How To Use Amazon Brand Analytics

How To Use Amazon Brand Analytics (Full Guide)

How To Use Amazon Brand Analytics – Having insight into your competitors performance, customer behaviors, as well as the performance of your product is essential to the growth of your brand.
This is why the Amazon Brand Analytics tool is one vital tool that you shouldn’t ignore.
Getting a better understanding of how this tool works and how you can use it to grow your business on Amazon gives you a clear advantage over your competitors.
With the Amazon Brand Analytics tool, it becomes pretty easy to analyse the performance of your product, this helps you to make critical decisions that will help the product to sell more.
On this article, we are going to talk deeply on Amazon Brand Analytics and it’s functions. We’ll also look at features of Amazon Brand Analytics and how you can use it to grow your business on Amazon.

Amazon Brand Analytics Explained

Amazon Brand Analytics is the analytical tool that provides companies with critical information on their product’s sale performance, their competitors, and also their customer search behavior.

The Amazon Brand Analytics was introduced by Amazon to help brands in selling their products and growing their businesses on Amazon.

It is unarguably the most important analytical tool you’ll come by on Amazon. Understanding the features this tool offers is essential to the growth of your business on Amazon.

Without the Amazon Brand Analytics tool, brand owners will find it almost impossible to know how their products are performing in the market, what their customers are really interested on and how their competitors’ products are performing in the market.

Amazon Brand Analytics Tool Features

The Amazon Brand Analytics tool has 8 main features, these features are vital towards helping users to make strategic and informed decisions concerning their brand products.
Below are the features of Amazon Brand Analytics tool.

  • Amazon Search Terms Report: This feature helps brand owners to know how customers find their products and that of their competitors on Amazon.
    The Amazon Search Terms report reveals conversation share and click share for each of the top three products.
    With the Amazon Search Terms tool, brand owners are able to understand the term used by customers to find their product.
    It also inform brand owners about their products that have been dropped from the top 3 clicked ASINs, this report is available for a given search term, it also shows the click rank from the previous week.
  • Demographic Report: With this feature, brand owners are presented with full details of their customers by gender, age, marital status, education, and household income. This information is quite essential to a successful marketing campaign. The Demographic report shows information on products that are associated with the brands that have been successfully registered with the Amazon Brand Registry. The information provided is only for products that have minimum of 100 unique customers in a particular period of time.
  • Items Comparison Report: This feature shows most viewed products by Amazon customers in the same day as the product owned by the Rights Owner. With this report, the brand owner can access the performance of their product against other similar products on Amazon. With this feature, brand owners are able to see products that are competing with their own products on Amazon, this becomes quite useful in making marketing and product portfolio decisions.
  • Alternate Purchase Report: Brand owners are able to see products that were purchased instead of their own after a customer viewed their product.
    The purpose of creating this feature was to help brand owners to know which product customers frequently purchased instead of purchasing their products. The feature presents the top 5 products that are most frequently purchased by customers after they had viewed their product. It also contains how long the top 5 products remained as alternatives during the selected range.
  • Market Basket Report: This feature shows the top 3 products that were frequently purchased by customers simultaneously with the brand owner’s products.
    This means brand owners are able to see the top 3 products that customers purchased the same time they purchased the brand owner’s product. It also contains information on the percentage of time the top 3 products were purchased alongside the Brand owner’s products out of the entire products that were purchased with the Brand owner’s products in a specified period of time.
  • Repeat Purchase Behavior Report: This feature helps brand owners to identify products that have been purchased more than once by a particular customer within a given time.
    With the Repeat Purchase Behavior Report, Brand owners are able to drive repeat purchases and also get new customers by creating more strategic marketing campaigns.
    Brand owners are also shown the percentage of customers who have repeated purchases within a specific time.
  • Search Catalog Performance Dashboard: Brand owners are shown metrics on how their customers interact with their products on this dashboard. Customers’ interactions with products through search shopping journey are displayed, this helps Brand owners to better understand their customers’ behavior and how to optimize their campaigns to get more sales. The metrics presented include add-to-cart, purchases, and search impressions.
  • Search Query Performance Dashboard: This feature shows how customers are searching for their brand on Amazon, it focuses on the search results level. The performance of a single brand’s catalog query is displayed, and it is aggregated for a specific time.

How To Use Amazon Brand Analytics

How To Use Amazon Brand Analytics

Once you visit the Amazon Brand Analytics within the Seller Central dashboard, you can navigate to Amazon Search Terms, and use it to know the percent of conversions you are getting for a given search term, as well as what your competitors are also getting.

With the Amazon Brand Analytics search terms, you can see the total clickthrough rate for a specified product, you’ll also get analyses on the volume of your keywords.

You can use the Search Term within the Amazon Brand Analytics to download the top 250,000 search term list, once you filter them by keywords in your niche, you’ll be able to find high volume search terms with potentially low competitors.

Click the Market Basket Analysis to have a better understanding of the products that customers are buying alongside your products. Use this feature only if you have high number of sales, this will help the system to better calculate and compile the data.

You can get analyses of top 5 products that are being viewed alongside your products using the Alternate Purchase feature.
It allows you to filter the results by category, subcategory, and by brands. You can also select the time range for the analyses.
While creating product targeting campaign, you can easily download the report CSV then copy the products into the campaign.

If you are trying to analyse the demographics of your audience, you should use the Demographic feature of the Amazon Brand Analytics. You’ll be able to get basic customer insights like age, marital status, household income, etc.

Amazon Brand Analytics Seller Central

This is the user dashboard for brand owners on Amazon. The Amazon Brand Analytics seller central is only available to sellers who are brand owners.

To access the Amazon Brand Analytics Seller Central, a seller must be internal to the brand, the seller must also be the one responsible for the brand sales on Amazon.

Amazon Brand Analytics Can Report On Which Geographic Sales Data

The Amazon Brand Analytics currently provides report on geographical data for only the United States.

The report doesn’t involve data of customers located in any other geographical location except the U.S.

This makes it impossible for sellers in other countries to use of the Amazon Brand Analytics.

Amazon Brand Analytics Report

The Amazon Brand Analytics has 6 different report features for brand owners. Below are the 6 report features contained in the Amazon Brand Analytics.

  • Amazon Search Terms.
  • Item Comparison.
  • Demographics Report.
  • Repeat Purchase Behaviour.
  • Market Basket.
  • Alternate Purchase.