Integrating Apple Pay Into Small Businesses

Integrating Apple Pay Into Small Businesses

When you own a small business, it’s important that your payment systems meet three criteria: quick, simple, and secure. That is why technology such as Apple Pay should be on your radar. It not only checks all of those boxes, but your customers will soon come to expect it. What’s the next step? Understanding how to accept Apple Pay after a customer is ready to pay.

Apple Pay is one of the most popular digital wallets for three reasons: it’s fast, secure, and used by millions of people worldwide. Here are the specific benefits of Apple Pay for businesses.

1. It’s fast and efficient. 

Mobile contactless payments, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, are faster than chip card payments due to their tap-and-go capability. This significantly improves the customer’s waiting experience. Enabling Apple Pay for business allows you to cut client lines and enhance revenue, which can be especially useful during peak hours.

In summary, when clients can pay fast, they are less likely to become impatient and look elsewhere, which can help keep them satisfied and encourage repeat business.

2. It’s secure.

Apple Pay is secure because it use tokenization to safeguard sensitive information. This implies that the actual card data, such as the customer’s credit card or bank information, is replaced with a sequence of randomly generated numbers, making it extremely difficult for criminals to steal important information.

When the buyer makes a purchase using Apple Pay, a new token is created. When the token reaches the payment processor, it is decoded and turned back into useable information.

Because to these rigorous security features, Apple Pay reduces fraud, lowers the chance of chargebacks, and boosts customer and corporate confidence. When determining which payment options to provide, security is an important issue.

Benefits of Apple Pay for Customers

Apple Pay provides similar benefits to your customers, including secure payments that are quick and simple to complete.

1. Faster and easier shopping experience

Apple Pay allows your consumers to pay more quickly and easily than chip cards and cash purchases. For today’s impatient and discerning consumer, quickness and efficiency are exactly what they seek, and it should keep them from switching to another vendor.

Are there any expenses associated with Apple Pay?

Accepting Apple Pay incurs no additional costs for a business; only the standard rates for processing credit card payments apply. As a result, your business will be charged a fee by your credit card processor or facilitator for each Apple Pay transaction, just as it is for ordinary credit cards. This payment processor cost is calculated as a percentage of the entire purchase price plus a predetermined fee each transaction, such as 2% + $0.30 per transaction.

Apple does not charge companies anything extra for using Apple Pay. Instead, they charge a small fee to credit card issuers to ensure that Apple Pay’s security measures remain effective. This charge is a small percentage of the purchasing price,0.15%.

Is Apple Pay secure?

It’s reasonable to be concerned about the safety of storing your credit card and bank information on a device, but rest assured that it’s extremely secure. Here’s why. To validate a payment using your phone, press and hold your finger on the Touch ID button until your fingerprint is scanned and verified. You may also use Face ID to unlock your phone and access Apple Pay.The transaction takes only a few seconds to complete.

Beyond fingerprints, the data connected with your cards is encrypted and constantly changing, so even if your phone is taken, thieves will be unable to access the information. This makes the technology more secure than magnetic stripe cards or cash.

How can I let customers know that I accept Apple Pay?

Let your customers know when your business is ready to accept Apple Pay.

Placing Apple Pay decals throughout your store is a simple way to notify customers that you accept Apple Pay, and they are included free with your Apple Pay marketing package. Each kit contains one window decal, two register decals, and six POS terminal decals, with a maximum purchase of one for each business. It’s a simple, but surprisingly effective, method of communicating. (Apple also offers free Apple Pay decals on its website.)

To ensure that you reach consumers who haven’t visited your store in a while, announce on your social media sites that you’re now accepting mobile payments. Perhaps publish a photo of your new Square contactless chip to demonstrate to your most tech-savvy customers that you are ready for mobile payments.



Apple Pay


Alternatively, make use of email marketing tools to notify your regular customers about the upgrade (while you’re doing it, tell them about new products or services). 

How to Set Up Apple Pay For Your Business

Fortunately, it is a breeze. First, you must sign up to accept credit card payments. Here are the following steps:

1. Purchase an NFC-enabled payment terminal.

Apple Pay uses a technology known as NFC. To begin accepting Apple Pay for business, you’ll need a particular payment machine that supports the technology. Check with your payment processor to check if your present machine is capable of doing this. If not, work with them to find a replacement that can.

2. Set up your reader

Once you’ve received your new NFC-enabled payment terminal, test it to ensure it works properly. Then, place it in a visible and accessible location for your customers to use while paying. For online-only businesses, make sure your “Pay with Apple Pay” button is readily visible.

3. Train your workers.

Once the device is operational, teach your team how to accept Apple Pay payments. Make sure they understand it from both the customer’s and the salesperson’s perspectives. Remember that, while Apple Pay for Business is designed to be simple to use, your employees must be comfortable with it in order to deliver the best possible client experience.

4. Show customers how To make use of their device with the reader.

Now that everything is set up on your end, direct clients who wish to use Apple Pay to the terminal. When their device connects to the reader, they should see four green lights and hear a chime. That signifies the payment was processed and the transaction was completed.