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Instacart Bot Download – Full Details and Guide

Instacart Bot Download – Although, Instacart strictly forbids the use of bots by shoppers to game the system, bot usage has increased among Instacart shoppers in recent times.

Recent research has shown that many shoppers are always on the lookout for reliable Instacart bots to help them make more money. Clearly, this is against Instacart’s policy and will definitely get your account banned anytime, you are strongly advised not to engage in actions that goes against the company’s policy.

Instacart bots are also called Instacart batch grabbers, these bots essentially help shoppers to get more orders than other shoppers. Using it to get orders on Instacart is a clear violation of their policy.

That being said, this article explains what Instacart bots are, you’ll also learn about Instacart bot download.

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Instacart Bot Download 2023

Instacart bot is a name given to any bot that helps a shopper to get automatic and instant alert on newly added batches and also accepts Instacart batches on behalf of the shopper.

Some Instacart bots only notify the shopper when new batches are added, this helps the shopper to view them and accept even before other shoppers get to see them.

However, many Instacart bots have features that automatically accept batches for shoppers even when they are not online.

Instacart Batch Grabber 2023

An Instacart batch grabber allows a shopper to make certain settings that will allow automatic acceptance of batches even when the shopper isn’t online, it also helps the shopper to see new batches even before other shoppers.

Essentially, it is a kind of bot used by shoppers to automatically view and accepts batches before other users get to even see these batches.

A typical Instacart batch grabber refreshes the Instacart shoppers app and detect newly added batches. It will then notify the shopper to check and personally accept them.

Functions Of Instacart Bots

Some Instacart bots only scans the Instacart shoppers app, detects newly added batches and notify the shopper, while others have the ability to accept batches for the shopper.

Below are the functions of Instacart bots;

  • Scans Instacart shoppers app for newly added batches.
  • Notifies shoppers of newly batches before other shoppers get to see them.
  • Accepts batches for shoppers according to shopper’s preferences.

Some Instacart bots may have more advanced functions but these are the major functions of Instacart bots or Instacart batch grabbers. What Is A Good Seconds Per Item Instacart?

Does Instacart Allow Bots?

No, Instacart doesn’t allow shoppers to use bots or any kind of app tends to manipulate the system and give them undue advantage over other shoppers.

An Instacart bot or Instacart batch grabber allows a shopper to cheat Instacart and make more money by getting more orders than shoppers who are getting batches the right way.

This is clearly against Instacart’s terms of service which states that shoppers are not to use any form of modification, or other means to gain undue advantage over other shoppers.

Since Instacart doesn’t allow shoppers to use bots or batch grabbers to gain undue advantage, any shopper that is caught will get banned and may never be allowed to use the Instacart shoppers app again.

Instacart Bot Download

Do Instacart Shoppers Use Bots?

The fact that Instacart doesn’t allow shoppers to use bots doesn’t mean some shoppers aren’t using them. As a matter of fact, the rate of shoppers using Instacart bots has continued to increase recently.

Several shoppers have continued to defy the company’s instruction and violate Instacart’s term of service through their continuous usage of bots and batch grabbers to game the system. What Does 2 Full Services Orders Mean On Instacart?

Instacart has continued to improve in technology, they have been consistent in the fight against the use of bots and batch grabbers by shoppers, this is why it is risky to use any bot because it may get your account banned soon.

Instacart Bot Download

There are several Instacart bots you can download and use on your Instacart shoppper’s app. Below are the few know Instacart bots.

  • Batch Finder: (For iOS devices) This Instacart Bot is still available and shoppers can easily find more information about it on
  • Instaman: This is the most popular Instacart batch grabber especially in the United States, it works on Android 8.0 and above.

Instacart Bot For Android

The popular Instacart bot for Andoid users is Instaman, this bot is widely known and used by many Instacart shoppers to gain undue advantage over other shoppers.

Like we’ve said before, we do not recommend the usage of Instacart bots or Instacart batch grabbers, this is against Instacart terms of service. An an Instacart shopper, you are advised to go through legitimate ways to get more orders on the app. How To Make A Second Instacart Account

Instacart Bot Download iPhone

One of the popular Instacart bots for iPhone is the Batch Finder bot, this bot is specifically made for iPhone users and doesn’t currently have an Android version.

Understand that since the app is prohibited by Instacart, it can’t be allowed on the App Store, you’ll have to download and install it manually. Can I Do Self Checkout With Instacart?


Several shoppers have continued to connect Instacart bots and batch grabbers to their Instacart shoppers account to help them get more batches than other shoppers.

These bots are basically created to help shoppers game the system, they get to see new orders even before other shoppers see them. Most of these bots accept new batches that meet specific settings as set by the shopper.

Using an Instacart bot to get orders is a violation of Instacart terms of service and we seriously discourage it.

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