What Do The Colored Dots Mean In Microsoft Teams

What Do The Colored Dots Mean In Microsoft Teams? Full Details

What do the colored dots mean in Microsoft teams? – On this article, you’ll read a breakdown of what the colored dots mean in Microsoft teams.

First off, let’s give you a brief introduction to what Microsoft teams is and it’s function.

What Is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a product developed by Microsoft solely as a business communication platform. The Microsoft Teams is a part of the products contained in the Microsoft 365 list of products.

In simple term, Microsoft Teams is created to help brands, organizations, and teams stay connected, organized, and informed through a secure platform.

You can call the Microsoft Teams a ‘messaging app’, it offers real-time communication, meetings, and collaboration among organization team members.

What Is Microsoft Teams Meeting?

Microsoft Teams meeting is when teams engage in online meeting which includes screen, documents, video, and audio sharing on the Microsoft Teams platform.

The platform offers organizations and brands an opportunity to take their online meeting to another level.

What Is Microsoft Teams Used For?

Microsoft Teams is an app built by Microsoft to ensure that team members, organizations, companies, and families stay connected, organized, and informed.
The platform can be used to disseminate information among team members, hold online meetings, enhance family bonds, etc.

Using the Microsoft Teams app can enhance communication, collaboration, and performance of your team or organization.

How Does Microsoft Teams Work?

The Microsoft Teams app works as a platform to bring team members or other people together for projects, common interest, or certain tasks.
The Microsoft Teams has provision for creation of several subsections known as channels. For instance, Blogs, Product Launch, Social Media, can be created as channels within a team like ‘Marketing’.
Let’s say a company is used as a team, each department in the company will become channels.
Each of these channels will become bold anytime a new activity or notification takes place.

What Do The Colored Dots Mean In Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Chat Symbols

To start a chat on Microsoft Teams, you need to tap the chat icon, this is the second icon in the side Menu (from the top).
Click on ‘New Chat’, type the person’s name or e-mail.
The ‘Search Bar’ can be used to search for a person’s e-mail address or name.
Chatting with more than one person can be done easily by typing more names at where you have ‘To:’, this is at the top of the Staging Area.
The icon that looks like people with a plus sign can be used to add people to existing chats. This icon is located at the top right of the Staging Area.

  • Important Microsoft Teams chat symbols include;
  • An ‘A’ With Pen Symbol: Allows you to format the message.
  • An Attachment Symbol: used to upload and share files with people. You can upload the files from OneDrive or your personal computer.
  • Emoji Sign: Enables you to send different emojis.
  • GIF Symbol: For sending GIFs.
  • Sticker Sign: Allows you send different stickers.
  • Dotted Box With Plus Sign At Bottom: Use this to quickly invite people or group and for a Teams Meeting.
  • @ Sign: Use this sign when you want to mention a specific person in Teams during a meeting. When you press ‘@’ and type the person’s name, it will notify the person that someone has directed a message to them through mentioning.

What Do The Colored Dots Mean In Microsoft Teams?

  • A Green Dot = Available

This shows that the user is available for both individual or team chat.

  • A Yellow Dot = Away

This means the user is away and not currently online in the Microsoft Teams platform.

  • A Red Dot = Busy

It indicates that the user is busy, in a meeting, or having a call. It also indicates that the user does not currently want to be disturbed.

  • A Purple Dot = Out Of The Office

User is presently out of the office and unavailable to chat.

Microsoft Teams See Who Is Online

To see who is online in Microsoft Teams, follow the guide below;

  • Navigate to the team name and click on ‘More options’.
  • Tap ‘Manage team’
  • Click ‘members’.
    You’ll see a green circle with a check mark close to everyone who is online.

How To Remove Red Dot In Microsoft Teams

The red dot represents either a voicemail message or missed call. To clear the red dot, follow the steps below;

  • Tap on Teams app
  • Go to phone page.
  • Tap the history button to check missed calls.
  • Go to another page.
    This will make the red dot to disappear.

Microsoft Teams Custom Status

You can set your custom status on Microsoft Teams easily, this gives you an opportunity to include details you’ll want other people to see in Teams. Follow the steps below to do this;

  • Navigate to your profile picture and click ‘Set Status Message’
  • Start typing the message you want to display in your status for others to see.
  • Tick the ‘Show when people message me’ box, only tick the box if you want people to see it only when they message you, ignore if you don’t.
  • Select when you’ll want the message to clear.
  • Click ‘Done’.

Microsoft Teams Last Seen Off

Presently, Microsoft Teams does not have the last seen enable or disable feature. You can only extend the duration of away or offline status.
Follow the steps below to do this correctly;

  • Click ‘open’ to open the Microsoft Teams
  • Log in and navigate to your profile picture.
  • There is an arrow next to your status, this arrow will take you to the option to change duration. Click on it.
  • Choose the duration you want to stay offline or away. You have options like; never, 1 hr, 4 hrs, today, and this week.

What Does Green Tick Mean In Microsoft Teams?

The green tick located next to someone’s name indicates that the person is online.
Once you see the green tick next to any team member, it means he or she is online.

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What Does The Yellow Dot Mean In Microsoft Teams?

When you see a yellow dot beside a team member’s name, it means the person is away. A yellow dot represents away in Microsoft Teams.
You can still leave a message for the team member, it will be read once the person comes online.

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