Loli Discord – Read What You Must Know

You may have come across the word “Loli Discord” quite a number of times and wondering what it’s all about. Also, there are several people who know about Loli and trying to find out why they are being banned on Discord.

Discord, being a free video, text, and video chat platform is being used by millions of people with the age limit of 13 years. The platform allows users to hang out with their friends and communities.

That being said, several users have used the platform for wrong purposes, some of these purpose using Discord for pedophilic activities.

Like other social media platforms, Discord is obligated to ensure that the platform is free of abusive and unsafe contents.

On this article, we’ll reveal what Loli Discord actually stands for in entirety, we’ll also tell you why Discord is banning Loli. We have written several articles for Discord users, you can check them here.

Just before we talk about Discord’s stand with regards to sharing of Loli contents, let’s explain what Loli Discord actually means, you will also find out how to find Lolidiscord servers.

What Is Loli Discord?

Loli is an abbreviation of the word “Lolicon”, this is a term used to describe a type of animation suggestively promoting child pornography. Lolicon is an anime subgenre that portrays underage girls (minors) engaging in situations that seem pornographic, sexually suggestive, shameful, and not appropriate for general public view.

The opposite of Lolicon is Shotacon, which depicts underage boys engaging in sexual or shameful situations, these animations are generally banned by several social media network who are against child sexualization.

Is Loli Against Discord Terms Of Service?

Yes, posting and sharing Lolicon animations on Discord is a clear violation of the Discord’s Terms of Service, this is clearly stated on Discord’s Community Guidelines. What this means is that users are not allowed to share such contents on the platform, server owners and moderators are mandated to restrict their users from sharing Lolicon contents.

Discord reacts vehemently to Lolicon contents and violators are subjected to severe penalties, the platform has zero tolerance to Loli Discord.

Is Loli Allowed On Discord?

No, Lolicon animations are not allowed on Discord, the platform frowns at anyone or community that shares Lolicon animations.

It is against Discord’s Community Guidelines to sexualize children. This includes sharing contents or links depiction children in a violent, sexually suggestive, or pornographic way.

In summary, Discord doesn’t allow users to share contents that depicts child pornography, this is why Lolicons are not allowed on Discord.

Already, Discord has an unpleasant reputation for allowing child pornographic contents in the platform, terms like “Discord Kitten” has given them a bad name already, this is why they are ensuring the Lolicon contents aren’t shared in the platform.

Why Is Discord Banning Lolicon?

Discord is banning Lolicon because these animations suggests or depicts child pornography and it is clearly against the Discord’s Community Guidelines.

The free video and texting app doesn’t permit sexualization of children in any way. According to their guidelines, users are not allowed to share links or contents depicting underage in any violent, sexually suggestive, or pornographic way.

This is why Lolicon animations are expressively banned on Discord. The company wants to ensure that the platform remains safe and appropriate for all users.

Loli Discord

What Happens When You Share Lolicon On Discord?

Since it is clearly against Discord’s Community Guidelines, any server that allows sharing of Lolicon animations may get suspended or permanently deleted.

Usually, any server that has Lolicon contents will be instructed to take down the content as fast as possible, typically within 48 hours, failure to remove the content will result in the server getting deleted by Discord.

The policy against posting of Lolicon on Discord is for both partnered and general servers. Although, it is more strict when it involves a partnered channels.

Should I Share Loli Discord?

Sharing Lolicon on Discord amounts to a violation of their Community Guidelines, it is best you don’t post it. This is important especially if you don’t want your server or account to get suspended or permanently banned.

Secondly, you should note that Discord may report your account or server to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, this is another reason you should avoid sharing Lolicon on Discord.

Lolidiscord Servers – How To Find Them On Discord

Even though Loli contents are outrightly banned on Discord, there are still several Discord servers sharing these contents. The platform has continued to stamp out these violators but we still have many of them out there.

To find Lolidiscord servers, follow the steps below.

  • Visit the Discord platform or launch the app.
  • Sign in to your Discord account or register a new account.
  • From the list of Discord servers, press “Servers”, or press “Search” and insert “Loli” or “Lolicon”.
  • Press “Search” to display the Discord servers with Loli or Lolicon tags.
  • Click on any of the servers shown to view their information.


Loli Discords are not allowed on the platform, Discord has been consistently warning users and server owners never to share Lolicon contents. Violating this policy can get a server permanently removed.