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On this post, we are making comparisons between Paramount Plus vs Amazon Paramount Plus. Several customers have been trying to understand the actual difference between subscribing to Paramount+ through Amazon Prime and subscribing directly on Paramount Plus website.

As you must have known, Paramount Plus is a subscription based video on-demand service that offers customers access to shows, movies, and live contents from BET, Nickelodeon, CBS, Comedy Central, and other top channels.

Paramount Plus can be subscribed directly from their website, the subscription can also be done on Amazon Prime website. This is why we are making this post to help you understand the difference in Paramount Plus vs Amazon Paramount Plus.

With Paramount Plus, you have access to over 30000 episodes and movies from top channels and you can stream them on your devices as long as you have paid for your subscription.

Having said that, the question now is “is there a difference between subscribing to Paramount Plus directly on their website and subscribing through Amazon Prime?

On this article, we’ll try our best to explain Paramount Plus vs Amazon Paramount Plus based on what customers are saying and what we’ve discovered.

Paramount Plus vs Amazon Paramount Plus

Subscribing to Paramount Plus directly from their website gives you access to all their channels when you watch through the Paramount Plus app, this isn’t the same when subscribing via Amazon Prime.

You can not access the Paramount Plus app and website directly with your Amazon Prime subscription, this therefore limits you from watching all the channels offered by Paramount+ even when you have subscribed.

Another point to note here is that it is impossible to actually log in to the Paramount Plus app using your Amazon Prime account details. This therefore means that once you’ve subscribed to Paramount Plus through Amazon Prime, you can only access the service through Amazon if you haven’t validated your subscription on the Paramount website which involves creating an account there.

So talking about Paramount Plus vs Amazon Paramount Plus, the first point to note is that Amazon is offering the Essential Package for $14.99 a month after a 30-day free trial, while you’ll pay $9.99 a month after a 7-day free trial directly at Paramount Plus.

That being said, you can always jump to Paramount Plus app or website to watch any channel of your choice with your Amazon Prime subscription only if you had validated your subscription. Once you have paid for your Paramount Plus subscription via Amazon, you can easily sign in to Paramount Plus with Amazon log in details but you will need to validate the subscription so you can use it directly on Paramount Plus app.

Is Paramount Plus On Amazon The Same As Paramount Plus?

Yes, the Paramount Plus at Amazon is the same as the real Paramount Plus. However, the one on Amazon gives you access to only essential channels offered by Paramount Plus, you want see all the channels.

The difference between Paramount Plus vs Amazon Paramount Plus is the subscription price and the number of free trial days. Lastly, several customers have complained of not having access to all the channels offered by Paramount Plus when they access it through Amazon, you’ll essentially need to use the Paramount Plus app if you want to access all the channels.

Paramount Plus vs Amazon Paramount Plus

Is Paramount Plus And Amazon The Same?

Paramount Plus and Amazon are not the same company but you can get Paramount Plus service at Amazon, you need to become an Amazon Prime member to be able to access Paramount Plus.

Additionally, if you subscribed to Paramount Plus through Amazon, you must verify your subscription if you intend to use your subscription on the Paramount Plus app. You can find the steps on how to verify your Amazon Prime Paramount Plus subscription on the Paramount Plus website.

Is It Cheaper To Get Paramount Plus Through Amazon Prime?

No, getting Paramount Plus through Amazon Prime is more expensive than getting it directly from the Paramount Plus website. At Amazon, you get the Paramount Service for $14.99 a month, while you’ll pay $9.99 a month at the Paramount Plus website for the same or even better service.

The only good aspect of getting Paramount Plus through Amazon Prime is the number of days given for the free trial. You get 30 days free trial at Amazon, while you get only 7 days free trial directly at Paramount Plus website. Also read How To Stream Amazon Prime On Discord

Is Paramount Plus Free For Amazon Prime Members?

No, Paramount Plus is not free for Amazon Prime members, they only enjoy the 30 days free trial and will be required to pay the monthly $14.99 subscription to still access the service.

As a Prime member, you get to choose your channels and you can add more than 100 channels.

Why Is Paramount Plus More Expensive On Amazon Prime?

There is really no better explanation other than the fact that Paramount Plus isn’t owned by Amazon, they are just like service retailers, this explains why it is expensive at Amazon.

That being said, subscribing for Paramount Plus through Amazon Prime will favor you if you are a regular Amazon Prime member and hope to accumulate points from purchases. It also favors Prime members who have funds on their accounts at Amazon, they can easily use those funds to pay for the Paramount Plus subscription without having to use their credit cards. Also read Is Jackass Forever On Amazon Prime?

Paramount Plus Amazon Prime Cancel

You can cancel your Paramount Plus Amazon Prime subscription during the free trial period when you haven’t been billed yet, simply visit the Amazon Prime Video website, navigate to “My Stuff”, select Purchases & Rentals, then select “Paramount+” and delete it.

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