Is A Phone Charger Considered Hazmat At Amazon

Is A Phone Charger Considered Hazmat At Amazon? Read Best Answer

Is A Phone Charger Considered Hazmat At Amazon? – Any item containing a material or substance that can possibly pose a risk during handling and shipping is considered as dangerous goods or Hazmat.

Amazon ensures that items uploaded by sellers are safe for both employees and buyers. Any dangerous item uploaded by a seller must be properly reviewed to ensure it meets with the requirements.

As a seller, you must be able to determine if your product is considered Hazmat. The question ‘Is a phone charger considered Hazmat at Amazon‘ has been asked many times.

We have done a thorough research on the question and every information you need is on this article. We’ll also explain the Amazon dangerous goods review process and what you need to do.

If you are one of the sellers desiring to sell phone chargers at Amazon and you are wondering if it is considered Hazmat, read this article carefully.

Hazmat Products At Amazon – What Are They?

Goods that are classified as ‘dangerous goods’ or ‘Hazmat’ at Amazon are items that possibly contains corrosive, pressurized, flammable or any other substance that may be harmful to either employees or buyers.

Such goods are said to possibly pose a risk while being stored, handled, or shipped. For a seller to list such goods on Amazon, they must pass through a review process, this is to ensure the prevention of possible health and safety risks.

At Amazon, the safety of both employees and customers are important, this is why items containing substances that could possibly cause harm are made to pass through the “dangerous goods review process (hazmat).

There are different classes of dangerous goods, some of them can be sold through the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), others can’t.

Now, let’s get back to the question ‘Is A Phone Charger Considered Hazmat At Amazon?’ Yes, phone charges are generally considered hazmat. Read on to learn why and how you can sell phone chargers at Amazon. Are you a seller on Amazon? Learn how to use Amazon brand analytics.

Is A Phone Charger Considered Hazmat At Amazon?

Yes, Amazon classifies phone chargers as one of the dangerous goods, also called ‘hazmat’, this means that you may not be able to just list and sell them without being reviewed. Phone chargers and batteries are listed among the consumer electronics considered as possible hazmat at Amazon.

This doesn’t mean sellers are not allowed to list them at Amazon, you’ll need to pass through a review process before you can sell a phone charger on Amazon.

Essentially, Amazon requires sellers to upload the safety data sheet (SDS) obtained from the manufacturer or supplier, this will enable Amazon to review and classify your uploaded item accordingly.

Is A Phone Charger Considered Hazmat At Amazon

Why Amazon Review Dangerous Goods?

Amazon reviews dangerous goods or hazmat to ensure compliance with the US DOT Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, Federal Aviation Administration FAA, Hazardous Materials Regulations Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, and Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals.

The entire review process at Amazon is to avert any possible safety or health risk on both Amazon employees and customers, this is why sellers are obliged to strictly confirm that their items comply with all legal requirements.

How Can I Sell Phone Chargers At Amazon?

Since phone chargers are listed among the dangerous goods ‘hazmat’ by Amazon, you’ll need to upload a complete, current, and accurate information about your items

Most importantly, sellers are required to upload current SDS or exemption sheet so the product can be reviewed by Amazon.

For products like phone chargers, you may be required to submit an exemption sheet for the review process to be completed.

You’ll only be able to sell your phone chargers at Amazon once it have been successfully reviewed and classified.

If you are wondering what information will be required by Amazon, visit the “Dangerous goods required information and documentation” page.

What Happens If I Don’t Submit Information For Dangerous Goods At Amazon?

Failure to provide accurate information about your dangerous goods may ultimately result in your shipment being delayed, product disposed, or your customers’ deliveries canceled.

Secondly, Amazon may block your listing from being sold on the platform if you submit incomplete or incorrect product information.

A seller may lose their Amazon selling privileges as a result of submitting wrong product information. Read the next paragraph to learn how to sell dangerous goods at Amazon.

Amazon demands all sellers to strictly comply and go through the ‘Dangerous Goods Review Process’ before they can sell dangerous goods (hamzat) on Amazon. Are you selling on Amazon? learn how to get ungated on Amazon.

How Amazon Reviews Dangerous Goods

Once an item is identified as a potential dangerous good (hamzat), it has to be reviewed by the Amazon Dangerous Goods team. This is to ensure that each shipped item meets the safety standards and regulatory requirements for both Amazon employees and customers.

Each ASIN converted to FBA is reviewed by the team, they use the catalog information to identify products that are possibly hamzat.

A seller is required to provide an accurate and complete product information during listing or while converting to FBA. There are specific product information that are required by the Dangerous Goods team for the review process to be successful.

How To Sell Dangerous Goods At Amazon

Amazon allows sellers to sell items that have been classified as dangerous goods (hamzat) by joining the FBA Dangerous Goods program.

To participate in the FBA Dangerous Goods program, a seller has to join the waitlist. Sellers whose inventories are reclassified as dangerous goods and are presently in an Amazon fulfillment center will be added to the waitlist automatically.

However, whether a seller joins the program or not, every seller is required follow the following steps before they can sell dangerous goods on Amazon.

  • Ensure full compliance with safety and health requirements.
  • Provide complete and accurate product information.
  • Upload a complete safety data sheet
  • Upload a complete exemption sheet.

How To Join Amazon Dangerous Goods Program

The Amazon FBA Dangerous Goods program is designed to give sellers a platform they can easily sell dangerous goods on Amazon without hindrances.

To join the FBA dangerous goods program, simply follow the steps below.

  • Log in to your Amazon Seller Central account.
  • Navigate to the Manage Classification of Dangerous Goods page.
  • Click the FBA Dangerous Goods program option.
  • Press the “Apply” button to join the waitlist.

Amazon will notify you via email once your chance to participate in the program comes up.

Note that not all dangerous goods are eligible for FBA, this is because not all dangerous goods can be stored in Amazon fulfillment centers.


Is A Phone Charger Considered Hazmat At Amazon? Yes, a phone charger is considered a dangerous good at Amazon. To sell a phone charger on Amazon, a seller must ensure full compliance with safety and health requirements, the seller must also upload an exemption sheet before the product can be reviewed and classified accordingly.

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