, you’ll be doing almost what Amazon customer service associates do, only that yours will be limited to customers on the seller’s account.

3. Fulfilling Orders

You are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that a customer’s order is successfully processed and sent out for delivery. Since you are a virtual assistant, you are operating almost like the owner of the business.
Once a customer places an order, you need to make sure the order is fulfilled on behalf of the business.

4. Managing Tracking Information

As an Amazon virtual assistant, you may be mandated to manage tracking information of every order placed by a customer. This involves ensuring that the package’s tracking information is updated and relevant details sent to the customer.

5. Listing New Products

An Amazon virtual assistant must be quite conversant with listing new products on the platform. This is one of the major roles of Amazon virtual assistant. A company or an individual that hired you may not have the time or able to effectively list new products on Amazon.

Due to the continuous increase in the number of new sellers on Amazon, selling is now a lot more competitive, listing products that will grab the attention of buyers requires finesse. You must learn how to navigate your way around Amazon seller central dashboard.

6. Optimizing Product Content for Amazon SEO

Understanding Amazon SEO is now the most important thing a seller must do for their products to appear in search results. Amazon SEO involves proper use of relevant keywords on both product title, description and tags.

This task is mostly given to virtual assistants, so a good Amazon virtual assistant must be quite conversant and understand Amazon SEO and how to play around with keywords.
Proper listing creating and optimisation is essential if a product must get noticed.

7. Running PPC Ads on Amazon

Creating advertising campaigns is a key reason why majority of Amazon businesses hire virtual assistants.
A virtual assistant that is efficient in creating and running well optimised Amazon Pay-Per-Click ads will easily get hired and earn thousands of USD monthly.

How To Start Learning VA For Amazon

How To Start Learning VA For Amazon

The first step to learn how to become a virtual assistant for Amazon is to get conversant with the Amazon platform. Study top search result listings and observe how titles, descriptions and tags are written and arranged.

If it’s possible, make a purchase and study how top sellers respond to buyers, ask questions and observe how the platform works.

Once you understand the platform and its operations, the next and most important thing you must learn is Amazon Search Engine Optimization. You must be conversant with key resources like Amazon brand analytics, etc.

This will be greatly required if you get hired to list new products, new listings that are properly optimised with keywords that are relevant with the niche perform better than unoptimised listings.

Essentially, the purpose of hiring a virtual assistant to create new listings and ads was for better conversion.

Once you’ve mastered the art of creating well-optimised new listings and PPC ads, you should move to enhancing your communication skills. This is essential as you’ll likely be communicating with customers.

One of the best ways to learn about Amazon PPC models is to sign up for the Advertisement Certification offered by Amazon.

When you have gone through the learning processes listed above, you can give yourself a try for your first Amazon virtual assistant job.

How Does An Amazon Virtual Assistant Work?

Amazon virtual assistants work remotely, they could be hired part time, full time, or could be hired for a specific time to carry out specific tasks.

Once someone is hired as a virtual assistant by a business on Amazon, the person will be given a secondary user role on the business’s seller central account.

After this has been done, the virtual assistant can get to work based on the hiring agreement reached by both parties.

It’s a pretty easy process but largely depends on the channel that the owner of the business met the virtual assistant.

How Much Does An Amazon VA Make In A Month Online By Offering Services?

A beginner Amazon virtual assistant can earn anything from $500 to $1,000 monthly, a mid-level Amazon VA earns between $1,000 to $3,000 monthly, while a professional VA can get as much as $5,000 monthly.

What an individual earns as a virtual assistant on Amazon largely depends on the person’s skills and experience, it also depends on the task.

There are several Amazon virtual assistants who are hired for specific tasks and often for specific period, these ones get paid based on the task.

A few factors come to play when deciding how much to pay a virtual assistant on Amazon, this include type of employment (full time or part time), number and type of tasks to be done. Can You Work At Amazon Without A Diploma?

How To Get Amazon Virtual Assistant Job

There are several platforms you can advertise yourself and get employed as a virtual assistant on Amazon. However, you must put together a compelling profile of yourself. This is what you’ll sell to intending employees.

There are several Amazon virtual assistant jobs posted on Jooble, you can also get these jobs on Linkedin. Also, you’ll get access to several Amazon virtual assistant jobs on Indeed. Hundreds of Amazon virtual assistant jobs are always posted on top freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. You can visit these platforms and submit your application.

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