Should You Hide Serial Numbers On eBay

Should You Hide Serial Numbers On eBay? – Complete Answer

Should You Hide Serial Numbers On eBay? – Several eBay sellers have been stuck with the decision to reveal serial numbers of their items to buyers. Many buyers are currently in this dilemma, revealing your item’s serial number might sound like a good idea. Just before you decide to show it, read through this article to learn the dangers of showing your item’s serial number while listing.

In their bid to verify the authenticity of items they intend to purchase, some buyers like requesting for serial numbers of listings. While this sounds alright, it may not be entirely safe to reveal the serial number of your listing.

It is possible for unscrupulous sellers to search through the platform look for product serial numbers to copy. Wondering what they’ll probably use it for? We’ll reveal this later on this article, keep reading.

What Is An Item Serial Number eBay?

An item serial number is a set of unique numbers (sometimes include letters) sequentially or incrementally assigned to an item. Serial numbers act as unique identifies for items.

The fact that its called a serial number doesn’t mean it has to be only numbers, it may consist of character string or typographical symbols.
One general fact about serial numbers is that they are unique for each product.

Functions Of A Serial Number

A product serial number help both the seller and buyer to identify the product and ensure it is the purchase item that was delivered.

In case of returned item, the seller will be sure that the correct and particular item was returned by confirming the serial number.
In summary, a serial number helps in product version and warranty control.

Showing Serial Number On eBay

It is considered best practice for anyone selling items that have serial numbers to reveal show them while listing.
Showing your product serial number gives an assurance to the buyer that the product is authentic.

The idea of showing a product serial number on eBay isn’t supposed to be scary. However, with the increasing activities of fraudulent person on marketplaces like eBay, it depends a little carefulness on the part of the sellers.

Should You Show Serial Numbers On eBay?

If you are listing an item that has a serial number, you should show the item’s serial number. The best way to do this is include a snapped picture of the product with the serial numbers visible.

This will help you if your buyer decides to return the item, you’ll be sure that buyer returned the right item. Without a serial number displayed, the buyer many return something with a different serial number, you’ll face a serious hurdle if you take the case to eBay.

eBay Buyer Asking For Serial Number

Typically, when a buyer requests for a products serial number, the buyer wants to be sure that the item isn’t stolen.
Before sending the serial number to the buyer, make sure you included a picture of the item with the visible serial number in the listing.

However, there are items that might be extremely risky to reveal their serial numbers. Read the next paragraph for more on this.

Should You Hide Serial Numbers On eBay

Should You Hide Serial Numbers On eBay?

While it is recommended that you show serial numbers of items on eBay, phone serial numbers shouldn’t be revealed.
If you are selling a phone on eBay, it is not advisable to reveal the serial number while listing or even send to a buyer.

According to a seller on eBay, it is possible for a buyer use the serial number and lock the phone. Once the phone has been received, he or she will file a claim saying the phone isn’t usable. They will now return another item or return nothing.

Apart from phones, you don’t need to hide serial numbers of other products on eBay.

How Should I Show Serial Number On eBay?

If you are selling items that have serial numbers, ensure that one of the pictures on the listing has the serial number boldly seen. Label one serial number on the item specific boxes, and also inside the box.

This will notify the buyer that eBay is aware of the item’s serial number, it will reduce the tendency of the seller being defrauded.

Should I Hide Serial Number?

Hiding your serial number may prevent the product from being deactivated remotely by the manufacturer even if it’s not among VeRo items. This happens if the manufacturer only want their products to be sold through their authorized resellers or them. This is according to what an affected seller reported.

Another reason you may want to hide your serial number is that some unscrupulous sellers like going through listings on eBay to create fake serial numbers for products that were marked ‘not for sold’ and to be destroyed after being used by companies for rigorous testings or damaged.

These fraudulent sellers copy these serial numbers from listings and use them to create fake serial numbers for these products, this is why several sellers hide their serial numbers.

What Is The Best Way To Hide My Serial Number On eBay?

If you feel it is unsafe to show your item’s serial number, simply show a part of the serial number, maybe the first few numbers. This may be very helpful if the product eventually gets returned. Although, this isn’t a guarantee that you’ll win a dispute, it might help you to know if the buyer returned the exact item you sent or a different one.

Sharing Serial Number On eBay

Like we’ve said above, it is pretty safe to share a product’s serial number with a buyer. However, ensure you’ve included a picture of the item with the serial number clearly shown in the listing.
Secondly, label one serial number on the item specific boxes, and also inside the box.

Is It Safe To Share iPhone Serial Number?

Truth be told, it is unsafe to share the serial number of your iPhone. However, no much damage can be done with just the serial number. The iPhone’s IMEI is needed before the warrant status, as well as the phone’s age can be checked.