Salesforce Profile Field Level Object Settings Mass Change Tool

Salesforce Profile Field Level Object Settings Mass Change Tool – Full Info

Salesforce Profile Field Level Object Settings Mass Change Tool – There has been lots of questions regarding the availability of a tool that will allow for mass changing of object settings for a Salesforce profile or field.

The stress of selecting each field one by one and applying the settings is quite awful and lots of users have been surfing the internet hoping to find a tool on the Salesforce dashboard that will allow for mass selection of fields to effect object settings.

This explains why the search term “Salesforce Profile Field Level Object Settings Mass Change Tool” has been among the top searches by Salesforce users. We made a research on this topic and we hope you will find what we discovered useful.

Is There A Salesforce Profile Field Level Object Settings Mass Change Tool?

Currently, there is no tool by Salesforce that makes it possible to make object settings change for more than one field at a time.
Once a user deploys new functionalities to production, it is mandatory that they have to set all the field level security.
Users have to get used to the old way of selecting each new field level security or other settings for each new field. No doubt that this is a bit stressful and time consuming.
The questions are;

  • is it possible to mass change a profile’s object settings instead of doing it one by one?
  • Is it possible to set the field level security at once for multiple fields instead of doing it one by one?

Well, we have drawn answers from other users regarding how this can be done easily, continue reading this article to learn more about this.

Salesforce Profile Field Level Object Settings Mass Change Tool

While there is no particular tool that allows for field level settings mass change, you can still mass change the object settings for each profile. Follow the steps below.

  • On the Salesforce dashboard, enable Enhanced Profile List Views.
  • Create a new profile view in the “profile” page. Make sure you enter “View Name” etc.
  • Now select the new profile view.
  • Click the checkbox (select all profile – see image below).
  • Double click on any permission.
  • Look under “Apply changes to” and tick the “All selected records”.
  • Click on the “Save” button when you are done.

Salesforce Profile Field Level Object Settings Mass Change Tool

Salesforce Set Field Level Security For Multiple Fields

Several Salesforce users have been looking for ways to set field level security for multiple fields at once without having to do them one by one.
You should note that you are only able to edit field level security for several fields, but only one profile at once.
There are a couple of ways you can do this without breaking a bone.

  • Use the “Salesforce Admin Check All” Chrome Extension. This is quite simple as you will only be required to click the “Check All’ button and all fields will be selected, or,
  • turn off “Enable Enhanced Profile User Interface“, this will make it possible for you to set all permissions for the selected profile in one screen.

Mass Update Object Permissions Salesforce

Users can mass update object permissions on Salesforce through the Standard Object Permissions page.
This page allows you to change permissions with just a simple click. Follow the steps below to mass update object permissions on Salesforce.

  • On your Salesforce dashboard, go to Administer.
  • Click on profiles and select your profile.
  • Scroll down and click on “Standard Object Permissions”.
  • Scroll down to the “custom object permissions” and tick on the permission you want to change. See image below.
Salesforce Profile Field Level Object Settings Mass Change Tool

How To Change Field Accessibility In Salesforce

The process of changing field accessibility or making any changes to field level security on Salesforce is quite simple.
Follow the steps below on how to change field accessibility in Salesforce.

  • Visit the Salesforce dashboard and make sure you are logged in.
  • Click on “Setup” at the top-right corner of the page.
  • In the quick find box, type “Field Accessibility”.
  • Click on the result “Field Accessibility”.
  • Select the record type.
  • Click the “View by Fields” option.
  • In the drop down menu, select “Account Name”.
  • Click “Read-Only”.
  • Make changes to the field accessibility.

Salesforce Mass Update User Profiles

To mass update user profiles on Salesforce, you have to first of all ensure that Enhanced Profile List View is enabled, then select all the profiles you want to update and click on any of their permissions.

To enable the Enhanced Profile List View, all you have to do is to enable Enhanced Profile View.
Once you’ve done this, you can now select the checkbox just next to each of the profile you are editing, double click on the permission in any of the selected profiles, click “Save” when you are done. This will apply the changes to all the selected profiles.

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