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USPS Delivered To Wrong Address – Read Best Solution

USPS delivered to wrong address is one of the worst shipping experiences you would have especially if you are the intended recipient. Although, this doesn’t happen quite often, it usually leave both the sender and recipient confused and can be extremely frustrating.

USPS is charged with the responsibility of making both local and mailbox-bound deliveries in the United States, they are also the main delivery agents for several popular companies like Amazon, eBay, as well as other shipping companies like DHL, and FedEx.

Millions of people in the U.S. use USPS to send their mails and packages, my guess is that you arrived at this article because you wanted to find solutions to your misdelivered package at USPS.

So, if USPS delivered to wrong address, you can still get the package rerouted to your address. We’ve made a thorough research on this and we hope you find our article useful.

First off, you must get to understand why your package was delivered to the wrong address, this will help you find the best solution.

Truth is, you are not alone in this situation, lots of packages do get misdelivered and rerouted to the right address, this won’t happen without an effort from you, which is why you should carefully read this article. We have written lots of resourceful articles for USPS customers, you can check them here.

My Package Was Delivered To The Wrong Address

Your package must have been delivered to the wrong address either by error from USPS, or your sender wrote the wrong address.

The USPS delivery staff may have misspelled your address, or the address wasn’t noted down correctly, it could have also been caused by the sender who provided a wrong address as a part of the package information.

There may be other reasons why your package was delivered to the wrong address, you will have to find this out first, this will determine your next step in trying to retrieve your package.

USPS Delivered To Wrong Address Meaning

This is a case where a parcel that was intended to be delivered to a particular address is now being delivered to a wrong address, another word for this is “misdelivered mail”.

Although, this is never intended, packages do get misdelivered at USPS. However, majority of these misdelivered packages are always retrieved and rerouted to the right address.

In most cases, USPS has always taken up the responsibility of retrieving the misdelivered package, except when the fault is entirely from the sender.

Why Did USPS Delivered To Wrong Address?

There are quite a few reasons why your package was delivered to the wrong address. Packages don’t just get misdelivered, something must have gone wrong. You’ll only be able to take the right step in retrieving it once you know why USPD delivered to wrong address.
Below are the possible reasons why USPS delivered to wrong address.

1. Mistake by a USPS delivery staff

The USDS delivery staff may have made a mistake while reading your address or may have been unable to read your address correctly. This ultimately resulted in the delivery man delivering your package to the wrong address.

2. Sender provided an incorrect address

Another possible reason why your package was misdelivered is that the sender may have provided an incorrect address. This is one of the common reasons why USPS delivered to wrong address.

3. Sender gave a former address

It is also possible that the sender must have provided your former address. This typically happens when the sender had been previously sending stuff to the you. If you recently moved to a location and didn’t inform the sender, they may have still used your former address.

There may be other reasons why USPS misdelivered your parcel, continue reading this article to learn what you should do. Did you get the USPS Expects Item For Mailing SSK notice? Read what it means.

USPS Delivered To Wrong Address – What You Should Do

Immediately you’ve discovered that your mail or package has been delivered to the wrong address, you should contact USPS immediately. This will give you a better chance of recovering your package.

1. Contact USPS customer support and make a report

USPS have the resources to track and recover any package that was delivered to a wrong address. Typically, they will ask for the tracking number of the package, your name as the intended recipient and your address. They will reach out to the person or company that received the package in error.

It is also possible that the company or person may have alerted them that the package was mistakenly delivered. This method is quite effective if the mistake is from USPS. If the USPS delivery man or staff made a mistake while reading your address and it ended up being delivered to the wrong address, the company will use everything within their power to retrieve the package and have it rerouted to your address.

So, your first step should be to contact USPS as soon as you realise that your package has been delivered to wrong address.

2. Contact the sender

Alerting the company or individual that sent your package should be the next move after speaking with USPS. This is important especially if it’s the sender’s fault that the package was misdelivered.

Your sender should be able to detect if the address they provided was incorrect, give them the right address and urge them to contact USPS and rectify the problem.

Even when you’ve alerted your senders, the fact is you need to still put more effort in getting your package.

3. Get in touch with the people that received the package

If the error was caused by the sender, your best chance is to get in touch with the people that received the package and ask them nicely. You need to go to the address and provide your IDs, remember to ask NICELY.
You can get details of whoever received the package from USPS. Once you get their details, you can have them write “wrong address” on the address label, then also write “please redeliver to correct address” after circling the address.
Once this has been done, USPS will pick up the package the next and proceed to delivery.

USPS Delivered To Wrong Address

USPS Package Delivered To Wrong Address And They Won’t Give It Back

If your USPS package was delivered to wrong address and they won’t give it back, your best option is to make an official report of theft. Anyone is obligated to make efforts towards returning a wrongly delivered package.

The kind of report you’ll make depends largely on who is at fault, if it was USPS that caused the wrong delivery, you can file a claim and report that your package has been lost and can’t be located.

USPS Delivered To Wrong Address Claim

If USPS delivered to the wrong address and you’ve confirmed that the address provided by the sender is correct, you can file a claim after it has been established that the package can’t be retrieved.

Simply make use of the USPS complaint form to file your claim. USPS will process your request and you will be informed when you’ll be getting your refund. Understand that this process is time-consuming, you’ll have to be patient.

USPS Priority Mail Delivered To Wrong Address

If your priority mail has been delivered to a wrong address, you need to immediately alert USPS to help you retrieve the package. In some cases, the recipient may have realised it was delivered in error and sent it back to USPS, keep checking the tracking status of the mail while still putting pressure on USPS to locate your package.

Priority mails are usually items of value and needs to be delivered within a given time, ensure your sender knows about the problem and get them to be involved in getting the package back and rerouted to you.

Who Is Responsible If Package Is Delivered To Wrong Address?

Typically, the courier company will take responsibility for a package that was wrongly delivered, that is as long as the error was from them. If the sender provided the wrong address, the shipping company won’t take responsibility and it will be up to the sender and intended recipient to find a way of getting the package back.

Once a customer complains that their package has been delivered to a wrong address, the courier company will investigate the issue and if they discover that the package was actually delivered to the address provided by the sender, they will hands off.

So, who is responsible if package is delivered to wrong address depends on whose fault is it.

USPS Delivered To Wrong Address With Signature

If USPS delivered to wrong address and got the wrong recipient’s signature, you may possibly sue the person for ‘mail fraud’ if they refuse giving back the package or deny receiving it.

Talk with the sender and ask them to obtain a copy of the person’s signature from USPS.
Once you’ve determined that the person’s signature was taken, you can urge USPS to start a claims process, it isn’t going to be a quick process but it is doable.

Lastly, USPS should also provide you with evidence of delivery and other relevant documents, this will help you to file a theft report with the police.

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