What Day Does Amazon Fresh Restock

What Day Does Amazon Fresh Restock? Read Complete Answer

What Day Does Amazon Fresh Restock? – There is scarcely an ardent grocery shopper at Amazon that hasn’t asked this question at some point. This is because Amazon do go out of stock on grocery items quite often.

Amazon Fresh is one of the top grocery sources that has enjoyed huge patronage from people in the United States, the constant demand for groceries is the reason they do go out of stock on lots of popular items.

If you were told that the grocery you wanted shopping is out of stock, you may be wondering what day does Amazon Fresh restock, having an idea of when does Amazon Fresh restock will surely help you to make relevant adjustments or decide to wait for the item to be available.

On this article, we’ll be providing answers to what day does Amazon Fresh restock, we will also give you an idea on best time to order Amazon Fresh and how long does it take for Amazon to restock a product. We’ve written lots of resourceful articles for both Amazon customers and employees, you can check them out here.

Why Is Everything Out Of Stock On Amazon?

Typically, several popular products at Amazon do get out of stock more often, this is because of the high demand of that product by customers.

Products that are out of stock are usually classified as “Temporarily Out Of Stock”, this indicates that the product is still available for ordering but currently out of stock.

Items that are classified as “Currently Unavailable” may not be in stock anymore or it may take a longer time, these items are not available for ordering.

What Day Does Amazon Fresh Restock?

Although, there are no specific days set out for Amazon Fresh to restock, the e-commerce giants typically restock their groceries between Mondays and Wednesdays.

According to our research, Amazon Fresh are always restocking in the beginning of the week ahead of the weekends, this is because the demand for groceries is always high during weekends.

Just like we explained above, Amazon Fresh doesn’t officially have an official day to restock. However, we have been able to come to this conclusion based on our observations and reviews from other Amazon Fresh customers.

Will Amazon Notify Me When An Item Is In Stock?

Yes, Amazon will notify you of the expected delivery date of an item once it is in stock and the information is made available by Amazon suppliers, this only happens if you have ordered the item and it was out of stock.

Also, users can make use of the special notification feature to set up alerts, this will help them to get notified once an item that was out of stock gets restocked.

Best Time To Order Amazon Fresh

Based on customers’ reviews, the best time to order Amazon Fresh and receive them fresh is the few days before the weekend, our little research shows that Amazon Fresh items ordered on Thursday and Friday tend to be fresher than those ordered on Saturday and Sunday.

According to a particular Amazon Fresh customer, the grocery they ordered on Sunday were mostly frozen, this indicates that they came from a freezer. Even with this, you can’t beat the freshness of groceries at Amazon Fresh, this is irrespective of the day.

Talking about the best time of the day to order Amazon Fresh, you might want to consider ordering those groceries from 10am – 1pm, this has proven to be the best time to order Amazon Fresh.

Amazon Fresh Items Not Available

After ordering from Amazon Fresh, you may get the notification that some items are not available, this typically happens if the item went out of stock just before an Amazon worker got your order ready.

Sadly, Amazon currently doesn’t point out items that are not available among a customer’s order, you’ll basically have to cross check what you have received so you’ll be able to identify the item you haven’t received.

Also, Amazon may make random replacements for unavailable items, several customers find this very weird. Some of the replacements don’t just match, most of the replacements are always rejected.

For example, a customer complained of receiving Oil Oil as a replacement for a bread, weird!

Amazon Fresh Currently Unavailable

An Amazon Fresh item that is classified under “Currently Unavailable” means that it may not be in stock again and also not currently available for order.

When you get the “Currently Unavailable” notice under any grocery, it is a clear indication that Amazon are not certain when the item will be restocked, they are not always sure it will even be restocked again.

Amazon Fresh Out Of Milk

Since milk is one of the popular Amazon Fresh products that are constantly on high demand, Amazon typically get out of milk. As a matter of fact, a customer complained that Amazon went out of about 95% of their milk stock in a day, this happens quite often.

However, milk is also one of the products that are always restocked faster than other Amazon Fresh items.

Most importantly, Amazon Fresh doesn’t keep milk in stock because the milk will go faster if exposed to temperature over 40. This is probably the main reason why Amazon doesn’t stock milk in large quantity, that’s why milk are always out of stock at Amazon Fresh.

Amazon Fresh Filter Out Of Stock

Sadly, there is no option to filter out of stock items on Amazon Fresh, at least not for now. Customers are left with the only option of actually ordering items they are not sure of availability. You’ll only know about this part after you must have made your order and it got delivered.

What Day Does Amazon Fresh Restock

Ordinarily, Amazon has a feature that allows customers to exclude out of stock items, the option is under the “Availability” header, you essentially need to uncheck the “Include Out Of Stock” option, this isn’t available on Amazon Fresh.

Unfortunately, lots of customers have complained of still seeing out of stock items among their search result.

When Does Amazon Fresh Restock?

Amazon Fresh typically restock groceries between Monday to Wednesday, this isn’t an official practice but it happens quite often.
There is no doubt that the demand for groceries are always on the high during weekends, most of the groceries get out of stock before the start of the new week.

That being said, groceries can be restocked at any day of the week, this depends on factors like demand and availability.

How Long Does It Take For Amazon To Restock A Product?

Amazon can restock products at any time, restocking doesn’t take more than 30 days at Amazon. There are a few factors that determines how long it will take for a product to be restocked.

The current demand for an item has a huge impact on how long it will take for the item to be restocked. If the item is in high demand, it can be restocked within a few days.

Secondly, Amazon will only be able to restock a product once it is available, this shows that availability of the product is another major determining factor.

Amazon Fresh Delivery Problems

Some Amazon Fresh delivery problems like damaged, spilled, and unusable items can be resolved at the customer Account dashboard right at the “Your Orders” page.

Amazon makes it possible for customers to ask for a refund for their Amazon Fresh orders if they were spilled, damaged or unusable. Amazon doesn’t ask customers to return spilled, damaged or unusable items.

How Long Does Amazon Fresh Refunds?

Once a customer has made a request for a refund after receiving damaged, spilled, or unusable item, Amazon Fresh will issue a refund within 30 days from when the order was delivered to the customer.

Amazon Out Of Stock After Ordering

If you received a message that an Amazon item you ordered is out of stock just after you ordered, you can get a replacement or request for a refund.

Typically, Amazon will still deliver the item to you once it is available, that’s if you decide to wait. However, you can decide to get a replace or get a refund.

Truth is, the item may have been available as at when you placed the order, but became unavailable at the time when an Amazon worker was getting your order ready, this happens quite often. Amazon gives customers the liberty to request for refunds if an item is out of stock after ordering.


What Day Does Amazon Fresh Restock? Groceries can be restocked any day at Amazon Fresh, but this mostly happens between Mondays and Wednesday.
This is among the best days to actually shop for your favorite groceries at Amazon Fresh.